The Peace Symbol
- by Wes Penre, May 12, 1999 -
(Posted here by Wes Penre, May 7, 2005)

NOTE: This article was first posted at the original Illuminati News Website in 1999, and I decided to re-submit it here today, 6 years later... Wes Penre.

The Aldermaston Peace Symbol is very old, but came into practice again during Easter in the city of Aldermaston in 1958. There was a peace march organized by lots of youth organizations. The leaders were two revolutionaries, Hugh Brock and Pat Arrowsmith. They introduced the symbol again at that march. And from that day onward, the symbol conquered the world. At first it was taught by the two that the symbol was the letters N and D of the semaphoric alphabet (Nuclear Disarmament). But four years later an official American investigation brought a different story into light.

The peace symbol was suggested to the two leaders of the march by Bertrand Russell, who was a Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)scientist with a great knowledge of the history of religion, politics and occultism. Russell was a British philosopher who hated Christianity. He greatly admired Karl Marx, and he joined the elite group of intellectual atheists called the "Fabian Socialists", which was founded in 1883. Two well-known members were George Bernard Shaw and John Maynard Keynes. The Fabian Socialists forced themselves in varied devious ways into organizations such as churches and socialist and liberal groups, in which they changed the way of thinking into their desired direction. They fought against love for ones country, respect for the family-life, Christian moral and faith in God. They encouraged free sex, destroying the "walls" between countries, while viewing the Russian way of governing a country as the best way for the whole world. They wanted to achieve that goal gradually, and they used this principle: "Change everything, except the front of the building." They wanted to let the principle of private possession continue, officially that is, but only when the State would get complete power over the decision of whatever private possessions there were. Hitler also did this during his "Third Reich" .....

Bernard Shaw spoke during a visit to the USSR in 1931: "I am grateful to see before my very eyes that the world civilization will be saved in the Sovjet Union. Communism in Russia is capable to lead mankind out of chaos to a better world." This was said in a time when tens of millions of people were already killed in concentration camps by the Soviet regime.

Bertrand Russell, who was also a member of an international secret society called "Clarté", admired Adolf Hitler greatly ..... Russell said once that mass-psychology is very important for a government to be able to control its people. In 1931, October 26, he said: "There is no hope for this world outside the Soviet Union."

Hitler ordered that the gravestones of killed SS military personnel during the war had to have the Aldermaston Symbol on them.

Bernard Koerner's "Reference Book of Heraldic Art" says that the symbol's origin is German paganism; it is a rune-sign that pictured "death."

John Knox thought that the symbol was the mark of the beast.

The true origin

The peace symbol is equal to the NeroCross. Nero persecuted Christians. He designed an upside down cross in the form of a "V" and crucified Peter on it, head-down. This is according to Nestorius the Syrian, Patriarch of Constantinopel in 428-431 BC. In his works he describes the persecution of Christians by Nero. Since that time the Nero Cross received the name "Sign of the Broken Christian," or "of the Broken Jew," with reference to Peter. Three years after Peter's death the Roman legions marched into Jerusalem, and they had on their banners the Nero Cross as their insignia. This is the symbol of hatred against the Bible and Christianity through the ages.


In 1917 the Bolsheviks painted the Nero Cross on the doors of the churches they had closed.

In 1099 the Muslims fought under this symbol against the Crusaders who invaded The Holy Land.

[A symbol for peace???] 



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