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A Narrative of the London Bombings
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay , Dec 17, 2005
(Posted here by Wes Penre: Dec 17, 2005)


Hazel W.M. McKinlayThe government has forgone a public inquiry into the terror attacks on London transport on July 7th 2005, which killed fifty-two people and injured hundreds more, because it will take too long and waste valuable police time. Ministers said they will write a narrative instead; a whitewash, which will reiterate the fictitious story of four ‘radicalised’ British Muslim suicide bombers, attacking innocent civilians to avenge the Iraq war, which is entirely based on circumstantial and fabricated evidence.

An inquiry would raise awkward questions which the Intelligence Services could not answer, without implicating themselves. The tapestry of lies would begin to unravel and reveal government involvement. World leaders were congregating at Gleneagles, far from events unfolding in London and they took 6,000 MET officers with them for protection against G8 protestors. Another costly oversight was keeping the terror threat assessment during this crucial summit in the UK at a reduced level.

But we will never get to quiz former CIA agent, Bob Kiley, the ‘spook’ who manages London Underground System, about terror exercises on the same day. The CIA also conducted drills of hijacked planes flying into the WTC and Pentagon on Sept.11th 2001. It would have been interesting to hear Peter Power, former Anti-Terror Branch, describe how hairs on the back of his neck stood up when he realized the bombing drill by his PR firm had gone live, at the exact time and location.

The four accused were not typical of suicide bombers, so much so, that their families refused to believe their guilt, but they did fit the profile of the impressionable young men returning from Pakistani madrassas, which MI5 like to recruit to infiltrate mosques and use in other operations. Such facts shall not be aired, nor that the alleged mastermind of the 7/7 attacks, Haroon Aswat, was working for MI6 and on the British security services ‘Watch List’ when he was allowed to leave the UK.

When Aswat was located it was decided that, “For now, this man or any role he may have, does not figure to any degree of importance in our inquiry.” It was announced that the sole perpetrators were ‘clearskins’ previously unknown to authorities, but later it was disclosed by a well placed source, that Mohammed Sidique Khan was under surveillance. Richard Watson of the BBC said the news “would show the intelligence services had him well in their sights but allowed him to slip away.”

Intelligence failures aside, other claims are full of contradictions. If the bombers were intent on committing suicide, why did they buy return tickets to London from Luton and leave identifying items which led to the discovery of their bomb factory in Leeds? Even more perplexing is the eyewitness report of Bruce Lait, who felt a huge electrical surge but did not see any bag, he had to step over a hole in the floor where metal was pushed upwards, as though the bomb was underneath the train.

This suggests that it may have been planted on the track or the undercarriage, which would have been impossible for the suspects, but simple for Visor Consultants, the 1,000 person strong ‘crisis managers’ who were running a terror drill that same morning, on behalf of an unnamed business client. I don’t suppose they could be implicated? The government is not curious, although Blair insists, “I do accept that people want to know exactly what happened. We will make sure they do.”

It is possible that Mohammad Sidique Khan, Hasib Hussain, Shehzad Tanweer and Germaine Lindsay were paid or duped into participating in this mock terror exercise and were also victims. It has not been divulged how the devices were simultaneously detonated, but mobile phones are ruled out due to depth of the Piccadilly Line. The base ingredients of the explosives were said to be contained in drain cleaner, bleach and acetone, and easily bought without raising suspicion.

However, a report from Al Jazeera disputed this, saying that European investigators believed the “material used in the bombs was similar to the kind made for military use or for highly technical commercial purposes, such as dynamite used for precision explosions to demolish buildings or in mining” not readily available to terrorists, but accessible for Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Another anomaly is the blast on the only bus on diversion, whose camera was not working, despite regular maintenance.

The only evidence produced to incriminate the accused is CCTV images, which proves nothing, other than their presence at the scene, but this is doubtful too, because according to the time-table, the 7:40 Luton to London train was cancelled that day and even if it had not been, it wouldn’t have arrived in time for the men to be photographed in King's Cross Station at 8:26 a.m. These are just some of the discrepancies which need to be addressed in an independent investigation, to uncover the truth.

Then there is the nagging question of who gained from these vicious attacks; Muslims who are now more maligned and stigmatized, or the government who granted police unprecedented powers, of which ‘al Qaida’ is the prime target? The bereaved deserve an inquiry and the public demand to know why our civil liberties are being eroded in favour of a tome of new totalitarian terror laws. The Establishment has got a lot of explaining to do, no matter how they choose to narrate it.

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