How Ralph Nader Was Attacked and Harassed by the Illuminati Controlled General Motors When Pointing Out Their Unethical Business Attitude
- by Wes Penre, February 28, 2004 -

I am not writing this article because I am a fan of Ralph Nader, nor am I writing it because I oppose him. This article is not written for any political reason, as I truly believe it doesn't matter whom we vote for; it is no longer the "let-the-best-man-win" game. Everything in politics of any importance is planned, and so are the elections. No, I am writing this short article because I find it very interesting to notice how the Illuminati controlled multi million- billion businesses are handling their opponents. Those big corporations have their own Intelligence Agencies, as do major religious cults and sects. Another typical example of this is the Church of Scientology, a religious cult who incorporated the same kind of Intelligence structure as GM and other big companies.

This is the story of what happened in the 60's, when Ralph Nader was pointing out how GM continued producing their sports car (the Corvair), although it was proven dangerous and had caused an incredible amount of accidents. This is the ugly story of how General Motors handled the criticism.

But instead of me rambling on here, let the following revealing book tell us. If you don't feel like reading the whole book, start with Chapter 1 and read through it. You will get the picture:

Citizen Action And Other Big Ideas, A History of Ralph Nader And the Modern Consumer Movement - by David Bollier























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