Operation "Mount Rushmore" and "Operation Ringwind": Planned Assassination of Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton?
Originating from: http://www.copi.com/defrauding_america/bcasssin.htm
(Posted here by Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com , March 17, 2004)

This was brought to my attention by a Mr. David Howard. There is no way I can verify all this, but want to bring it to your attention for consideration and further research ...
Wes Penre

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Because of the sensitivity of a covert operation by a section of the U.S. intelligence agencies, I am identifying the operative who told me about it as "Agent X." I have copies of documents showing this agent's military rank in one of the U.S. intelligence agencies, and am convinced of his status. This agent told me about an operation ordered to be carried out by high Washington personnel in mid-1992, under the code name, Operation Mount Rushmore. He said that it involved the San Francisco law firm of Heller, Ehrman White, and McCauliffe, (579) and several Mossad agents reportedly working for the firm. Agent X described Operation Mount Rushmore and the apparent major control over it by the Mossad agents and attorneys. The agent said: [It] could blow the lid right off the White House. The name of it is Operation Mount Rushmore. Operation Mount Rushmore was an attempt to assassinate presidential candidate Bill Clinton when he came into San Francisco. They called it Mount Rushmore because of the heads of the Presidents. What I was to do, I was at the Presidio in San Francisco, and I met a Mossad agent who was also involved in this.

And there was a company in Redwood City called EIC. They are on Woodside Road in Redwood City, and the guy who runs it is the owner, Chan Wang. He is a member of an organization called the "Eagles". He is a Chinese guy. It is my understanding that he was financing this entire operation. He was in touch with the law firm of Healer, Ehrman, White, and McCauliffe [sic].

Agent X continued, indicating further Mossad involvement in Operation Mount Rushmore:

There was an attorney I briefly met, whose name was [name withheld at Agent X's request], and he was an attorney at Heller Ehrman, and he was handling some part of this operation. From my understanding, these people were organized. I was at the Presidio training some people, and they wanted to do a sanction on candidate Clinton when he came into San Francisco.

Things got screwed up, and the whole operation went sour, and everybody went under ground. The Mossad agent I was in touch with, I never heard from her again. I talked to some people at the State Department and everything was hush-hush and quiet. And it all just dropped off the face of the earth. And then two days later I get orders to go overseas, which are the orders I sent you. After Rushmore went sour, we were told to get the hell out. The State Department wrote the orders and I was gone the next day.

Agent X said, "I was told to go there [San Francisco] last summer and meet a Mossad agent, which I did. I asked, "Why San Francisco," and they said Bill Clinton is coming and we need to talk to you. That is the reason for being in the Bay Area, the Rushmore operation." The agent continued:

Well, here is what happened. I was involved with Operation Ringwind, which is the team that actually went out and assassinated the people in the very first letter I mentioned to you.(580) I know the names. I try and remember them out of memory, and the notes I make throughout my life. Our operation was with McKee and the other gentlemen who were killed on Flight 103. We actually trained these people at Camp Perry, Virginia. And we also trained them out of Fort Story and at Mint Farm Hill, which is the Intelligence Center. And we briefed them on everything. The object of this unit was to eliminate everyone that was involved in October Surprise.

Everyone who had information pertaining that was not involved militarily, to do away with them. With the military people that were involved, and there were a variety of generals and colonels and so forth, it was handled in a different way. They had training accidents, or they were put so far into retirement that they didn't know what the hell was going on.

And these were the people, there are about seven of them, who are involved in this now. They were actually in the [San Francisco] Bay Area along with myself, and they were going to take care of this operation which involved the Mossad, to take care of Mr. Clinton.

"Why would they want the Mossad in this," I asked.

Agent X answered: "I don't know, and that is one of the things that threw me. Why the Mossad? What do the Israeli have to do with this?" He continued:

When I talked to the Israeli Intel officer he said, "We have our reason." I guess it was because Bush had such a rapport with Israel, they wanted to see him get reelected. And if it involved getting rid of Mr. Clinton, and I hate to say it over a phone, but that is what it came down to.

Agent X continued: "My contacts go back to the early eighties with Duane Claridge and Charles Allen; they were all aware of what was going on."

