Rocking the Cradle of Liberty
The Income Tax on Trial in Philly

by William A. Shields
(Posted here by Wes Penre, June 8, 2005)

IRS LogoMere blocks from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, a trial is scheduled to begin, coincidentally around the beginning of July, in Federal District Court.

It is folly to try to predict the outcome of any trial, but of this much I am certain. We will learn nothing new about the defendant, and our federal government will be exposed for all to see. The x-rays will be positive for chronic criminal behavior, supporting the LARGEST financial fraud to have ever occurred in history. Talk about a summer blockbuster!

Now the reason I say we will learn nothing new about the defendant, Mr. Larken Rose, is because he has been deliberate and forthcoming about all of his activities and even his non-activities, like not filing income tax returns. In fact, he has even ASKED to be prosecuted by the federal government. That request and the reasons behind it can be found on this website -

For those that require a little background, here is the issue in a nutshell. What is taxable income and how is it determined according to the tax code and the related regulations? If one follows the instructions (convoluted but once found, still clearly stated) in the tax code, they don't show the income of most Americans to be taxable. Let me state that again because many don't really get it the first time. IF you delve into the tax code and actually READ what it says about your domestically earned income, you are more than likely to find that you OWE ZERO taxes to the federal government. Also, and of particular interest to Mr. Rose, If you have no tax liability, you are under no obligation to file a tax return, or to act as an unpaid bookkeeper for the feds.

So now an American heads into federal court charged with five counts of willful failure to file. Not only does Defendant Rose seem to have the law on his side, but the feds must prove to a jury, that Mr. Rose does not BELIEVE what he has been so publicly stating for YEARS to anyone who will listen.

I've heard it said that a lawyer who has the facts on his side should pound the facts. If you have the law on your side you pound the law. Having neither you must pound the table. With this in mind I predict some animated furniture bashing and theatrics by the prosecution. And the judge will either put an early end to this farce or turn due process, the constitution, and the rule of law on its ear. Sort of like putting wheels on a miscarriage and parading it for the neighborhood. Either way, it is sure to be entertaining.

But the stakes are very high for Mr. Rose who is risking a jail sentence for having the temerity to point out that the written law is what it says and the feds are duty bound to follow that law even and especially when it limits federal jurisdiction over our lives and our property.

Because of the efforts of Mr. Rose and a few other patriots, and because of Al Gore's great invention - the internet, more and more people are researching and reading the law for themselves. The income tax house of cards is coming down and not too soon. Even so, I encounter conservatives and libertarians who, for various reasons, don't believe it is true. They don't believe the federal government could fool that many people for so long. Most of all, they don't want to believe that when they open the dictionary to the word "SUCKER", they find their own picture next to it.

Should the worst happen, Larken Rose can take solace in this. More Americans will challenge the government on this issue. I for one am not afraid to go into court when the law is on my side. When you think about it, where does freedom reign and whose chains are heavier, when the brave and the innocent are locked away, while the criminals and the cowards who enable them are plodding about in the open?  What is the use of broad daylight if one must avert his eyes and submit to a clerk, giving over his lunch money to ham fisted bullies whose brains are ricocheting around the inside of their cavernous craniums like a golf ball in a tile bathroom?

To sum:

1. The feds don't have jurisdiction over your domestically earned income. Larken Rose will prove this in his upcoming trial in Philadelphia U.S. District Court.(if allowed to)

2. In order to deny Larken Rose justice, and maintain the status quo, the court will have to do a buck and wing dance around the constitution and the rule of law.

3. The largest financial fraud in history is about to fall, as any fraud eventually must.

See you in Philly this summer. Get your tickets early.

"Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."



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