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Sunday, July 30, 2006

What is Causing Cancer and What is the Cure?
by Wes Penre, July 30, 2006

Last Updated: Thursday, September 25, 2008 05:47:53 AM

Wes Penre
Wes Penre


lright, alright, I know! I am not a medical doctor and have no medical training, so who am I to speak? Well, if only doctors have the right to speak on medical matters, it is going to be pretty one-sided, wouldn't it? Especially as most doctors go with what they learn in medical school. This is not an article where I want to talk doctors down; most of them do a great job and without them many people would be very sick and/or die.

What I want to discuss is the cause of cancer! Wow, a complicated subject that science claims it doesn't know too much about. What we read in the papers and hear on the news is that there are a lot of different kinds of cancer, which most certainly have different causes. Lung cancer comes from smoking; liver cancer from alcoholism and drug addiction; skin cancer from too much tanning etc. That's what they say, but they are not sure WHY cancer develops.

First of all, let us use some logic here. By categorizing cancer into different kinds, such as lung cancer in one category, skin cancer in another and so on, we are immediately complicating the matter. My point is that the only thing that makes sense is that all kinds of cancer (or at least most of them) have the same source!

How do I know that?

Kidney cancer
Kidney cancer


Well, I don't, but it is the only thing that adds up. Think about it. What DO we know so far about cancer? We know that cancer is developing when cells mass produce abnormally, and if they are allowed to reproduce unhindered over time, we have cancer. Many doctors also tell us that we all have cancer cells in our body, and it is just a question if they will develop into cancer or not. In some people they do, and in some people they don't.

Now, why is that? And why is cancer normally a problem for middle age and older people more than for younger? Here is the key: the immune system! The reason you don't get cancer already as a child (normally), is because when you are young you have an excellent immune system, and the immune system kills the cancer cells as they develop. It is well known that as you get older, your immune system is getting weaker, and therefore cancer is more likely to happen later in life. When the immune system is no longer strong enough to fight the abnormal cancer cells as they develop in your body, you may eventually get cancer. This does not happen over night of course; it takes some time for cancer to develop, even if the immune system is weakened.

So why does not everybody develop cancer when they grow older? As I see it, there are a couple of different reasons for this:

1. Some people are fortunate enough being born with a greater immune system than the average person. You have probably heard of people who have smoked their whole life and drunk tons of alcohol and still live until they're 90. This, of course, is quite unusual, but it happens. We shake our heads and wonder how some people, who are eating junk food and candy every day and misbehave in general, rarely get sick. Having an immune system better than the average is most probably inherited.

2. For people with an average immune system or a lesser than average, I would figure it is pretty important to eat things that boost the immune system and exercise adequately. This will help fighting the development of cancer and illnesses in general, having to do with a weakened immune system. If this is correct, it is important to continue eating well and exercise even when you get older.

So, what could then be the triggers that make cancer develop, not particularly related to aging? As I see it, these are a few reasons for this, as well:

1. Bad eating habits and no, or little, exercise. Use of substances like narcotics, nicotine and alcohol in excessive doses during a long period of time.

2. Grief, stress and anxiety. Loss of a dear one, for example, causes a lot of grief and agony, often during a long time period. This is known to decrease the immune system and may therefore help cancer develop. I have seen it happen on two occasions, with two people close to me. Also, stress and anxiety over a long period of time also decrease the immune system and may in the long run create cancer. In the society of today, cancer is becoming a more and more common reason for death, and I believe job stress, financial stress, anxiety about the future, the hardship with keeping a family together when you have to work all the time and come home totally exhausted are major causes for cancer and other serious deceases.

3. A lesser than average immune system. I don't think that necessarily being prone to cancer is something we inherit (I could be wrong), but we may inherit a weak immune system.


A doctor, or someone with medical training, may tell me that this may not make total sense, because people actually die from lung cancer or throat cancer if they are smokers. Thus, cigarettes are the cause of lung/throat cancer - period.

In a sense they are correct, the way I see it. Yes, you do develop lung/throat cancer from smoking, evidently. However, my point is that nicotine and other drugs decrease the immune system, and if you are a smoker, the lungs and the throat are the two parts of your body that have to deal with the poison; that is where the immune system has to fight the hardest! Thus, that will be the area where cancer develops. If you are an alcoholic, your cancer will probably develop in the liver or the kidneys (quite often in the lungs as well, because most alcoholics are also smokers).

This theory of mine also explains why some children, teenagers and young people also develop cancer, but why it is not as common. Those who do, may have been born with a less than average immune system, perhaps been a 'second hand smoker', lived in huge distress from being abused, having parents with drug addiction etc. All those things weaken the immune system and cancer or other serious deceases may develop over time.

After a war has ended, we normally see increased cases of cancer in war areas. These cancers develop from chemicals and radiation, two major immune system killers!

And talking about radiation. The medical profession tries to kill cancer with radiation! This is a contradiction, as radiation also kills the immune system. In some cases, radiation may work on a cancer patient the first time they try it, because it kills ALL the cells, including cancer cells. If the person then manages to boost his/her immune system again, once the cancer is defeated, he/she may survive. But only then! If the cancer comes back and the patient goes through a second and a third chemo-therapy session, he/she is most likely not to survive, because it definitely kills the immune system, and more cancer can develop.

I don't have a perfect treatment for cancer. Naturally, eating good, exercise and keeping away from drugs and tobacco will be a good precaution, but what if you have already developed cancer?

My theory is: we have to find the best way to quickly boost the immune system, whether it is with medication or naturally. That way the body itself can cure the cancer. I don't know, but if you notice the cancer in an early stage, boosting the immune system by starting to eat well and do a lot of exercising maybe could take care of it, in conjunction with cutting the cancer out by a surgeon. And no radiation! Then, if the cancer is well developed, I know of no cure at this point, but what I think is very, very important is to start researching how to super-boost the immune system over a short period of time, so the BODY can fight the cancer successfully.

Any comments on this article are highly appreciated. Please email me at this email address

Comment 9/25/08:

Tom said:

I am a Nurse Practitioner and have written you several times over the years. Your article on cancer is good. I also like the fact that you included the Cancer as a Fungus article on your main site under "Health"

Please research MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) ie Soduim Chlorite. Google: MMS/Jim Humble/Global Light and on YOUTUBE too. This is a strong Oxidant that can be orally ingested. It kills all viruses, fungi (thus cancers), bacteria and also chelates the body of heavy metals (not Ozzy though!). By using MMS routinely you can benefit from the same effects as fasting, chelation, and other routines that were created to cleanse the body. This stuff works. I use it and treat my own mother with it. I brush my teeth with it etc.

Good Luck! I know you will check it out. You are a smart dog!

Smart Dogs Don't Chase Cars (words of a wiseman-author unknown) Cheers and All the Best Wes!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008 05:47:53 AM

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