In subsequent conversations and letters, the agent enlarged upon these statements, stating that the security guard(581) was an employee of the building's managers where the law firm was situated. I checked and learned that the guard's death in front of a BART train at San Francisco's Mission Street station. In a September 20, 1993 letter, Agent X enlarged upon what he had earlier stated and written to me, relating to Operation Rushmore:

I was ordered last summer [1992] to go to San Francisco by Graham Fuller, CIA; Dick Pealer, ONI; and John Kaplin, CIA. These people were my handlers. I was told to go to the Bay Area. I flew from NAS [Naval Air Station] Norfolk to NAS Alameda, where I was to meet another Agent He was the C1A station chief for SF [San Francisco]. His name is Robert Larson. He made arrangements for me at the Presidio. The next day the team arrived, and I wondered why this hit team was in town. I got a call from a woman who said she was Mossad and we needed to meet. So we did; we had lunch. I asked her, her name, and she said it was Anna Colburn. I later found out her real name was Yossi Jameir. We talked about why I was in town, and I asked for what reason. She said they wanted to hit Clinton. When she said that, I got sick. I said to myself, "another Kennedy." I then asked her for the technical details.

They would be operating out of Republican Headquarters on Van Ness Avenue, where they could monitor all political moves by Clinton. The lady who would oversee this was Joann Stanhope for the Republican Party. She is also CIA.

Money, who would fund this? A man by the name of Chan Wang. He belongs to an organization called The Eagles. He also owns a real estate company called EIC in Redwood City. The man who would be his in-between was also CIA. His name was Bok Pon. Bok and I hit it off. He told me that Yosi worked for a major law firm called Heller Ehrman (Heller, Erman, White, and McCauliffe [sic] ), and that this firm would handle everything we may need, such as safe-houses, equipment, money, travel, etc. I later found out a major Mossad team was working from the law firm.

Now I have the team assembled. Knowing Clinton was coming to town in the next few weeks, we set up shop. Weapons, escape routs, rendezvous, etc. Clinton was expected to come and stay at the Ritz Carlton. That's when we were going to do it. My men and I took up a position across the street from the Carlton before Clinton's arrival. We photographed the whole area for best possible results. Anyway, three weeks before he was due to arrive, word had it there was a leak. Where, was unknown. So my team and I pulled out in fear of being caught. That night we were told to eliminate all factions involved, including the Mossad agents. This order was given by Bob Larson, [CIA] station chief; San Francisco(582).The next morning the team and I went to the law firm looking for Yossi. She was not there. She was the first one we were to hit from the firm. We went to her home where we found her.

Three of us: myself John Aldridge, and Phil Burgess, went in and asked what happened. She didn't know. We told her that we were going to kill her if she didn't talk. Well, she didn't talk. Then you can see what happened next. Next target: Bok Pan. We met him at the office of EIC, hoping to get Wang too. Well, Wang wasn't there, but Bok was. We took him and drove north to talk. We went to the Peppermint in Sarrnmonte just south of Daly City. He said he knew nothing. Then we took Bok over into Mill Valley on the other side of the Golden Gate, where he is now buried in a hill.

Next target: Joann Stanhope. Just as we were about to get her, I get a call on my pager from Flashboard. When I called, they said, "stop operations." When I asked the reason why, they said they found the leak. The leak came from a security guard where Heller Erman had their office. One of the Mossad agents was dating this guard. Our job was to, of course, take care of it. So that night when he got off work at midnight, and he went to catch the Bart train at Market to go home, my friend and I grabbed him and threw him in front of a train. "Job well done," said Washington. Two days later I end up in the Mideast.

Rodney, what I have told you could incriminate me, but I will take the chance and you know why. I have told you a lot of things, and believe me, they are true.... I know for a fact that the Mossad is still working out of that law firm, for reasons unknown.

The names of the guys in Operation Ringwind are John Aldridge; Phil Burgess; Bob Burdige; Gregg Note; Robert Lister; Fred White; Rodney Harmon; and myself. The names are all CIA.

I forgot to mention that Gene Ferfethen also sponsored this operation. He owned a winery in Napa. He is one of Wang's friends. Together with their money, that how this thing was going to be pulled off. Consider this a self-confession.

When the operation was threatened with exposure, and before the leak was discovered, Agent X stated that the team sent to carry out the operation against Vice-Presidential candidate Bill Clinton proceeded to eliminate those who knew about it.


Referring to the leak that caused Operation Mount Rushmore to be shut down, Agent X said:

We found out what happened. One of the security guards at this company was dating one of the Mossad agents, and he came across some information. When we found out this happened, we took care of the situation. We took care of him. We took him and threw him in front of a BART train on Market Street. They thought he committed suicide.


