The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research

by Anonymous Insider
(Posted here by Wes Penre, June 8, 2005)

I received an e-mail from someone who is knowledgeable in the subject  covered in the following article. This person prefers to be anonymous for safety reasons. I have no way to verify if the article is telling the truth or not, but have decided to post it as-is, for your own research. Wes Penre.

There are several black budget programs and projects that exist whose agendas are questionable and operations frightening. Undoubtedly, the most disturbing of these secret groups is also the most powerful and focuses its omnipotent research and experimentation resources in the area of "scientific research and advanced scientific development". The nameless organization went overt in 1990 under the cover of, "The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.)". The highly clandestine private organization was created in the mid-1940ís, taking on a new and unassuming front-company identity about every ten years. The organization was originally funded by a joint international alliance in conjunction with several wealthy individuals (the World Bank conjectured as one) and then later, was placed on the list of black budgets in most countries. It is from these secret budgets throughout shadow governments worldwide and through income diverted from secret licensing rights of major patents that it is conjectured the organization is funded. While under the name of O.S.I.R., they went overt by creating a "Public Affairs Department" with some sort of agenda which was speculated to involve the manipulating of public perception. The organization made available a hand full of specially trained operatives who were given "overt" status and allowed to communicate with the media and general public. Among these documented operatives were; Dr. Alan Henderson, Christopher Chacon, Dr. George Taylor, Dr. Douglas Davies, John Pori and Dr. David Allen. Because itís outer identity is so mercurial and itís covert operations stretch deep into every aspect of society and science, the organization has frequently been mistaken for other secret government agencies or powerful organized crime groups. This has resulted in being mistaken for other mythological or legendary shadow groups by conspiracy theorists.

The exact number of researchers, operatives, staff and personnel are unknown, but it is conjectured that the organization is staffed by over 1000 scientists, researchers and experts from around the world who specialize in various fields. Some of these fields include astrophysics, psychology, geology, zoology, chemistry, biophysics and electrical engineering, just to name a few of the hundreds of disciplines that are covered. The organization utilizes super technology and state-of-the-art equipment, mobile laboratories, unmanned surveillance drones and other experimental technology that is not yet available to even government agencies. If they are not directly engineering the next-generation technology, they are being supplied by other cutting-edge corporations and institutions with prototypes of technology to test in the field as part of their clandestine operations.

The types of scientific research this organization conducts appears to be in every facet of imaginable, including areas in chemistry, biophysics, defense technology, archeology, psychology, zoology, quantum physics, energy development and the list goes on and on. In addition to these areas, the organization is the only one of it's kind in the world with a "phenomenology division" that exclusively researches areas dealing with anomalous phenomena.

With unlimited funding and complete superiority over every government, the organization can infiltrate any community, organization or situation with complete anonymity, maintaining their ultra top secret status. Based on confidential information collected through other government agencies, the organization is considered one of only a hand full of projects/operations/programs which have the super elite "Dharma Blue" ultra top secrecy status. And because of their omnipotent power which appears to supercede all government and international laws, they do not need to answer to anyone regarding their movements and access to manpower and services. It is this all-encompassing power, unchecked by anyone, which raises a red flag of unimaginable monumental proportions. Because of their secret agenda, all research, investigations, findings and discoveries made by the group have and continue to remain completely confidential, even to the recognized elite of the scientific community.

With the ability to infiltrate every aspect of our world, personal or public, governmental or civilian, conducting their clandestine experiments and covert operations, their omnipotent power to manipulate anyone they wish and unknowingly conduct clandestine scientific research is obviously disturbing and terrifying. Having apparently mastered a level of almost complete invisibility, the world and general public are left oblivious to the fact that they may be unknowingly under surveillance and even worse, themselves, guinea pigs for radical research and investigations.

As part of this organizationís modus operandi and as it has done since itís inception over sixty years ago, it changed its front company from O.S.I.R. in 2000, taking on a new anonymous identity. Now rumored to be either going under the company name of Advanced Scientific Applications (ASA) or Global Research Assessments (GRA), it continues to conduct its unchecked research, experimenting and investigations now supposedly based somewhere in Europe.



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