Hurricane Katrina: One Thing to Remember!
by Wes Penre, Sep 6, 2005

Wes Penre

As we can see in the Media when reporting on Hurricane Katrina and the destruction of New Orleans, they are sometimes criticizing the Government pretty arrogantly. The Big Media, like CNN, sometimes right-on and merciless when they are interviewing those in charge, who could have helped when they didn't, seem to break the pattern. Some people who are aware of the New World Order and  the Globalization movement may wonder why the Media are turning against the Government, who basically controls them? Aren't they supposed to be on the Government's side?

Don't be fooled. Although the Media are sometimes "telling the truth" about what is going on (but are still covering up things they are not allowed to report)  it does not mean that they have switched side and are working for us, doing some genuine reporting. Once again, the Illuminati or the Shadow Government, who control the Media, are not patriots but Globalists. Their mission is not to protect Bush and the current administration, or whatever administration it will be for the moment. They only protect them so long as it fits the Agenda to create a One World Government!

One of the main targets for the Illuminati is to destroy America from within, not to save it(1). It doesn't matter if Katrina is manmade or not - the disaster fits the Agenda perfectly. The delay in actions to help the stranded and homeless was intentional. Now the Media can blame the Bush administration for inaction and carelessness, also underlining that we are abandoned by our own government. This is exactly what they want us to think!

It is all a movie played right before our eyes, and most people believe it is real. Bush and his neocons are all actors in this play, and they play their roles exactly as scripted. Bush knows he will be attacked, and that is part of the script and his contribution to the New World Order. By blaming the lack of response on the Government, especially in the mainstream media, we all feel angry and discouraged and when officials cry for a New World Order (or a Global Society as they call it now) and a One World Government, more people will agree, because apparently the current structure is not working. The Media are now hot on reporting how Bush is sending troops to Iraq in droves but does not have enough resources to help out at home. If we only could build a world with a centralized Government, no borders, no reason for war, wouldn't that solve the problem? This is the question they all want us to ask ourselves, and with their skills in psychological warfare they will succeed in winning us over to their side if we are not alert enough to see through it.

In summary: Don't ever think of the mainstream media as being on your side! They belong to, and are controlled by the Government. If they report something that you feel is strange and does not fit the pattern, ask yourself: how is to gain from having this information released?


(1) Just a few minutes after I completed this article, I found this one on the CNN website, by accident: Clinton: Government 'Failed' People. Interesting, because this is exactly what I am trying to stress in this article. Out on the stage comes Bill Clinton, considered more intelligent and rational than Bush, and a dedicated Globalist, saying the Government is failing. It is time for him to read his script. In addition, CNN stresses that Clinton and Bush Sr. (both big time Globalists and Illuminists) are helping out financially in the disaster area. This strengthens their credibility and people will see them as humanitarian. As they both are key-players in ringing in the New World Order, those two (who are supposed to be in opposition politically) now join together in a "just cause", like they will join together in the future in another "just cause":  the New World Order. Clinton, well spoken, will probably be one of their main characters in the nearby future. He is preparing for that now, by playing "good cop - bad cop" with the Bush administration.



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