Two Ways of Reading Hurricane Katrina
- I Go for the Unnatural Disaster -
by David Icke, Sep 2, 2005
(Posted here by Wes Penre, Sep 3, 2005)

David IckeIn the early 1990s when I had my 'awakening' - the top of my head blew off and I didn't know what planet I was on for around three months - I began to talk publicly, and infamously in the UK, about enormous geological and weather disasters that were to come.

My mind was suddenly bombarded with information about these weather extremes and making sense of it was very difficult. At the time if you had asked me my name I would have had to check. But the theme was certainly clear: the world was going to experience fantastic geological and weather catastrophes. I met several psychics in that same period who continued this theme. Obviously, the tsunami of late 2004 and Hurricane Katrina this week brought this all back to mind. Today I was flicking through my book, Truth Vibrations, written in 1990, and found this:

'We have had some highly destructive winds in Britain and Europe in recent years and we can expect the power and frequency of hurricanes to increase. A [psychic] message said there would be a severe hurricane around the Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans.’

I also found this quote from one of the psychics:

'Taking oil from the seabed is destabilising the inner earth. The centre of the earth will move and the poles will change. The sea spirits will rise and stop men taking oil. The sea will reclaim the land and humans will see they cannot do these terrible things. They cannot abuse the elements. They have to be treated with respect.'

The Truth Vibrations is available by clicking here

There was much more along the same lines and, of course, 'natural' disasters, tsunamis, and incredible winds, etc., are a common prediction among many strands of 'New Age' thinking and the prophecies of native peoples. Winds of extraordinary power are one of the threads mentioned throughout Truth Vibrations. We are also now seeing extremes of rain in some regions and severe droughts in others. In the book, quoting psychic sources in 1990, I wrote that ...

'... in some regions there will be a lot of rain and flooding while in others ... there will be new areas of drought as the earth empties her deepest caverns to prepare for the new flows of energy.'

I didn't know the precise timescale for these predictions and I assumed in my awakening mind that it would happen sooner than it has. Nor am I saying here – ‘See I predicted it all’ - because in terms of the details I was quoting psychics. What I was personally getting was the general picture, not specifics. The psychics were giving me that and far from all that they predicted has happened - at least yet. But the theme of vibrational change, weather and geological extremes, and a spiritual awakening, was a constant one and continues to be so.

I have long thought that the weather changes clearly gathering apace every year are not the result of human pollution -  'the greenhouse effect' - but of a vibrational quickening that is warming the atmosphere and changing the energy matrix of the planet. The very title of that book, Truth Vibrations, was inspired by this theme. In the end, of course, it is all an illusion, but I am speaking of the level of the collective illusion that our five senses currently experience.

My astrophysicist friend, Giuliana Conforto, writes in her excellent books of how an increase in vibration brings with it a corresponding increase in temperature and I am sure this is what, at least in part, ‘global warming’ is really about. Pollution is obviously highly undesirable, but I would say it has been used as the villain to, appropriately, smokescreen what is really happening.

This vibrational quickening is also the trigger for the awakening of vast numbers of people in recent years as they snap out of the collective trance. This effect will continue to gather pace, as will the changes in global weather patterns. Everything is an expression, a mirror, of everything else and climate change is a manifestation of change on many other levels.


All that said, there is another way of looking at the Asian tsunami and the catastrophic hurricane in the United States. The key way the public is misled is through the suppression of knowledge – not least the knowledge of what is technologically possible. For instance, if I have technology that can affect the weather and you don’t know this technology exists you will, of course, assume that every weather extreme is a ‘natural’ disaster. But the fact is that the technological means to manipulate the weather has been around for decades.