When the operation was threatened with exposure, and before the leak was discovered, Agent X stated that the team sent to carry out the operation against Vice-Presidential candidate Bill Clinton proceeded to eliminate those who knew about it.

"I believe you said earlier that, in isolating the leak, one person was eliminated." Agent X replied: "We eliminated several people. We did three. One was a guy by the name of Bok Pon. Another one was the Israeli agent Yossi. "

"You mean the gal?"

"Yes. And then there was of course the security guard." "Didn't the Mossad feel irritated by that?"

We never had any repercussions on it. I had a list of people. l had a guy by the name of Chan Wang I had to take care of. I had Stanhope to take care of. I had Yossi to take care of. I had the security guard to take care of. And if worse came to worse, we were going to take care of the whose law firm itself. Almost like a condor situation."


During a conversation on November 17, 1993 with Agent X, I sought to reconfirm what he had earlier stated about the CIA and Mossad operation to eliminate Presidential candidate Bill Clinton. I asked Agent X: "It appears from what you stated earlier that the Mossad was running Operation Mount Rushmore, and that you received your initial instructions and coordination from them. What are your comments to that?"

Agent X replied: They [Mossad and the Heller law firm] were the ones actually running the entire operation. From what I understood, and from what I pieced together, they were the ones actually running the whole operation."

Doesn't that sound a little strange?" I asked.

Agent X replied:

Yes, and no. You have to remember, Bush made a lot of friends with Israel. He promised them ten million in aid. The Gulf War, the ten billion in aid, and they didn't want anyone to defeat him [Bush]. They really wanted him to win. The Mossad is a very strong force in San Francisco, from what I can understand. I've never seen such a large contingency in one area. I've seen them in New York. I've seen a few of them in Boston. I know one that actually works for the National Security Council.

"I'm trying to think of the implications of the Mossad directing Operation Mount Rushmore," I said. "There are implications I don't fully comprehend yet."

"We work together a lot of time. It is a very mutual thing in some areas, but not in all areas. When it comes to hard intel [intelligence], no way. But it is like, you give me something and I will give you something." Agent X continued: "If the operation backfired, the Agency would have someone to blame it on. Then they can do a big sting, and catch all these people, and say, look, now you have another Kennedy-type situation. That is my feeling."


I asked Agent X who issued the orders for this operation. He reply that "The orders came from ONI. I first went out there in July of last year, 1992."

I said that Gunther Russbacher was familiar with the operation and that it was not totally cancelled, "only put on hold." Agent X replied: "Well, it could have been put on hold; my part in it was pulled out. We had a flop in the operation, and we had to sanction several people in it because we had a leak. So when that was done they just pulled the whole unit out of there."


If Operation Rushmore was indeed a plan to assassinate presidential candidate Bill Clinton, and involved the CIA and the Mossad, the implications are enormous. It would lend further support to those who argue that JFK's assassination was a CIA operation.

What of Agent X's credibility? CIA documents in my possession establish his intelligence agency connections and officer status. Other CIA contacts confirm Agent X was CIA. He had nothing to gain by giving me the information that he did. Reference to covert CIA operatives who Agent X stated were part of the operation were confirmed as actual CIA operatives by Russbacher and other CIA contacts.

Psychologists recognize the desire by some people to admit past activities or behavior, even though revealing this knowledge may be harmful.

Russbacher confirmed several times to me that Operation Mount Rushmore did exist, and that several people were killed in the operation.


During my many conversations with Agent X the name of U.S. District Judge Marilyn Patel (San Francisco) surfaced. I asked him what role she played in Operation Rushmore. He stated that Patel was in close contact with the parties involved in Operation Mount Rushmore and that he had met her at various social functions in the San Francisco area. [Patel was once on the board of directors of ADL in San Francisco.] Agent X stated:

During the whole Operation Rushmore her name kept coming up constantly. It had something to do with San Francisco and that law firm. Now, the attorneys in that high-power law firm had known her, and were always telling me that if there was a problem, don't worry. They said that if something went sour, she was going to be the overseer and get everyone out of trouble. That is what it all came down to. The name was constantly mentioned. I met her once. In my opinion, she knew everything that was going on with Rushmore, because of the way that the attorneys from Heller Erman spoke about her. "Don't worry," they said, "we have friends at 450 Golden Gate (federal building in San Francisco housing the federal courts and the Justice Department)." I said, "Well, who do we know over there ? "

"We know Marilyn H. Patel," was their reply. That was how I first met her. "Whenever you do something like what we were going to do [Operation Rushmore], you have to cover every angle. It's like a game of chess. You cover every escape, you cover money, technicalities, what if and what not, every possible avenue. So, if something happened, the case would have got in front of Patel.

