Bush Family Has Impressive Lineage
- by Joan House, http://morningsun.net, December 17, 2000 -
(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, April 15, 2004)

This country is more of something resembling an American monarchy than most people have given thought to. This refers not only to the fact of a former president having two sons who achieved state governorships but to the genealogy of the Bush family.

The background of the Bushes is much more elevated than anyone would realize if they had not seen the Bush pedigree. Not only are they descended from kings and queens, but their wives are also, and they are related to other former U.S. presidents, who are also descended from royalty.

George Herbert Walker Bush has three lines that go back to King Edward I of England. He also is descended from King Henry I and King Henry II, both of England, and William I and Robert II, both of Scotland. Bush has common ancestors with 15 American presidents: Washington, Fillmore, Pierce, Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Cleveland, both Roosevelts, Taft, Coolidge, Hoover, Nixon and Ford.

Other presidents who have connections to British royalty are George Washington, the two Adamses, Millard Fillmore, Rutherford Hayes, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Mrs. Ronald Wilson Reagan is descended from Henry I, king of France, and Henry I, king of England. Mrs. George Herbert Walker Bush is descended from Henry II, king of England, and other notables. There are other royal descents of first ladies but these will serve as examples.

George Herbert Walker Bush has kinship with Presidents Nixon, Taft, Hayes, Pierce, Coolidge, Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Grant, Ford, Cleveland, Garfield, Washington, Fillmore, Theodore Roosevelt, Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, and John Adams Jr.

With such lineages as these one wonders how anyone else has a chance at the presidency.

They do, of course. "This is America, where anything is possible," as the saying goes.

Q. If I should find that I am related to royalty, would that mean that I have a title?

A. Unfortunately, no. The titles are used only for the first few generations. Then the younger ones get only courtesy titles such as "Lady," as Princess Diana had before being married. Actually, her title was Princess Charles, but modern feminism rebelled at that. It is still worthwhile to look up your ancestors and record any titles that you do find. If they are a part of your family history, then you should know about them.

Q. I have read that quite a number of Americans have ancestors who have titles. Why did they come here? It looks like it would be more prestigious to stay in their home country where the title was acquired or inherited.

A. The younger sons of noble families, while having social status in their home countries, did not have any way to earn an income and there was nothing for them to use such as farmland. So they came to the new world and on the whole have done well for themselves. The sheer size of North America makes it possible for entrepreneurs to establish enterprises that could not be done in a small European country, they being more like our states in size. Of course the early efforts were mostly extractive and could not last indefinitely but since America got determined, thinking people from those countries they figured out ways to establish manufacturing, sales, foreign trade, farming and ranching, and much more.

Q. I think I may be related to one of the early Scottish king-chiefs, whatever they were called. How does one go about tracing a lineage like that. I see that a great many people with my name are in prominent political positions and in business.

A. While it may not be possible to trace individual lines in a Scottish clan, it easier to establish kinship there than among other ethnic groups. Like the American Indians, the Scots thought more in terms of clans than of individual families. Sometimes a clan would break up and the young men would join another clan, and would usually marry within the clan. All of these matches brought together a number of lineages, which joined and interjoined in all different directions within the clan. So, as the clan grew, it had members who were mostly kin to everyone else. The rule is that a person is a clan member by birth, marriage, or adoption. It is possible, of course, to be affiliated with several clans.

Q. I understand that Princess Diana was a descendent of King Charles II. He and his wife did not have any children, so what was her lineage.

A. Charles did have descendants in lines other than through his wife. Such was that of Diana and her brother Charles. It is a direct line, completely known. Although the line is not royal, it is designated as noble. It is said that Diana had a very large number of relatives in the United Sates.

To find out more about the royal ancestry of American presidents and the kinships among them go to the Crawford County Genealogy Library in Pittsburg and look at the book entitled, "Ancestry of American Presidents," by Carl Boger III.

Send questions, queries, and comments or your own interesting ancestry to Joan House, 308 S. Walnut, Pittsburg, KS 66762.

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