As I have been saying and writing all these years, the Illuminati plan is to create maximum chaos to instil maximum fear to create a sense of maximum dependency on authority. They want multi-levelled chaos to justify the imposition of marshal law, ‘holding’ (concentration) camps, centralised dictatorship, and the Orwellian global state in all its forms. The engineered terrorism and the ‘war on terrorism’ are, in this regard, part of the same agenda that includes crashing the world economy, bringing the United States into conflict with China, and ‘natural’ catastrophes like New Orleans. The idea is to create so much upheaval and chaos that a centralised global government with its own army etc., is seen as the only way to bring, to quote the Freemasons’ motto, ‘Order out of Chaos’.

In terms of earthquakes and hurricanes they certainly have the means. Nikola Tesla, who invented or discovered, radio, television, radar, neon light, alternating current, particle beams, among much else, was able to manipulate the weather in the early part of the 20th century. He was well known to police in Greenwich Village responding to complaints from terrified neighbours about the lightening bolts originating from the top of his building. The lightning bolts in many early horror films were produced with Tesla technology.

Over the decades weather ‘modification’ has developed to an ever advanced potential for controlling patterns and triggering specific events. In 1997 the U.S. Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, told a conference at the University of Georgia:

Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations and it's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.’

Oh please. ‘Terrorists’ can do that, Mr. Cohen, and yet government agencies and the military with multi billion dollar annual budgets can’t do the same?? What Cohen was revealing there is the extent to which the technology is now available to create earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes that can target specific locations. This Internet article provides more detail on how it can be done:

‘The weather control referred to by Defense Secretary Cohen is often achieved by using one or more scalar interferometers to produce slow heating in a selected small area of the atmosphere, e.g. in a chosen location over the United States. That heating produces air expansion, reduces the air's density, and thus produces a "low pressure" area (ground pressure measurement). Simultaneously, at other selected areas, slow cooling over a selected area is produced, resulting in more dense air and therefore a "high pressure" area as measured on the ground. By slowly moving these highs and lows around, the jet streams can be entrained and deviated - and in fact "steered". By altering and steering the jet streams, one can "steer the weather". On July 4, 1976, apparently as an icon gift from the Russians for our U.S. bicentennial, regular engineering of the weather over North America and the United States was initiated (the first tests were apparently in 1967). It is still ongoing. The Russian weather engineering has also been steadily expanded over the territory of other nations, and has added cooling and heating of selected areas of ocean water as well. In short, it now involves "energy tickling" and thus "temperature alteration" of El Nino and La Nina.’

The Haarp project (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) in Alaska is often mentioned with relation to weather control, but it goes much further than that – including the manipulation of weather from space. I have listed some websites and articles here to give you a better idea of the potential that is available for triggering hurricanes like Katrina and steering them to a target:

'OK, it's happening again. Last year, a series of four extraordinary storms ravaged the State of Florida in rapid succession, causing both devastating human and economic impacts. Several aspects of these storms caught our attention -- ranging from the "impossible" tracks each storm followed into Florida --
to the equally astonishing geometry visible in the centers of some storms ... the incredibly "structured eyes" themselves.'

'Hyperdimensional' Katrina ...?


‘Do you think it is "odd" that people would suggest that the government can and does control the weather?  I KNOW it sounds a little paranoid, but if you do the research to investigate, you will undoubtedly arrive at the same conclusions. OUR WEATHER IS CONTROLLED!!’


‘We are witnessing the actual physical transformation of the earth's atmosphere to provide a platform for the latest chemical/electromagnetic technologies of warfare, communication, weather control, and control of populations through "non-lethal" chemical/electromagnetic means.’


‘A global network of sensors provides "weather warriors" with the means to monitor and accurately predict weather activities and their effects on military operations. A diverse set of weather modification tools allows manipulation of small-to-medium scale weather phenomena to enhance friendly force capabilities and degrade those of the adversary.’



'Lots of people know that Nicola Tesla patented weather influencing machinery before 1910, and explained how it could be used to control weather thousands of miles away. Not only can the technology be used to guide moisture laden air to drought stricken locations, but it can keep moisture away from droughts as well.

