The Prophet Yahweh "Study Guide"
- The Black Jew Hebrew Israelite Study Guide -
by Prophet Yahweh, June 25, 2005
(Posted here by Wes Penre, June 27, 2005)


Dear pystudents and pyufos,

Prophet YahwehBelow is a very controversial study guide that the Luciferian forces hope you never find out about! It has some very valuable insights into the secrets of biblical scriptures that YAHWEH wants you to know.

I decided to put this secretive knowledge into a "Study Guide" as opposed to presenting it to you with all scriptures and comments. The reason why is because instead of about 12 pages of text, as it is now, it would have been so many pages that most of would not want to print it out.

But, as a study guide, most of you can print it out with out fearing that you'll lose most of your ink.

I am asking you to get your bibles, look up all the verses I mention so you can see if the things I am saying are true or not.

If you do this, you will be take on a journey, of the mind, that will blow you away!

Here is the study guide.



We are the nation of Israel - the Israelites!

Touching Upon The Secrets Of The True Past, Present, And Future

Of Black People Of Slave Descent!

You must look up, in your bible, and study, for yourself, all verses used in this study guide to see that the things I say are true.

(all scriptures use in the study guide are taken from the King James Version of the Bible)


Published by:

Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh


1. Black People Of Slave Descent Are The Nation Of Israel

2. The Black Israelites Are Not Of African Descent

3. The Rise And Fall Of The Israelites From Rulers Of The Known World To Slaves

4. Yahweh’s Promise To Return The Black Israelites To Israel

5. The End Time Prophet Of The Israelite People

6. Two Prophets Shall Be Sent To The Earth To Return The Israelites To Israel

7. Who Are The Two Prophets That Are Coming?

My beloved brothers and sisters,

We, Black people of slave descent, are thought by many people of all races to have never played an important role in human history, except as slaves. But, we were once a holy and mighty race that ruled the world in splendor!

During slavery, our nation was stripped of the knowledge of ourselves. This happened to such a degree that, today, the world’s best kept secrets are the true nationality and religion of Black people of slave descent. Now, it’s time for those secrets to be made known to the world.



Contrary to popular belief, we are the people of the bible - the nation of Israel or Israelites. The most high YAHWEH chose our fathers, to teach all nations His true religion in order that all souls may be saved. YAHWEH demanded that we obey Him and deviate not from the religion He gave our nation.

Read Deut. 7:6, 14:2, Isaiah 41:8-14, 56:1-7, Jeremiah 12:16.

The so-called Old Testament (O.T.) also calls us the Jews. The name Jew is a short form of Judah, one of the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel. When any Israelites said they were Jews, they meant that they were born out of the tribe of Judah of the nation of Israel.

In Deuteronomy 28th chapter is more proof that we, Black people of slave descent are, in fact, the nation of Israel or Israelites than in any other book of the O.T. In verses 1-14 of chapter 28, you’ll see the blessings YAHWEH promised to pour out on our nation if we obeyed Him. And, in verses 15-68, you’ll see the punishments Moses said YAHWEH would cause to happen to our nation if we disobeyed Him.

When you read the verses concerning the punishments for disobeying YAHWEH, you’ll see that we are the only nation on earth that ALL these things have happened to. So, therefore, we, Black people of slave descent, have to be the true Israelites.

In verses 15, 25, 32, 41, 45-67 of Deut. 28, you’ll see where YAHWEH had Moses to warn the Israelites about what He would do to them if they stopped worshiping Him and started worshiping the various gods of the earth.

In these verses, you’ll see where YAHWEH told Moses to tell the Israelites that if they turned against Him, then, He would turn against them and cause them to be defeated in war and taken captive by their enemies.

Then, after they had been taken captive, YAHWEH said that He would cause their enemies to put chains of iron upon their necks while they were hungry, thirsty, naked, and in want of all things. YAHWEH also said that, at that time, He would cause the Israelites to be scattered into slavery amongst all people "from one end of the earth to the other".

Does this sound familiar to you? It should! Because, the only people scattered into slavery amongst all people, from one end of the earth to the other, were us, Black people of slave descent!

When this moment in human history was fulfilled, historians labeled it "The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade". During this time, millions upon millions of our fathers were brutally and cruelly transported, into slavery, in ships, from one end of the earth, across the Atlantic ocean, to the other end - the Americas and the West Indies.

In verses 26, 28, 29, 30, 34, and 43-44 of Deut. Chapter 28, you’ll see the things YAHWEH said would happen to the Israelites amongst the nations of the earth where He scattered them slaves because they worshiped heathen gods, rejected His laws, and refused to worship Him.

