Radio Interview of Son of Ex Head of Church of Satan Shed's Light on Vitamin Battle and on Masons
by John Hammell, IAHF, Aug 24, 2003
(Posted here by Wes Penre, Aug 4, 2005)

Anton LaVeyIAHF List: I got some flack from a handful of voicers to my previous message, my response to a Freemason, but I also had some useful responses that helps add to all of our awareness of this spiritual battle we are in to preserve consumer access to dietary supplements, and to oppose satanic globalism.

Lest you scoff and say I'm delusional, perhaps you might heed the message of Jess LeVey, the son of the late Anton LeVey, founder of the Church of Satan. LeVey was castrated by his father when he was 13 years old. He watched his mother be ritually sacrificed in a satanic ceremony.

Don't take MY word for any of this, listen to the radio interview at the link below. I have no problem believing what the guy is saying. I have had DEATH THREATS because of the work I'm doing, and have encountered every imaginable kind of deception in the form of controlled opposition groups, elaborate schemes by which Pharma interests are controlling vitamin trade associations from the top-down, and we're always up against sold out politicians world wide who're accepting campaign donations from drug companies.

Despite all the evidence that we're in the midst of a pitched spiritual battle between forces of good and evil as we seek to defend consumer access to supplements, some fail to grasp this- and just give up and don't even contribute to the law suit, even though we CAN win! These natural substances that we seek to defend were gifts to us from a benevolent Creator who loves us and who doesn't want to see us lose this fight!

Jess LeVey, son of ex Head of the Church of Satan, Anton LeVey tells his story on the link enclosed, Jess is a saved Christian and lectures warning people NOT to follow the satanism of his dad and why. Regardless of what you happen to believe, please hear the guy out, he's been through hell and survived, he deserves a listen, and even if your own belief system happens to differ, I think you'll find yourself admiring this guy's courage in the face of serious adversity.


Jess states in this audio, the council of 13 includes a Bush, Sr. and the other 11 are in posts, govenors, etc. in the US and 1 other is a russian ambassador .

Listen to Jess LaVey's audio here: This is serious food for thought.

McVey (sic) says the Church of Satan is crumbling in the USA and I'm glad of that. They tried to force McVey  to be the new Black Priest but he refused, even when they kidnapped him and tortured him and tried to FORCE him to do what they wanted, he refused. They tried to sue him. It didn't work, and now they're in disarray. He's glad, and so am I. They engage in animal and human sacrifices. They endorse the genocidal measures that we're up against as we seek to defend consumer access to dietary supplements.

We're not "just" up against pharma efforts to protect their turf, its DEEPER than just that. At the end of WW2, via Project Paperclip, many of the top Nazis who were engaged in mind control experiments were brought to the USA by the OSS, the forerunners of the CIA.

The Illuminati Council of which McVey speaks is all too real, and they have access to some outrageous technology via the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program. Please don't take my word for any of this. Please visit and visit all the links.

Together, we CAN defeat the forces of darkness. This is a SPIRITUAL battle. We ARE going to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive in court, we CAN raise the money for the lawsuit. Please tell more people about it. Urge them to read my article "Ripping Up the Railroad Tracks to Auschwitz" at and to donate to the lawsuit via the ANH website Deadline to file the lawsuit is end of September, please pass the word.

We especially need more help from network marketing vitamin companies- people with huge downlines please contact me. Neways is doing a lot to help us, but more network marketing companies must get involved.

Please contact me if you can help with this.

Thanks- and thanks for keeping an open mind about everything we're facing here- minds are like parachutes..... they function BEST when open. I'm not trying to be intolerant or to tell you what to believe when sending you this information- I'm just callin' it as I see it.

I happen to like shit disturbers like Jess LaVey who enjoy flippin' the bird to the elements of coersion, I tip my hat to him.... ask yourself how YOU would feel if YOUR dad had cut YOUR balls off and ritually murdered YOUR mom, because that actually happened to him. I wish I could have met Anton LaVey, I would have enjoyed royally kicking the SOBs ass. Can't believe he made it through life without anyone ever sticking a shiv in him.

I can see it comin' now, unsubs from a host of people offended by all of this for all kinds of nonsensical "reasons", and most won't even take the time to listen to the radio interview with Jess LaVey at the link above or even really THINK about what I'm trying to say here.

Do me a favor and help compensate by forwarding this to more people who'll sign on, eh? We oppose secret combinations of men, acting clandestinely and the truth..... is not in them.

John Hammell
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA ;
800-333-2553 N.America
540-961-0476 World

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