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Last Updated:
Tuesday, November 01, 2011 06:36:00 PM

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Hitler and the Secret Societies
by Wes Penre, Feb 11, 1999

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 01, 2011 06:36:00 PM

Wes Penre



The occult aspect of the rise of Hitler is a VERY important part of the whole scenario, and regardless what other researchers might say, I do claim that behind the power of Hitler were the same old secret societies that have influenced this planet negatively throughout the eons. Some might say it was the psychiatrists, others might say it was something else, and they may all be right in one way or the other. But my point is – it’s the same thing. It all narrows down to the ancient Illuminati and the Mystery Schools.

The occult aspect of the Third Reich is something that has been quite suppressed in the media and in history books, so that’s the reason I feel the urge to bring it up:


Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society

Symbols of the Theosophical Society (notice the Swastika in the left logo
and the right logo is the Sun disc, indicating worship of the Sun God)

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-91) is without comparison the single person who has had the most influence in the Occult Sciences in the 19 Century. She was born in Ukraina with the name von Hahn-Rottenstern. She was a very sensitive child, often sleep-walking and suffered from hallucinations.

Tibet was a very popular place to travel to in the 19 Century when most Europeans were quite disillusioned. So did also Madame Blavatsky, who as an adult saw herself as a telepath and a psychic. She was also the author to the book “Secret Doctrine”. In this book she wrote that during her trip to Tibet, she was led into a secret room underneath a Tibetan monastery where she was shown texts of ancient occult and mystical secrets of the universe, which also was said to lay a route to the future course of history.

        The texts said that man once was pure spirit without a body, but had fallen down to base matter, darkness and chaos. She then was initiated into magical practicing, using esoteric symbols which learnt how the human race once again would rise into pure spirit. She claimed she was in current telepathic contact with Hidden Masters, who taught her the occult history of the human race.

Blavatsky was taught that the most powerful symbol of these esoteric ones was the Swastika. She wrote there were 7 stages of evolution – she named them “route races”. The race which should rise again to true spirit she named Aryans. In Tibet the Swastika was known as the “son of fire and creation” , but in Madame Blavatsky’s teachings the Swastika was the symbol of the Aryan race.


Guido von List

Guido von List (1848-1919) was an eccentric person who played a significant part for the members of the Germanen Order. He claimed he came to understand the “secrets of the Runes” during an eye-operation. It was from him Hitler got fascinated by the magic of the runes.

von List also had visions that told him of an old Germanic Religion – the worship of the god Wotan. From that point he wanted to rediscover the secrets of the vanished occult heritage of the priesthood.

He knew that the Runes were an early form of writing, but he was convinced they had a deeper, esoteric meaning. He claimed the Runes were the key to the secret knowledge of the ancient Germanic peoples.

von List died in 1919, but his teachings survived through the National Socialists and came to play an important part in its insignia and it was mandatory for SS officers to learn the occult meanings of the Runic symbols.

von List taught that the Swastika was “...the very act of creation” based on the Norse legend about the creation of the universe.

By 1909 von List became quite famous. He even got his own society dedicated to his occult teachings, called the List Society.

He was very fascinated by Madame Blavatsky’s ideas, too, so he incorporated her occult teachings into his own teachings of German myth. The Germanic tribes now were called the Aryans.

In his vision of a new Gemanic state, there would be a strict hierarchy, people would obey without asking questions, only the males of the families would achieve full rights, if you were of an Aryan heritance you would get full citizenship, but you had to prove that you were a real Aryan first. And of course your duty was to keep the Arayan race “clean”, meaning you shouldn’t cross-breed with “lower” beings.

One might say that Guido von List, born Austrian, was the “forefather” to Nazi Eugenics. But there was another man, who picked up the idea and got obsessed by it. His name was Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels ..


Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels
father of National Socialism


von Liebenfels combined von List’s teachings with his own interest in Eugenics and created a new doctrine, which he called “Theozoology”. He claimed that the Atlantean’s 4th root race (taken from Madame Blavatskys 7 root races) had, after thousands of years, inter-bred with beasts. So this race had now separated into two separate races, one pure Aryan and one into a species of beasts. Because of the unfortunate inter-breeding, the Atlantean’s [Aryan’s] psychic power had rendered to almost nothing. To understand this further, I’m going to give a brief explanation of 5 of the 7 roots:

Root Races:

1. The first race to evolve on Earth was the Astral race, a race of pure spirit, the purest form of existence.

2. The second race was known as the Hyperborean race. They used to live on a now vanished continent in the northern ocean

3. The third race was called the Lemurians, who fell because of interbreeding with animals.

4. The fourth race was known as the Atlantean’s who possessed psychic powers and lived in gigantic cities. They were destroyed by a great flood.