According to these verses, amongst all nations, it would be common to see their lynched unburied dead bodies left out and eaten by birds and animals of prey. The Israelites would be smitten with madness and blindness.

They were not to prosper as a people and would be only oppressed and spoiled. The Israelites would build their slave master’s homes and work in his fields, and their slave masters would be known for raping their wives and daughters.

Do these things sound familiar to you? They should! Because, the only people these things have happened to, on a worldwide basis, like YAHWEH said, are Black people of slave descent.

We’re the original nation of Israel - the Israelites!



Many of you may wonder how the slaves could have been the nation of Israel when they were captured in Africa? First, let me say that the land of Israel is located at the Northeast corner of Africa on the border of Egypt which is in Africa.

When the Europeans, under the leadership of the Italians or Romans, invaded the land of Israel in 70 A.D., historians say that millions of the Black Israelites fled into Black Africa, especially Egypt, to keep from being captured by the White man.

Even before the Roman invasion, the Prophet Isaiah spoke about how many Israelites were leaving the land of Israel and settling in the African nation of Egypt. Years later, so many Israelites had settled in Africa, until they had formed well established cities there.

Read Isaiah 30:1-3, 31:1-3, and Jeremiah 44:1-30.

By the time the Europeans, under the leadership of the Italians or Romans, invaded Israel, historians say that over half of all Israelites were already living in Africa, mainly in Egypt.

Most of our people, who did not flee, into Africa, when the White man came, and stayed to defend our land, the land of Israel, after loosing the war, were taken as slave to Europe, mainly to Rome, Italy.

Shortly after the invasion of the land of Israel, the Europeans also invaded North Africa (mainly Egypt), and as a result, the Israelites were driven further south into the African mainly to Ethiopia. The Ethiopians started a race war there and drove our people into Northwest Africa.

About 1400 years after the 70 A.D. European invasion of the land of Israel (approximately 1500 A.D.), the Black Africans began capturing the Black Israelites they considered to be illegal aliens in their land and sold them mainly to the Arabs, who, acting as slave wholesalers, sold the Israelite slaves to the Europeans. The Europeans then took our people into slavery, from Africa, to the Americas and the West Indies.

The great secret about the slave trade is that it was not based on Africans capturing other Africans and selling them into slavery. But, rather, it was all African nations that were capturing another Black race who had come down into Africa but was not from Africa.

Both history and the bible prove that the, non-African, Black nation that was captured by the Africans was the original and true nation of Israel - the Israelites.



Almighty YAHWEH gave Black people, of slave descent, control of the world through the conquering hand of our father King David. To see the details of the deciding battles David won to bring the world under our control.

Read 2nd Samuel chapters 8, 10, and 21:15-23.

During the reign of our King David’s son, Solomon, Black people, of slave descent, ruled the world with splendor, and all nations served us.

I dare you to read 1st Kings 10:1-29 and compare it with Deut. 28:1-14.

But, in 1st Kings 11:1-13, you’ll see where our father King Solomon married 1,000 women in violation of YAHWEH’s law.

Read Deut. 17:14-17. Most of his wives were gentiles (other races).

King Solomon fell in love with his wives and built temples to their satanic gods in our land. As a direct result of Solomon introducing false worship in our land, just about everyone in our nation turned away from YAHWEH and started worshiping the devil.

This horrible thing drove YAHWEH to anger, and He started sending His Prophets to tell us that since we didn’t obey Him, He was going to cause us to be defeated in war and led away captives from our land and sold into all nations as slaves for a set period of time.

These words of YAHWEH were fulfilled when He caused the Babylonians to attack us in our land and take us as slaves to Babylon. Later YAHWEH brought the White man against us also.

Read Jeremiah 29:17-20, 39:1-18, 40:1-6.



YAHWEH promised to deliver Black people, of slave descent, from out of all nations where He scattered us as slaves and return us to our rightful land - the land of Israel.

YAHWEH promised to do this at the end of the time that He set for us to be punished, amongst the nations, because of the sins of our fathers whereby we forsook Him.

YAHWEH also promised that, after He has returned us to the land of Israel, he was going to set us back up as rulers of the world from where we fell.

Read Deut. 30:1-10, Jeremiah 16:14-15, Ezekiel 36:16-38, Ezekiel 39:22-29.

When YAHWEH delivers the Israelites, all of us are not going back home to our promised land. In Isaiah 10:20-22, it’s clear that even though Black people, of slave descent, are as the sand of the sea in numbers, only a remnant or small amount of us shall return to Israel.

