A Short-Cut on the Long Walk to Justice
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay
(Posted here by Wes Penre, June 8, 2005)

G 8Time reveals all things and that is true of Britain’s new Anti-Terror laws, supposedly introduced to prevent an imminent attack by ‘al Qaeda’ on the scale of Sept. 11th. Its real purpose has now been officially announced; this repressive legislation will be applied at the coming G8 protests in Scotland, (Gleneagles and Edinburgh) which is what it was always intended for, crushing dissent.

Contingencies of riot police will be dispatched from England to assist their Scottish Masonic brethren in brutalizing peaceful demonstrators, with batons, after they have been stripped of all civil rights. Powers such as house arrest and random stop and search are available to law enforcement officers and a disused RAF base is to be requisitioned as a mass holding centre for detainees.

Within fortified exclusion zones, the G8 will discuss innovative (big brother) ideas for allegedly combating faked terrorism, manufactured diseases and orchestrated wars. The rich nations and their corporate Bilderberg friends have been staging summits since 1975, we would expect to see some progress, but their policies on Climate Change, Poverty and Debt never come to fruition.

The Genoa summit’s promise was “vanquishing poverty” at Gleneagles they will be “making poverty G 8history” and Tony Blair said, “it would be very odd if people came to protest against this G8... I don’t quite know what they’ll be protesting against.” We will be denouncing this example of ignorance and arrogance which is indifferent to the havoc wreaked on the planet, in our name.

Gordon Brown’s ‘magnanimous’ Marshall Plan for Africa comes in the wake of a catalogue of disasters and it is too late for “lessons to be learned” they should have been implemented and taking effect, thirty years ago. The G8 cannot be permitted to dictate global policy and people must seize the reigns of power from them, before they inflict further damage on the human race.

Rather than alleviating the ills of the Earth, recent mindless maneuvers in the Middle East have increased universal suffering and contaminated the soil for generations to come with an invisible killer, depleted uranium. The actions of the perpetrators are unconscionable and they would be punished for crimes against humanity if there was International Law. That is the short-cut to justice.




Last Updated: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 08:45:12 PM

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