I Just Returned From NO, LA
by Greg West, Katrina Survivor, Sep 4, 2005
(Posted here by Wes Penre, Sep 5, 2005)

My name is Greg West. My wife Sonja and I have just returned from New Orleans. I was able to get by some State Trooper check points. I got into New Orleans. It is horrible. Do not believe what is being reported. The situation there is FAR worse than what you are being told.

The National Guard gave me several numbers to call to report locations of stranded loved ones, I will include them at the bottom of this post. I want to warn you though, that if you do call; the Guard will merely try to pacify you by telling you what THEY think you want to hear. I talked to Lt. Col Elwood or (L. Wood) claiming to be a JAG officer. He took the EXACT address of where my cousin is stranded with MANY other folks in an apartment complex. The conversation was mainly one sided.

Shortly after this talk, I received a text message that my cousin was approached by Guardsmen. He assumed they had come to get them out. Instead, a gun was put in his face and he was told to stay put or.. "We will shoot and shoot to kill!" I have talked with countless persons and given them the exact location and A PHONE NUMBER THAY HAVE INSIDE THAT IS WORKING! Specialist Adams, Sgt. Guidree; more pacification.

General Randerneau should be relieved of his command since he can not seem to control the troops on the field. I just got off the phone with a Sgt. at Command & Control of Search & Rescue. More pacification. My cousin is a Disabled American Veteran and is out of medication. The Guard have NO plan or intention of getting him or those with him out. They are dying. What is happening, the truth; is that Guard Command & Control is NOT running properly. Sources in Algiers that I spoke with on the ground there, believe that when the press leaves; the order will be given to kill those remaining.

Use the phone numbers provided, but be aware of the Stall & Pacify techniques that are being used as this horror unfolds.(512)782-1020 (512)782-1021 (512)782-1022 (512)782-1039(512)782-1033I may be reached at (918)684-7256 or (918)688-6813Good luck to you all. Let God walk with you during these times and rely upon Him; for the Government of America does NOT walk with you.



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