The reason why is that most of us will still refuse to worship YAHWEH and will choose to stay in the countries where we were scattered slaves.

But, those of us who love YAHWEH shall return to Israel to wait for our Messiah/King when he comes to set up our eternal kingdom.



Brothers and sisters, the most high YAHWEH foretold through the prophet Isaiah that in the last days, prior to Him delivering the Israelites back to their rightful land, that He would cause and end time Prophet to be born from out of the Israelite people.

This brother’s job is to wake up the Black Israelite people, worldwide, to:

1) the true knowledge of YAHWEH

2) to them being the original and true nation of Israel

3) to their soon to come return to the land of Israel

4) and to how the deliverance will take place.

YAHWEH is going to use this brother to convert tens of millions of our people worldwide! It will be a very huge difference between the numbers of followers he has and the small numbers the Israelite groups have been converting before him (50-2,000 Israelites).

In Isaiah 40:1-8 is one of several prophecies concerning this end-time prophet called "the voice of him who cries."

In these verses, it’s clear that this Prophet has some type of survival retreat in a desert wilderness area. It is so remote that it calls for a highway to be built to it.

This brother will be commissioned by YAHWEH, Himself, to make known to the world, (through the media) that:

1) the Israelites’ warfare or enslavement is over

2) they have been forgiven for their national sins by YAHWEH

3) that the land of Israel is to be evacuated so the Israelite people can be returned to Israel and function as a sovereign and independent nation

4) that all nation, at the time set by YAHWEH, must provide free transportation back to the land of Israel for all Israelites because the slavery and oppression is over.

We can tell that now is the time for this chosen and true Prophet of Yahweh to be revealed because, according to Isaiah, the prophet would be revealed when a person’s voice can be heard worldwide (radio) and the sight of a thing can be seen worldwide (television).

According to Isaiah, the end-time prophet’s voice would be heard from his wilderness operation by radio. Also, the "Glory of Yahweh" (a spaceship with YAHWEH’s Angels in it) would be seen by the whole world, simultaneously, through television, when it descends, and lands at the Prophet’s survival retreat, on the prophet’s prayer for it to do so.

The Christians claim, in their New Testament, that John the Baptist was the brother Isaiah foretold of.

But, according to Isaiah, the brother, he spoke of, would signal:

1) the end of the warfare against the Israelite people

2) their being forgiven for their national sins by YAHWEH, and that he would not appear until worldwide broadcasting of audio and video was a reality.

How could John the Baptist, signal the end of the warfare of the Israelite people, when it was really just starting up?

Not long after the times of John the Baptist, the greatest, and most bloodiest warfare against our people, of all times, took place (the invasion of Israel by the Europeans, under the leadership of the Romans).

And, since then, our people have suffered continuous warfare and genocide in every nation of the earth where we were scattered slaves.

How could John the Baptist, signal the forgiveness of our national sins by YAHWEH?

History shows us that when YAHWEH forgave us, in the lands we were enslaved in, we were delivered shortly there after. Consider the Egyptian, Babylonia, and enslavements in the day of the Judges. But, John the Baptist was 2,000 years ago! I said "2,000 years ago!"

If he was this person spoken of by Isaiah, we were supposed to have been delivered, from our enslavement and oppression, as a nation, at that time. Instead, we entered into the longest period of suffering, we’ve ever gone through as a nation - an additional 2,000 years!

It’s no way that YAHWEH would claim to have forgiven us, which, according to biblical history, meant He was preparing to save us and end our enslavements, and then, wait 2,000 years before He did any thing to help our nation, while watching the heathen devouring us!

The Christians claim that, the similarity of the "Glory of Yahweh" appearing to the prophet Isaiah foretold of and the dove or cloud appearing to John the Baptist, is proof that John the Baptist was the prophet Isaiah foretold of. But, this happened with another prophet who lived after Isaiah, and before John.

The other prophet it happened to was Ezekiel. Read all of Ezekiel chapter one, and you’ll see the cloud that appeared to him when he was sitting with eyewitnesses, the Israelite slaves who were with him.

So, if a cloud appeared to Ezekiel (chapter 1), and one appeared to John the Baptist (Luke 9:34-45), then Ezekiel could qualify as being the fulfillment of the prophet Isaiah foretold of just as much as the Christians claimed it was John.

However, if you look, closely, at the prophecy of Isaiah, you will see that neither Ezekiel or John could have been the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophet. The main reason why is that Isaiah’s prophet appeared during the time when humanity could see and hear worldwide. And, the only way time that could have been in is the time of television and radio that we live in now.