5. The fifth race was known as the “Race of Hope”, the founders of the ancient Greece culture, and they soon would rise to the pinnacle of spirituality, to the form of the Aryan.

The sixth and the seventh Root Races will come to existence in the future when our present fifth Root Race will experience a racial cataclysm, which will cut it into two halves. The same occurrence also happened to the 4th and 3rd Root Race, the Lemurians. The sixth and seventh Root Races will also experience a racial cataclysm.

von Liebenfels believed the Atlanteans had had a strict breeding control, in form of laws, to retain their psychic abilities and he wanted to re-create the Aryan race from the Atlantis era, by purifying the blood of the Germans by using new strict race laws.

He said that Christianity had destroyed the old teachings of the Aryans and that these teachings had to be practiced again. He believed that after many generations of strict breeding, it would bring about a superior race of Gods to rule the Earth. He meant that the true Aryans were the Germans. On the contrary there were the Jews, whom he claimed to be the ones most against the revival of the Aryans. He believed the Jews were an alien enemy race.

In 1905 he started publishing a magazine called “Ostara”, named after the Teutonic God of Beauty. The magazine was filled with occult teachings and beliefs.

According to Liebenfels’ own words, he sold quite a few magazines, and his teachings quickly started to give response. One man, who absorbed these teachings deeply was Adolf Hitler. He was so inspired by Ostara that he quoted passage upon passage of it in his future book “Mein Kampf”.

von Liebenfels’ dream of a purified race ran like a straight line through the magazine. He wrote about that it had to be dedicated eugenics convents, with brood mothers for the Aryan males. He even recommended polygamy for this purpose.

It was also von Liebenfels who came up with the idea that those who are handicapped or mentally ill had to be sterilized; those who were of a different race should be deported to Madagascar or killed. He justified it and said the only purpose with this was to prevent inferior races from the east to come to the west. He also taught that the Holy Grail was the symbol of the psychic powers of pure blooded Aryans and the search for the Grail would be the search for purity.

So he suggested that marriage between an Aryan and a non-Aryan should be punished by starvation. Democracy and capitalism were vicious inventions by lower races like the Jews, and he was sure the Jews were there only to see to that the Aryan race wouldn’t rise again in purity.

In 1907 he formed a secret society devoted to his teachings. The order was called “The Order of the New Templars” with its seat in Austria.

The purpose with this society was to salvage the Aryan race. His vision of the world was a vision of harmony, pure art, science and occult religions and to see to that the Aryans spread all over the world.


The Thule Society

After World War I the German people were generally ashamed and embarrassed over their defeat, and most of them thought that the Versailles treaty [done over people’s heads by the Freemasons] would bring Germany downwards towards anarchy and apathy. Thus in 1919, the Revolutionary Socialists republics were declared by workers and soldiers.

         Nationalists and Monarchists were preparing a counter revolution. But behind the facade, in secret, there was a conspiracy run by the ultranational organization called the Thule Society. This was a Munich lodge, created in 1918 by, among others, especially one man called Rudolf Glauer (1875-1945). He changed his name, though, to a very prominent one – Barone Heinrich von Sebottendorf. This was an anti Semitic Order and the followers followed the occult teachings of von List.

On the 9th of November 1919 the leader of the Thule Society gave a briefing where he said: “Thule will fight until the Swastika rises out victoriously from the icy darkness!” During the next few months Thule stocked weapons together with other nationalist groups and trained men especially for the counter revolution.

On the 30th of April 1919 the revolution was declared. Munich was stormed by the ultranationalists and on many helmets there was the symbol of a Swastika. The revolution became a success and with the success plans were laid out for Germany of the 1920’s, where supporters in high power were led into the mystic, esoteric teachings of the occult world of von List.

