The Walt Disney Agenda
- by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, July 4, 2004

I  watched a movie yesterday, called "The Haunted Mansion", starring Eddie Murphy. It was a Disney Production. Not only was it a horrible movie with lousy acting, but it also filled a certain purpose. The first The Haunted Mansionquestion you may ask yourself after  you've watched it is: whom is it made for? Adults, children or both? Well, it is too silly to be an adult movie, and too scary to be a children's movie. So, whom was it made for?

To answer that question, we need to know who Walt Disney really was, what his corporation stands for, and what purpose it has. I strongly advise you to read Fritz Springmeier's excellent research on the Disney bloodline. You can read about it online:

Walt Disney was a 33 Freemason and an illuminist. Behind all those cartoons, magazines, movies etc., is a hidden agenda to mess up our children's minds. Disney's production over the years is filled with Masonic symbolism, occult over- and undertones, mind control and indoctrination. He is preparing our younger generations for the New World Order, and introduce them to sorcery (black magic) as being a "cool thing" . Read more about it in the above Springmeier article, it is amazing reading. Children who have disappeared at Disneyland and never been found again were kidnapped by the Disney Organization and sacrificed, or used as mind controlled slaves, although their disappearances have been blamed on crazy visitors who supposedly have used the children for sexual perversions. On rare occasions this may have been the case, but otherwise, the truth is closer to home - Disney's home.

Now back to the movie, "The Haunted Mansion". We know how strict this society is when it comes to keeping children from watching movies that only adults should be able to see. Children are not allowed in our theaters if a Walt Disneymovie is too violent, has sex scenes etc.

However! The above movie is allowed for children! It is supposed to be a comedy, but the truth is that it is VERY scary for a child, with ghosts flying around, creepy scenes, and horrifying effects in general. No one seems to question why Disney is allowed to get away with this when few others are. Well, the answer again is in Springmeier's article above ...

A friend of mine sent me this letter a few days ago: 

"I have a friend who went to Disneyland in California, and he stepped behind some thick bushes to smoke a cigarette. He found a hatch in the middle of the area, which he opened, and saw a ladder going down into a room - he heard children crying down there. Someone came out of the building at this point and put a gun to his head, and he was arrested by security. At any rate, a series of events followed which resulted in him having to sign a document saying he saw and heard nothing, was mentally disturbed (or something of that sort), and was escorted out of the area in handcuffs surrounded by armed guards, then escorted out of the area in his car."

Who were those children, crying?

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