Terrifying Terror Laws
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Oct 12, 2005
(Posted: Oct 13, 2005)

'He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression.' - Thomas Paine (1795)

Hazel W.M. McKinlayOnly a government preparing to become totalitarian would require the new Terror Laws enacted in the United Kingdom. Tony Blair said police need to act on intelligence, without evidence, to protect the law-abiding public from terrorists, criminals and anti-social individuals, but who is going to protect us from brutal police with unprecedented powers?

The game has changed, says Blair, and so must the law, but civil rights were introduced in medieval Britain to ensure a fairer system and these respected statutes have balanced justice and security in this country for eight hundred years. What Blair is proposing is a return to the Dark Ages, when men were caged in dungeons based on rumour, suspicion or lies.

Blair is wedded to the notion that suspects are guilty until proven innocent because he believes senior police presented a compelling case. The same police who claimed to be acting on intelligence when they shot an innocent man on July 22nd , whom they insisted was connected to the failed tube attacks. They were dead wrong and a Brazilian paid with his life.

On July 7th  we had a “suicide bomber” who was due to be a dad in two months, another had just bought a Mercedes and one, rather than fasting and praying to Allah before deliverance into Paradise, ate a McDonald’s! None of the July terrorists fit the profile of extremists exacting revenge for the Iraq war. They were Pakistanis, Ethiopians and a Jamaican!

A British-born black Muslim convert who traveled to Afghanistan to study Islam, decided Jihad was not for him, so upon arriving back in London he was approached by MI5 with a job offer. Agents wanted him to infiltrate mosques and gather intelligence, or perhaps even assist with ‘terror drills’ like the one on July 7th in the underground? Luckily, he refused!

The accused are victims, but the government, police and media are only addressing the issue from the premise that suicide bombers struck the Capital, without producing a shred of conclusive evidence. The CCTV images prove nothing. It is alleged their documents were found on the train, but that is not proof of guilt either, and where are the eyewitness accounts?

There is no investigation! Blair does not want the hindrance of lawful proceedings or an inquiry, he already knows the truth and that will remain hidden. He has the apparatus to make his version of events stick. Three months detention without charge is enough time to extract a ‘confession’ by interrogation and then there is torture, condoned by George Bush.

The next phase is to condition the people into accepting the death penalty for terrorists. In Bali, five hundred protestors stormed the prison demanding the immediate execution of three Islamic militants jailed for the 2002 nightclub bombings. The angry crowd vowed to unite against the “terrorism menace” while a more dangerous menace is seizing our rights.

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