I only know her from my trade [CIA covert activities] and what I've done. Whenever you plan an operation like we were going to do, you cover every single angle, I don't care what it is. Who is going to finance it, if something happens who is going to back us up, what contacts in the police department. In fact, the former chief of police there, he is now with a security company called the Phoenix program. Phoenix Security is who he is with now. He was involved in the sense, you know, for contacts, you know it's a big organization.

If Agent X is telling the truth, then we had sections of the CIA, the Mossad, a federal judge, and many others, involved in a scheme to assassinate a presidential candidate. It almost appears as if it was the Mossad who was directing the assassination attempt.

Further, we have two of the federal judges that had charged me with criminal contempt of court (for reporting federal crimes) who were identified by my CIA contacts as CIA assets working with agents of a foreign country to assassinate the person who is now our president.

Judge Patel's involvement in a scheme involving the assassination of a presidential candidate who then became president is very much in line with the actions she took to block my reporting of the criminal activities described within these pages. She openly violated numerous criminal statutes as she not only blocked my reporting of these crimes but committed the criminal act of inflicting harm upon me for attempting to make the reports. She caused me to be imprisoned in retaliation for attempting to report federal crimes that I had discovered up to 1990, and her actions were approved by other Ninth Circuit district judges, all of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal judges, and the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court (as previously explained).

Appendix by Wes Penre:


You may find this specific information, from this specific person, spread  on the Internet:

Date Posted March 27 2003, 03:02:04
Name David Howard
Country United States of America
Heading 9/11
Comments When will the FBI polygraphers arrest George Bush Sr. and Robert Gates for planning the 9/11 attacks?

Google and type in "Stoelting Ultrascribe polygraph"

Google and type in "Operation Ringwind"


- - - - -

9/11 and October Surprise scandal

comment: When will the FBI polygraphers arrest George Bush Sr. and Robert Gates for planning the 9/11 attacks?

Google and type in "Operation Ringwind"

David Howard

- - - - - - -

And even more:

----- Original Message ----- 
       From: David Howard 
       To: stich@defraudingamerica.com 
       Sent: Sunday, September 08, 2002 9:20 AM
       Subject: October Surprise = TREASON

       Mr. Stich:

       I've read in your book where Robert Gates directed a team of assassins who killed people that were involved in the  October Surprise scandal..."Operation Ringwind"
       Please e-mail a list of the people who've been assassinated...Thank You.

       David Howard

       Mr. Stich: 
       In your book  "Defrauding America", third edition, page 626 at the bottom of the page.......(Russbacher stated to me that the head of Operation Ringwind was Robert Gates)
       I would like to know if Senator Heinz and Senator Tower were killed to prevent them from talking about their involvement in the October Surprise scandal. Also, I would like to have a list of names of the people who've been murdered that were involved in the October Surprise scandal.    I'm sure that the people who monitor your  website and read these e-mails, are considering "snitching" for the FBI polygraphers.

       Passengers on flight to Paris:  George Bush Sr., William Casey, Donald Gregg, Robert Gates, Robert Mc Farlane, Robert Allen, Earl Brian, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Dan Rostenkowski, Dan Burton, Senator Robert Byrd, Senator John Tower, Senator John Heinz, and other prominent members of Congress...Who are the other prominent members of  Congress?


Also from the same David Howard,  the person who originally wrote to me:

"And George Bush Sr. could investigate himself for his involvement in planning the 9/11 attacks and his role in the plot to assassinate JFK.

The FBI polygraphers will clean-up this mess."



579) Located at 333 Bush Street, San Francisco, Califomia.

580) Danny Casolaro; Alan Standoff; Barry Kumnick; Dennis Eisman; Alan May; David Mayer; Paul Maresca; Dexter Jacobson; Gary Pimmell; Michael Hand; Ansan Ng; Jonathan Moyle; Arnold Raphel Mohommed Rajai; Cyrus Hashemi; Shahpour Bahktior. 581) Security guard for 333 Bush Street building.

582) Larson was later transferred to a position in the Caribbean, and known as "Pogo".

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