A Matter of Time   
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Nov 10, 2005
(Posted: Nov 11, 2005)

Last Updated:
Friday, November 11, 2005 05:45:46 AM

Reform means change, but not for the better.

Hazel W.M. McKinlayTony Blair is lapping us his celebrity status; he looked like little Lord Fauntleroy at the recent banquet to entertain President Hu of Communist China, in the presence of the Queen and most distinguished Masonic dignitaries of the Rothschild’s British Empire. The Prime Minister was feeling especially smug because he knew the government was about to double the time a person can be held without charge, to twenty-eight days.

Slyly, Blair’s handlers made him demand an absurd ninety day period of internment, which is unheard of since the apartheid regime in South Africa. Ministers would never have approved the motion, because it overturned centuries of civil liberties, but they willingly accepted the “reduced” time proposed by the Conservatives, which was actually a substantial increase. What was called a ‘defeat’ was actually a parliamentary victory.

Blair claims, “The [dumb] public are beginning to understand the issue” but they are not aware of the inclusion of a weekly judicial review. According to polls, we want to be detained for ninety days without recourse and feel betrayed by the members who vetoed it. Tony argued that it may take three months to unravel a conspiracy by trawling through computer files. It only takes me one day, with a browse through Jeff Rense’s website.

Chief Constables were told by the Home Secretary to brief politicians on their case and convince them of why this law is necessary. Blair said people will ask, “MP’s, who are they to judge?” Hmm.. the political representatives of their constituents! I would ask, who are the police to be judge, jury and executioner? I’m surprised the heckler who shouted “police state” from the benches was not bundled out of the Commons by security thugs!

Tony Blair Charles Clarke

One reporter inquired how far the Prime Minister would go in supporting police requests… the ducking stool? Blair scorned him and said security services take the lead, but the government had offered “concessions” in a “sunset clause” which would give doubters the chance to review the situation after a year. A series of timely terror attacks during this year should have the public insisting on even more time for suspects to be interrogated.

The government has abolished ‘double jeopardy’ which prevents a person being retried for a crime, after they have been acquitted and they want to dispense with the judiciary in tackling anti-social behaviour. Charles Clarke says the opposition would be more effective by agreeing with the government and not opposing it, existing laws are inadequate where people live in fear. More miscarriages of justice are the inevitable consequence.

The Terrorism Bill creates several new offences, such as “encouraging or glorifying terrorism, preparing terrorist acts and attending terrorist camps.” People were free to protest against the Chinese President’s visit, Blair said, “they can say what they like.” As long as we don’t break the law by saying that Palestinians, Iraqi’s, Afghans or Iranians and Syrians have a right to defend their countries against an invasion by Zionist aggressors!


Last Updated:
Friday, November 11, 2005 05:45:46 AM



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