What can be achieved is a barrier to wind flow called a stationary pressure front, which forces weather away from its natural destination. The modern name for a device of this type is an atmospheric heater, which works by beaming concentrated radio waves tuned to heat some component of the atmosphere. Many people now know that a stationary pressure front has been sitting off the California coast since 19xx because it is blamed for droughts in recent decades, but few of them also know that stationary pressure regions were unheard of before 19xx, xx years after the USSR finished constructing an atmospheric heater.’


‘It is also the process by which the enemy can be devastated, artificial floods, cyclones and typhoons created. It can allow controlling the world economy and agricultural commodity markets. In ancient religions and legends, weather control, creation of cyclone, rain, flood, drought were nothing new. In the modern age the scientists and technologists are busy perfecting the weather control sciences. It is shaping up as the most vibrant area of research and development.’


Are the authorities manipulating the weather? Of course. You can even find the legislation that confirms it. For example, here is a quote from the website of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation:

In addition, in administering the Texas Weather Modification Act (enacted by the Texas Legislature in 1967), the program issues licenses and permits to organizations and individuals responsible for carrying out both cloud seeding and other weather modification operations. The aim of the regulatory function is to ensure that various methods of modifying the weather do not dissipate clouds nor inhibit their ability to produce rainfall to the detriment of people or property in the affected areas.

The program also sponsors and provides administrative and technical oversight for ongoing weather modification research and development activities. This includes the use of federal grants for exploratory, and confirmatory, cloud seeding experiments. TDLR issues reports on the results of cloud seeding research work and shares information on technological advances with other State agencies, governmental organizations, and interested individuals.’

Also, this very week I posted on the website this article about chemtrails and weather control. Part of it says:

'Nearly seven years after extensive "lay downs" of lingering and spreading white plumes were first reported smearing skies over across North America, Europe is in an uproar and Washington could be close to coming clean about chemtrails. At least the Bush White house will soon have a legitimate weather control agency to finally "launder" one of the biggest cons ever perpetrated.

Introduced in the US Senate on March 1, 2005, Bill S517 calls for a US "Weather Modification Advisory and Research Board" to officially commence operations in October 2005. When passed as expected, this law will make large-scale chemical alteration of the atmosphere legal across a formerly free and beautiful land called America.'

Chemtrails Coming Out of the Closet?

As usual the information is there if we choose to look, but most people are so asleep, so apathetic, so hypnotised by the official version of events, that they immediately laugh and dismiss the existence of weather control programmes and potential that is confirmed by government agencies and even a Secretary of Defense.

Could the secret government have created Hurricane Katrina to target New Orleans and those southern states? Yes.

Did they? I would say yes again.

Who benefits from Hurricane Katrina? Anyone who wants to add to the fear and chaos that ‘justifies’ the imposition of ever more centralised, military-controlled, law enforcement and anyone who wants to dramatically increase the price of fuel and devastate the world economy. Both are Illuminati goals, as I have been writing year after year.


It is clear that the response to the unbelievable carnage and suffering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina has been pathetic. This is not surprising when you look at the real agenda behind the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA. Once again I have been exposing the background to this organisation for a decade in books like … And The Truth Shall Set You Free and The Robots’ Rebellion. In the latter I wrote:

‘FEMA’s public face is presented as an organisation that reacts to national emergencies – everything from a nuclear attack to an earthquake or urban riot. Strange then, you might think, that only six per cent of its budget is spent on national emergencies. The rest is used to construct underground facilities for the government in time of ‘foreign or domestic’ emergency, and to build ‘holding facilties’, prisons and ‘refugee facilities’, none of which have ever been used for such purposes. So, why are they building them? FEMA has around 3,600 employees, and yet only 60 work on natural disasters or prepare plans in case of nuclear attack. What are the rest doing?’