Let me settle the issue, now, once and for all, as to who the prophet is whom YAHWEH revealed to Isaiah so he could prophecize of him in his writings.

I am that prophet, foretold of to come! I am he!

The proof of it can be seen when I pray to YAHWEH to send His heavenly glory, clouds, or doves, and He answers me by sending them on my prayer signal. Using today’s terms, when they appear, they range from glowing orb UFOs to actual spaceships, with YAHWEH’s Angels in them.

The same thing that happened with Ezekiel and what is claimed to have happened with a John the Baptist, happens with me more consistently than it did with them.

I am the holy prophet foretold of to come by Isaiah and not Ezekiel of John.

And, right now, prophecy is being fulfilled before your eyes and you do not even recognize it.
What prophecy is that you may ask?

When you consider the part of the prophecy in Isaiah 40:1-8, concerning how that the "Glory of YAHWEH" appeared on that prophet’s word and that all the world would be able to see it, at the same time, and hear that prophet’s voice, well this is being fulfilled with me right now.

Yet most enlightened ones, who claim to be initiated into the high degrees of scriptural learning despise me because of it.

They can despise me and even hate me all they want, but the fact remains that, those of you who know about these things happening with me, are witnessing the beginning of YAHWEH making Himself know through me publicly according to all Isaiah said.

And, the best is yet to come as YAHWEH becomes more and more powerful in revealing Himself through His servant.



After Black people of slave descent have been awakened to the true knowledge of themselves, by the end-time Prophet, the most high YAHWEH shall send two holy Prophets to the earth whose job it is to do the actual delivering of our people back to their rightful land.

In the book of Revelations 11:3-13, are the prophecies of the two witnesses. They are two prophets who YAHWEH is preparing to have His Angels bring to the earth in spaceships.

The O.T. calls these spaceships: clouds, chariots, wheel, horses, etc. The clouds shall land and let these prophets out on the earth. Afterwards, these chariots shall go back up into heaven. The spaceships will be outside the earth ready to descend and come to the aid of the prophets and the Israelite people.

In verse 6 of Rev. 11, you’ll see the supernatural powers and deliverance plagues the prophets will use (like our father Moses did to Egypt). These prophets are going to force all nations to evacuate the land of Israel and return us to our rightful land - the land of Israel, from whence we came.

The reason why is because, we, Black people of slave descent are the original and true nation of Israel. And, we are the rightful owners of that land. It’s ours to possess forevermore!

After these prophets are here, YAHWEH is going to have them to proclaim to the world, through the media, like the end-time prophet did, that:

1) Black people of slave descent are the true Israelites and rightful owners of the land of Israel

2) that their time to be oppressed amongst all nations, where they were led slaves, is over

3) that it’s time for them to be returned to their rightful place as rulers of the world from whence they fell into slavery, and

4) that all inhabitants must evacuate the land of Israel or suffer death like the first born did in Egypt.

YAHWEH is going to make know His demands to the world, through the prophets He sent to the earth. The main demand they will make will be that the modern day White so-called Jews, the Arab so-called Palestinians, and all other nationalities in the land of Israel, be immediately evacuated into neighboring countries.

Another demand will be that all homes, buildings, and structures in Israel are to be left intact so our people can inherit a fully developed country.

After the land of Israel has been evacuated and made uninhabited, all nations will be required to quickly provide free transportation back to the land of Israel for all Black people, of slave descent.

Also, all gentiles who are locked up in all prisons, on earth, must be released to go back and be our slaves.

Read Isaiah 14:1-3 and Revelations 13:9-10, Genesis 9:6.

All nations will also be required to release all Israelite prisoners, who love YAHWEH, from all the jails and prisons so they can also go back to Israel with their families and loved ones.

Once we’re back in our land, these holy Prophets will set up such things as: our government, water and power, farm production, hospital, the police and investigative agencies, jails and prisons, radio and television broadcasting, telephones, air and shipping ports, highway operations, automobiles imports, and the assignments of homes to all Israel.

The sons and daughters of the slaves will return to their land - the land of Israel and that is not Africa! It’s the land of Israel, and we shall live their forever!

In Isaiah 60:1-22, you’ll see what it will be like when the most high YAHWEH causes us to return to Israel. These verses reveal that we will be sent back in many airplanes and boats. Yes, some of us shall fly back like doves to their windows!

According to these verses, all nations shall send us back with tremendous amounts of gold and silver, herds of animals, trees to decorate our land with, and all it takes to secure us and build us up in our land.