New lodges were formed and one of them was the Berlin lodge. All those lodges were anti-Semitic and had members among judges, lawyers, doctors, aristocrats, industrialists and powerful businessmen. To join they had to be of a pure Aryan heritance, have blond hair, eyes blue or brown, their skin had to be fair. In the Berlin lodge, even the skull shape of the members were considered. Most of the joined members didn’t know that the Thule Society was behind those formations.

One day a locksmith called Anton Drexler started organizing the Workers party into a new political group. Thule agreed to this. On the 5th of January 1919, the Workers party’s new structure was declared. It was now called the “German Workers Party.

About ten month after that, an army spy was sent to check on this new political group, and his name was Adolf Hitler. Very quickly Hitler became an active member of the group and in four months the party was re-named the “National Socialist German Workers Party”.

On the 20th of May 1920 the Swastika was adopted by the NSPA and Hitler chose to perform it anti-clockwise as a contrary meaning to its origin. The Swastika, which for so long had been the symbol of light, now became the symbol of darkness. In esoteric teachings one can reverse a symbol and thus get another meaning of it. von List’s original curved Thule Swastika (see picture above), would not disappear and be forgotten, but would be used on the belt buckles of the Brown shirts.

The Thule society was an offspring from the Germanen Order, founded in 1912, which also was led by von Sebottendorf. He had published a strange booklet called “Die Praxis der alten türkischen Freimaurerei” [The practice of ancient Turkish Freemasonry]. It was about how alchemy could transform mankind. Many Nazis, from Hitler to Rudolf Hess frequented this society. Hitler himself was introduced to the ideas of Thule during their mutual imprisonment after the failed Munich Putch.

The Thule society already bore the Swastika and was marked as anti-Semitic and that of Germanic racial thinking.

There is an excellent book written on this subject of the Thule society and the Nazi connection. It is written by Trevor Ravenscroft and is called “The Spear of Destiny. Ravenscroft says that the inner core of the Thule society were Satanists and practiced Black Magic. The sole intent was for them to, with help from magic rituals, bring consciousness up to a level where they could perceive the evil of the world and stay in telepathic communication with alien life forms who communicate on that level.

Briefly, Thule had an inner creed: Thule was a legendary island far up in the north, similar to Atlantis, the center of a lost high-level civilization. But still some of the secret knowledge from that time exists, they say. The remaining knowledge should be guarded and protected by ancient, highly intelligent beings (compare the “Masters” of Theosophy or the “White Brotherhood”). The truly initiated could, by magical rituals, keep in contact with those beings. The “Masters” in their turn could endow the initiated with supernatural strength and energy. With the help of this energy the goal of the initiated would be to create a race of Supermen of Aryan stock, who would exterminate all “lower” races.

The cosmology of this secret society pointed back to an early epoch, about 15 million years ago, when a huge moon moved across the sky very near the Earth.

          Because of the gravitation which followed, a new race was born, which in fact were our ancestors – the giants. Those giants also appear in the Norse and Icelandic myths – asleep, but still alive. To the Nazis they were Supermen.

Also, there was a cosmic force called “vril”, the bizarre geology known as the “Hollow Earth Theory”, and the cosmology of Hans Horbiger’s “Welteislehre, the doctrine of eternal ice.


The Vril Society

Another important occultist in Hitler’s life was Dietrich Eckardt, an alcoholic and a drug addict, who believed he was on a mission to make the way for a German dictator. He met Hitler in 1919 and decided that Hitler was the Messiah he had been waiting for. Eckardt was probably the person who was in charge over Hitler’s more advanced esoteric knowledge and the Black Magic rituals. Thanks to Eckardt, Hitler’s ability to magnetize the masses increased. In 1923 Eckardt wrote to a friend:

“Follow Hitler! He will dance, but I am the one to blow the pipe. We have given him the means to put himself in communication with Them. Mourn me not. I have influenced history more than any other German”
[J.H. Brennan:
Occult Reich]

Hitler now became a member of even another occult organization – the Vril Society. Vril was the language spoken by the Atlantean’s, composed of sounds and clicks. According to the English writer, Lord Bulwer-Lytton, who named the society, vril was the power that woke up man’s ability to be a Superhuman.