The Robots Rebellion is available by clicking here

The lack of response to the suffering in those southern states can now be understood when you realise that FEMA is not there to mount such a response. Reporters from the world media can get in and out of there, so can the military, but they can’t do the same with food and water?? I wrote in … And The Truth Shall Set You Free:

‘… government organisations like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are fronts for the creation of holding areas (concentration camps) … FEMA was created under an Executive Order (which requires no debate in Congress), and signed by president Jimmy Carter, the Trilateral Commission front man. This allows FEMA to take control of the United States during any ‘national emergency’ declared by the president. These powers include marshall law and the right of the military to enforce whatever FEMA decides. All the laws are already in force which allow a military takeover of the United States. They have been passed by Executive Order and any time a president calls a state of emergency they can be invoked.’

Oliver North, of Iran-Contra fame, was heavily involved in the creation of FEMA, so say no more. We have all seen the scale of suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but away from the mainstream media it will be far worse. In Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster I detail the real background to Hurricane Andrew that devastated parts of Florida in 1992. This was another highly suspect hurricane and what you read here in this extract from the book is what will now be happening amid the devastation of Katrina:

FEMA and Hurricane Andrew

I have spoken with survivors of Hurricane Andrew, which struck South Dade County, Florida, in 1992 and anyone who wants to know what the world will be like under organisations like FEMA and their masters should listen to what they say. The horror stories they tell about the actions of FEMA beggar belief. Far from helping the hundreds of thousands of homeless and injured victims, FEMA cordoned off the area and left the people to fend for them selves. They were given no food, no water, no medical supplies, no shelter and no help whatsoever when the disaster struck. One of the victims was K.T. Frankovich who suffered serious injuries in the hurricane. She tells of her horrific experiences in her book, Where Heavens Meet. About three days after the hurricane had devastated the region, she said that a long line of police cars, about 12 to 15, arrived in her area. Each car was driven by a man dressed in a dark police uniform and they had three other plain clothes men riding as passengers, she said. K.T. had a broken jaw, eight teeth knocked out and huge pieces of glass embedded in her body that only a scalpel could remove. She begged this FEMA convoy for help and this was the exchange that followed, as described by K.T. in Where Heavens Meet.

Please Sir, I need medical help,” I begged, barely able to speak. The officer sitting behind the wheel sighed heavily. He turned his head away from me and gazed out his windshield. The other three men in the car quietly looked at me. “Please Sir, I need to get to a hospital,” I begged franticly. The officer took his time about reaching over and switching off the engine. With another sigh, he slowly opened the door and climbed out. He then proceeded to close the door and stood there with his legs astride.

Lady, do me a favour,” he answered. “Find yourself a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down your name and social security number next to the phone number of your nearest living relative. Tuck the piece of paper in your pocket so tomorrow, when I find your body, I’ll know who to contact.”

No! No!” I cried out. “You don’t understand. I need to get to a hospital. I’ve been badly injured.”

No! You’re the one that doesn’t understand,” he hissed back.

With that, he reached over to his holster and took out his gun. He grabbed me, forcing me up against the side of the car, and proceeded to put the barrel of the gun against my temple. I heard the hammer cock. From the position he had pushed me into, I could see directly into the car. The man sitting in the front passenger seat looked away from me immediately, glancing down to the floor. The two passengers in the back turned their heads quickly, staring out the window on the other side of the car. My son and the other survivor watched as the officer had pulled back the hammer on his gun. So shocked out of their minds by what they were witnessing, neither one could move!

You don’t belong here!” the officer growled, pressing the barrel into the side of my head. “Now you get the hell outta here before I blow away your ass!”

He shoved my face into the car window and then released me. Someone grabbed me from behind and whirled me around so fast I didn’t have time to think! Before I knew it, I was being thrown over a shoulder. My rescuer took off running as fast as he could! I caught a brief glimpse of my son running next to me. With one gigantic leap, he and the survivor who carried me down behind a pile of debris. All three of us crashed on top of each other in one tangled up heap.