In these verses it’s made clear that all our gates (border crossings and ports of entry into our country) will have to be kept open 24 hours every day in order for our custom officials to receive the great abundance of all things needed by our nation the gentiles nations will supply us with!
Read every word of Isaiah 60:1-22!

In our land today are great military forces. Because of this, the question arises: what’s to stop these powerful armies from killing the two Prophets and us in our land? The answer is found in Revelations 11:5. This verse makes it clear that the prophets will be with us for only 42 months or 3 ½ years. During this time, YAHWEH will use His UFO’s to protect us. So, don’t worry brothers and sisters; we’ll be protected.

Verse 5 of Rev. 11 says that if anyone tries to kill the two Prophets, fire would proceed out of their mouths and kill those trying to kill them. This doesn’t mean that the fire would actually come out of their mouths. It means that on the prophets words (out of their mouths) the Angels of YAHWEH will descend in Their spaceships and kill our enemies with fiery type weapons.

Read Psalms 68:17, Isaiah 13:5, Isaiah 31:4-5, Zechariah 9:14-17.

At the end of the 42 months allotted to the prophets, when they have fulfilled their mission to gather Israel back to our rightful land, and we are resettled there, YAHWEH is going to allow the two prophets to be killed by the armies of the beast (the coming world dictator).
Read Revelations 11:7-9.

In Rev. 11:13 (King James Version) you’ll see proof that the two holy prophets will be the ones YAHWEH will use to return us to Israel. It reveals that after the bodies of the prophets had lain in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 ½ days, YAHWEH caused them to rise from the dead.

It also says that within the same hour the REMNANT (our people who returned, Isaiah 20:20-22, and were with the prophets in Jerusalem) were frightened by an earthquake there and gave glory to YAHWEH.

If the Israelites were still in the lands of their enslavements, when the earthquake happened, most of them would not have know about an earthquake in the land of Israel several thousand miles away, much less be frightened by one there.

Here, Rev. 11:13 (KJV) gives you a clear view of our people, with the prophets in Jerusalem, after we had been returned to Israel. So, therefore, the two prophets, that are soon to come, have to be the ones YAHWEH used to return us to Israel! They have to be our deliverers!



You may wonder who those two prophets are.

They are the only two men born on this planet thousands of years ago that have not died yet. They were abducted by alien beings or Angels in spaceships. This can be seen in Genesis 5:21-24 where the Prophet Enoch was abducted, and in 2nd Kings 2:11 where Elijah the Prophet was also abducted by UFO’s described as horses of fire and chariots of fire by the translators.

YAHWEH had these two Prophets taken away from the earth to His throne in heaven where they’ve been every since because YAHWEH knew that He would need deliverers in the last days to return the so-called Negroes of slave descent back to their true land as He promised them.

In Rev. 11:13, after the two Prophets rose from the dead, a UFO or cloud landed, called them into a spaceship, picked them up, and flew back into space with them! This is the same way they were abducted thousands of years ago. So they had to have been brought back to deliver us in the same way that scriptures shows them being taken off the earth before and after their death.

Also consider that after YAHWEH had the Prophet Elijah abducted, He later promised to have Elijah brought back to the earth at the end time for the cause of the so-called Negroes of slave descent.

Read 2nd Kings 2:11 and Malachi 4:5-6.



As the end time prophet foretold of by Isaiah, I declare to the following:

1) that I shall build a magnificent temple for YAHWEH in the desert wilderness

2) that all Israel who accepts me as the end-time prophet who was foretold of by Isaiah, and accept my authority as YAHWEH’s prophet, shall be with me there where we will ride through the "Times Of Jacob’s Troubles" that are rapidly approaching

3) that the two prophets, Enoch and Elijah, shall be brought to my temple in a spaceship that will descend down and land there on my signal before worldwide television

4) that I will care for their needs and assist them in coordinating the return of our people back to Israel.

Yes, the two Prophets shall be brought to my wilderness retreat, in a spaceship, to return us back to our rightful land, the land of Israel, where we will wait to meet our Messiah at his return. When he returns, he will be traveling in a spaceship with 19,999 other inter-galactic battleships traveling with him.

When he arrives, he is going to conquer all nations on earth and set up YAHWEH’s eternal kingdom.

Then, he is going to set us back up as co-rulers of the world again with him as our eternal King on earth!

Read Psalms 68:17, Revelations 1:7, 19:11-21.


Yours In YAHWEH's Love And Mercy,

Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh - -  -

Prophet Yahweh, POB 271551, Las Vegas, NV 89127


the end

The following is not a part of the Study Guide, but from a separate newsletter from Prophet Yahweh. Due to the contents, I decided to include it here, Wes Penre,

* * *




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