How Media Splurge in Pornography - Often Our Children Are the Target
by Hazel


Most tabloids, adverts and music videos are now soft porn, without exception and gradually getting raunchier…this we take for granted, while kid’s programming is downright Satanic, with Buffy and Harry. If you want a picture of the New World Order watch the Cartoon Network, it’s all in there… occultism, spies, doomsday viruses, evil megalomaniacs, biometrics and cyborg soldiers, but yesterday I saw something which disturbed me to such an extent, that this rant is the result.

Sometimes I don’t know why I bother, since I tend to state the obvious, at least I hope it is… but the incremental methodology of the demonic press means that one barely notices that the bar has been lowered again, until they are rubbing your nose in it. In this case it is the subtle transition of hard-core pornography to the front cover of men’s glossy magazines, photos which were once reserved for the inside of seedier publications.

The new rag which caught my eye, I couldn’t miss it, it was in my face the moment I stepped into the newsagents, is called ‘Fox’ and was placed “innocently” between Cosmopolitan and Elle, not out of sight on the top shelf. The front page spread featured a “fun” close up of nude models engaged in an explicit lesbian sex act, I could go into detail but you can use your imagination! It was in full view of everyone in the shop, including my nine year-old daughter and five year-old son.

It seemed to go over the children’s heads but as a woman, I felt disgusted and degraded by this public display of obscenity and took it upon myself to slide the offending magazine behind Cosmopolitan, hoping the shopkeeper saw me and got the message… this is just not “Kosher” to some people. Now, I’m not a prude, not by a long shot, as one or two of my male correspondents could testify (please don’t!) but my embarrassment over women being depicted this way to all and sundry made me wonder…

How would men react if their sexuality was laid bare? What’s good for the goose and all that… Imagine; daddy pops into the corner shop with his children to buy them a treat and ‘Pornsec’ is laying on the counter revealing a naked man in an advanced stage of arousal, and to make it comparable to the female equivalent, he would have to be receiving gratification from another “stud.” Would you not feel you were being humiliated and your masculinity debased? But then, maybe that’s where it’s going because no-one objects or complains.

Perhaps in time, children and animals will be introduced to the mix, as paedophilia, bestiality and homosexuality are normalised and encouraged via the internet. And no, I am not a homophobe, I have gay friends, but that does not mean you should have it rammed down your throat! However, I do baulk at the sexualising of youngsters who have no interest in the subject whatsoever until puberty, prior to that it’s something to titter about, unless you’ve been abused.

Pornography, if at all, ought to be a matter of personal choice, not compulsory, yet the Liberal Democrats see it as a useful tool in sex education and a harmless “safety valve” - not exploitation. But it’s not everyone’s ‘cup of tea,’ some folk are not that way inclined and have got better things to do, like gardening… not necessarily uphill. Sex between consenting adults is natural and wholesome, I don’t have a problem with that, (my problem is finding a decent partner) but it is also intimate and private, or it should be!

If ‘Fox’ magazine is now typical of what is acceptable in the mainstream media, we are almost at the bottom of the moral barrel, how much further are you prepared to let it go… all the way? We need another ‘Mary Whitehouse’ she knew where to draw the line - and must be turning in her grave! I feel a job opportunity coming on… although, whoever chooses to fill this vacant ‘missionary’ position has got their work cut out for them, because there are very few boundaries or taboos left.

- Hazel

Created & Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2004 07:17:36 -0800



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