Underground Bases
by Witnesses
(Posted here by Wes Penre, July 10, 2005)

I have no chance at this point in time to confirm if the following report(s) is/are correct or not, but maybe you who read this can clarify. If you who visit this page have any information about any of these places or other similar places, please let me know. My e-mail address is wes@illuminati-news.com. Thank you! Wes Penre

June 21, 2005:

Argonne National Laboratories in IllinoisI wanted to e-mail you about the secret cloning military base where I have lived for many months now. My uncle and I were talking about secret bases and detainee camps and we would like to share one that has gotten overlooked. The place is Argonne National Laboratories in Bolingbrook/Willowbrook, Illinois.

My uncle passed by  the lab/base and was confronted by military police. while my uncle's friend was explaining to the guards they seen an all white deer pass by. When they left they saw other animals that were white also! In my research there are hardly any albino deer or raccoons or the such and I believe there is an underground base underneath the main laboratory. This lab engages in genome cloning experimentations and laser weaponry!

From this date, about last week I've seen flashes of light coming from this bases. When the lab is done "cloning" animals, they drop the animals in the nearby forest preserves and they multiply naturally. Also, there are no male "bucks" around the preserves.

Just recently a woman talked to a Mayer about the male deer.



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