In 1933 the rocket-expert Willi Ley fled Germany and revealed the existence of the Vril society, as well as the Nazis’ beliefs that they, through esoteric teachings and expansion of their consciousness, would be equals to the Super race inside the Hollow Earth. By their methods, they thought they could wake up the vrilpower, which was slumbering in the blood. The Vril society counted two special persons, who later would become infamous Nazis – Hermann Göring and Heinrich Himmler. The “vrils” thought they were in connection with secret esoteric lodges in Tibet and the so called unknown Super humans.

The occultist during the Second World War was with no doubt Heinrich Himmler. He was the Grandmaster of several secret societies and had satanic and Black Magic masses organized in several different old castles along Germany. Himmler was for sure responsible for much of the terror, which was created in the Third Reich.


Heinrich Himmler - The Black Magician

Heinrich Himmler – the German Reichführer and the head of the SS – had a clear intention to create a secret Order where Prussian ethics were combined with those of the old Knighthood Orders, like the Teutonic Order (there are journal-films showing German Nazi-soldiers dressed like old knights in armor, with swords, spears and riding horses, doing parades on the streets of Berlin). Some say he could not obtain it, since the “Orders of Catholicism were openly opposed by the radical wing of National Socialism”(1), but the parades I mentioned above tell us otherwise. He also wanted to create his own secret society, without any influence from the traditional ones, who were already top controlled. He was into the Nordic heritage and its symbolism, like the Thule society, but didn’t want any influence from THAT society either. In other words, he wanted to construct a society that was entirely his own creation with himself as Grandmaster with ultimate power. He did achieve that dream.

Heinrich Himmler had been in contact with all esoteric knowledge, and he used it as dark as possible. He was especially interested in Rune-magic. It was Himmler who created the infamous SS and like the Swastika, he used another magic symbol, the two sig-runes, which looked like two flashes. Within the SS all the esoteric knowledge in the Third Reich finally was gathered. SS was ruled by a Black Magic, secret Order. Their rituals were borrowed from other similar orders, like the Jesuit Order and the Templar Order. The highest ranking “priests” of this order were the 13 members of the “Knight’s Great Council”, which was ruled by Grandmaster Heinrich Himmler. The Black Rituals were practiced in the old castle Wewelsberg in Westfalen. Here they obeyed Lucifer, Satan or Set, the consciousness which then inspired the Nazis, and today the Illuminati.

Himmler had lots of strange beliefs and one of his main inspirations came from the 10th Century king named Heinrich I, the German king of the Saxons. King Heinrich had fought and conquered the Slavic tribes in the east.

Himmler believed with all his heart in all the racial theories and manifestations of Nazism. He was a fanatic sadist who suffered from constant psychosomatic illnesses, like stomach pain, headaches and other unidentified aches and diseases. He also arranged big parades in the streets with soldiers dressed like old knights, as a symbol for ancient power.

His undying passion for control over others was enormous and his favorite word was “Gnadelos” (merciless).

Himmler was so fanatically struck by the old king Heinrich, that he even thought he was a reincarnation of this person and received psychic messages from him, which seems quite strange if they were the same person. However, Himmler believed his mission was to complete king Heinrich’s work and let the SS rule the new Aryan empire. He made lots of pilgrimages to king Heinrich’s tomb.


The Occult Life of Adolf Hitler(2)


The summary of Hitler’s early life would be “failure”. He lived on his dead mother’s savings and an Orphan’s Pension which came from his father’s service in the Customs Department. He wanted to become an artist, but was refused to enter the art schools, due to that he weren’t up to the standards required. So he spent his days doing nothing for quite a while.

Hitler became angry at God and society due to where life had led him, so he rebelled against God and society. In his quest for power he turned his mind to the occult. He spent all this amount of free time in the Hofberg Library in Vienna, reading books about the history of the occult and Eastern religions. The occult seemed to be the solution to the disappointments in young Hitler’s life.

In that same library there was an ancient spear, believed by many to be the one used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ. By coincidence he overheard a tour group guide point out the spear and say: “This spear is shrouded in mystery; whoever unlocks its secrets will rule the world”. Hitler said later that those words changed his whole life. He believed the spear was possessed by secret occult powers and invited those powers to invade his soul. There is an eye witness, a certain Dr. Walter Stein, who stood beside the twenty year-old Hitler when he gazed at the spear:

“Adolf Hitler stood ... like a man in a trance, a man over whom some dreadful magic spell had been cast ... He was swaying on his feet as though caught up in some totally inexplicable euphoria ... His whole [facial appearance] physiognomy and stance appeared transformed as if some mighty Spirit now inhabited his very soul, creating within and around him a kind of evil transformation of its own nature and power.”
[The spear of Destiny]

Hitler was enthusiastic enough to enhance his occult powers further. He was already using some meditation techniques he learnt back in the East, but that was too slow a progress for him. Earnest Pretzsche, a book dealer, introduced Hitler to a psychedelic drug containing mescaline and peyote. This produced clairvoyant visions that made Hitler believe he had opened the door the the reigns of supernatural powers, powers he could use for his own purposes.

