Why Would Anyone Wish Harm to Me, or Want to Shut Me Up?
by John Conner, Author of "The Resistance Manifesto"
(Posted here by Wes Penre, May 28, 2005)


 From: The Resistance Manifesto   Chapter on Satanism


1) 911 was an inside job done by the Illuminati mafia.  (Administration planned it)

2) I expose Michael Aquino's alleged involvement in kidnapping Johnny Gosch, and Project Monarch

3)  fake Whitehouse reporter "Jeff Gannon" may be Johnny Gosch.  Gannon is an alleged former male homosexual prostitute in the Washington DC area.

4)  the elite has moch human sacrifices in bohemian grove each July

5) senator John Decamp has repeatedly said that a pedophile ring shot child porn and snuff films inside the grove, and murdered children on film to sell to rich Satanists.

6) Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide possibly or allegedly because he feared news about the snuff films would get out, after "Jeff Gannon" was spotted as being a planted reporter.  Hunter S. Thompson was allegedly the photographer for such things, according to witnesses Paul Bonacci (victim of ring), and Rusty Nelson (admitted photographer of pedophile lawrence king who abused Paul Bonacci).  (Remember in fear an loathing, Thompson got some adrenochrome from a Satanist?

7) President Bush is a member of the Order of Death, a satanic cult. (aka Skull and Bones)

8) the whole threat of global terrorism was created by the illuminati and the neocons to create their new world order

9) "They" might declare me a national security threat for trying to expose their criminal behavior.

10) We are living in Nazi America, and the country may collapse if and when the truth comes out to the masses, or the illuminati mafia may blast off some nukes to cover their crimes, plunging us into marshal law and WW4.


In The Resistance Manifesto I'm releasing some little known information about the NWO.  Excerpt: 

Thomson’s former editorial assistant, Nickole Brown, wrote in an article titled In Memory of Hunter S. Thompson: Postcard from Louisville, Kentucky (posted 4-15-05) about some of his bizarre behavior she had witnessed while working for him. “For weeks he played a tape recording of a jack rabbit screaming in a trap.” [audio tape] She also wrote, “…he threw me out of the house for refusing to watch a snuff film.” As she left, he called her a coward and was mad. Brown thought he was possibly joking, and didn’t think much of it, citing his unique character. After an interview on May 20, 2005 by this author (John Conner), Nickole Brown said despite rumors, he never threatened her, or felt in danger while she worked for him as his editorial assistant, and she couldn’t imagine him being involved in such things as the allegations from Bonnaci, Nelson, and others. She and others believe Hunter was possibly investigating such claims, which they site as the source of such allegations.



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