I’ll shoot your damn asses!” the officer’s voice rang out.”

This is the mentality behind FEMA, the US military, the Office of Homeland “Security” and leaders of government. That mentality would not orchestrate what happened on September 11th to advance its agenda? The official death toll of Hurricane Andrew was 26, but K.T. Frankovich says she saw at least 71 bodies taken away from one small area alone. She estimates the dead to have numbered thousands. But how many people know that? Only those involved and no one is listening to them. As always, the media told us what the official sources told them and they had no inclination to investigate further because it’s easier that way. When you consider how 8,230 mobile homes and 9,140 apartments disappeared in the wake of 200-300 miles an hour winds, it is obvious that the official death toll of 26 is insane. K.T. Frankovich recalls:

The National Guard along with the Coast Guard, the Army, FEMA, Metro Dade Police, state police and local police removed dead bodies and body parts as quickly as possible during those first ten days of the aftermath. Horrified survivors watched as both uniformed and civilian-clothed men searched the rubble and filled body bags, which they then stacked in military vehicles or huge refrigerator trucks normally used to transport food, only to drive off and leave the stranded injured to fend for them selves.

Not until I managed to escape the aftermath did I discover that the ‘thermo-king’ sections of these same refrigerator trucks, jam packed with wall to wall body bags, ended up being stored at Card Sound Navy Base, located in an isolated area just above the Florida Keys. The inside temperature was kept cool by portable generators until the bodies were either incinerated or just plain dumped into huge open grave pits.

Those working on the body pick up operation were forced to take what is known as the Oath of Sworn Secrecy, which is strictly enforced by the government. Many of them plunged into shock, once exposed to the ghastly devastation and countless mutilated bodies. The horrors were way beyond human comprehension. I can vouch for this, as I accidentally stepped on the severed hand of a young child when I initially crawled out of the debris, only to witness shortly thereafter two dead teenagers and the decapitated body of a baby girl.”

K.T. says that when she lectured at the Clearwater Convention in Florida in 1999, a man in the audience introduced himself as Chief Petty Officer Roy Howard and said he had spent 9 weeks on active duty working in South Dade County amid the devastation. He said he learned that at least 5,280 people had died and that the bodies had been ‘confiscated’ by the National Guard and secretly disposed of in incinerators in a joint operation with FEMA. At least another 1,500 bodies were ‘confiscated’ from lakes and other water. This is the America that the population doesn’t see, but it soon will if people don’t wake up fast. FEMA, the organisation behind all this and with all those fascist powers to take over America, is a 100% Illuminati creation funded by the profits from the CIA-Bush family drug operation. It is no surprise to learn, then, that it was during Father George’s time at the CIA and in the White House between 1980 and 1992 that this “emergency management” network was established in the name of fighting terrorism and … drug trafficking! You have to admire their cheek if nothing else.


An intelligence insider who investigated the death of JFK Jr. in a plane ‘crash’ is reported to have named the Bushes and Clintons for their involvement in what was clearly a murder. What the guy says, not only about JFK Jr., but about the way the kill-on-demand system works, matches perfectly my own research and writings about the assassination squads operated by the Illuminati. It is worth reading the whole article because there is good information all the way through:

Bushes and Clintons Names as Assasins of JFK Jr.

Another whistleblower has exposed the grotesque manipulations of the pharmaceutical cartel and again there is some great background here to the way the cartel operates and controls government agencies:

The FDA Exposed: An Interview With Dr.David Graham, the Vioxx Whistleblower

The power of the state - and the use of that power – to remove children from their families and hand them over to foster homes is a scandal of enormous proportions. The Daily Mail newspaper in Britain has run a series of horrific articles recently exposing the astonishing behaviour of British social workers in taking children permanently from their parents for the most ludicrous of reasons. Here is another example:

Couple flee abroad to fight against the "Big Brother state" that took their baby


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Cheers for now.

David Icke

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