Four years later, Hitler went from Vienna to Munich. There he got involved with others, who had the same dedication to occult powers. One of them was Eckardt, the true Satanist. He was probably the man who influenced Hitler the most.

By taking on Eckardt’s occult practices, Hitler became totally “demonized”. From this point on, he had indeed demonic powers. In fact, Eckardt told him that he himself was on a mission to prepare the vessel of the Antichrist, the man who would be inspired by Lucifer to conquer the world and lead the Aryan race to pride and glory. Hitler “knew” he was that man.

Hitler believed he was in contact with this superior, mythical race, taught about in the Thule society, and that he was the one to lead the Aryans to rule the world.

Eckardt, just like Hitler, also had reached his psychic abilities by taking mind altering drugs, like peyote. He was also a heroin addict. He was certain he was the reincarnation of Bernard of Barcelona, a notorious betrayer of Christianity and a black magician who used thaumaturgy to hold off Carolingian armies in Spain in the 9th Century.

Ravenscroft in “Spear of Destiny” writes that Hitler had been prepared for satanic initiation by his experiences in Vienna with peyote and the spear and by the mustard gassing in 1918, which made him blind and in a state of enforced trance for many days.

He also states that the techniques of Eckardt were in part derived from the sex magick of Aleister Crowley. In fact, in 1912 Crowley was named IX British head of a secret Berlin lodge called “Ordo Templi Orientis” [OTO], which practiced various forms of sexual magick (Crowley’s spelling).

Ravenscroft continues:

“There can be little doubt” that both Crowley and Eckardt conducted deep studies of the Arabian astrological magic performed by Klingsor’s real life counterpart, Landulf II. Landulf fled to Sicily after his traitorous links to Islam were disclosed. And it was in a dark tower in the mountains of the southwest corner of the island that his evil soul festered with additional bitterness over his castration by the relatives of a noble-woman he had raped. There he practiced sadistic Satanism of a nature that foreshadowed the horrors of Nazi concentration camps.

It was from his studies of such practitioners that Eckardt devised the rituals he used when he “opened the centers of Adolf Hitler to give him a vision of and a means of communication with the Powers”.

Having done his worst, Eckardt eventually died, proudly advising those around him to follow Hitler.

“Our father, Adolf
who art on earth
Hallowed be thy name,
The Third Reich come ...”

          Hitler had put himself in the place of God and wanted people to worship him.

One should not underestimate the occult influences on Hitler. His subsequent rejection of Freemasons and esoteric movements, of Theosophy, Anthrosopy, doesn’t necessarily mean otherwise. Occult circles have long been known as cover-ups for espionage. Hitler’s spy apparatus under Canaris and Heydrich were well aware of these conduits, particularly from the direction of Britain which had within its MI5 intelligence Agency a department known as the “Occult Bureau”. That these potential sources of trouble were purged from Nazi life should not be taken to mean that Hitler and the Nazi secret societies were not influenced by mystical writers as Madame Blavatsky, Chamberlain, von List, Lanz von Liebenfels, Rudolf Steiner, George Gurdjieff, Karl Haushofer and Theodor Fritsch. Though Hitler later ridiculed many of them, he dedicated his book Mein Kampf to his teacher Dietrich Eckardt. It’s also known that Aleister Crowley sought contact with Hitler.

Hitler’s unusual powers maybe now can be better understood if one keeps in mind that he had access to the secret psychological techniques of the esoteric lodges.


(1) Julius Evola ( Il Conciliatore, no. 10, 1971; translated from the German edition in Deutsche Stimme, no. 8, 1998)

(2) The proof, showing the occult structure of Nazi Germany was shown in a TV Documentary worldwide a few years ago. If you want a copy of this TV series on CD, please e-mail me for more information.


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