Opinion: George W. Bush is a Victim of Mind Control
(Posted here by Wes Penre, July 17, 2005)

George W. BushHaving at one point had the unique opportunity of living with deprogramming a victim of US government mind control and Satanic Ritual Abuse, I can only come to one conclusion regarding our current President. George W. Bush is "suffering" from what the DSM-IV calls "Structured Dissociative Identity Disorder (SDID)", or mind control. This is not to be confused with regular Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder which is the minds natural reaction to severe childhood trauma.

Among other things, this would explain why no one in the administration or military will comment on what Bush was doing, or even where he was, during his missing months of service. In my opinion he was being programmed.

Most of the time, as everyone knows, Bush can barely complete a sentence without an "ummm - uh - er," or stammer. However, in all his major Speeches, ie. State of the Union, Post 9-11 and Pre War speeches I have only found ONE stutter and NONE of his usual "ummm's - uhh's and er's". In a rather unscientific experiment, using the software ACID, I have compared various speeches by several great speakers including: Churchill, Martin Luther King, and Bill Clinton, (ok, he was not THAT great but speeches were readily available on the internet), and none of them speak with the metronomic consistency (of 105 Beats Per Minute) of George W. Bush, when his "Great Speech Giving "GSG" personality has been activated. It is barely human, but very hypnotic. On the flip side when his "GSG" personality is NOT activated he cannot speak at a consistent pace for more than 10 or 20 seconds in a row.

Evil CheneyI have seen exactly how these people are triggered and how personalities can be switched with nothing more complex than a handshake, gesture or phrase, (I believe Dick Cheney, who has been accused by several mind control victims of being a handler, rapist and cocaine addicted murderer among other things, triggers him either by a phrase or handshake right before taking the podium for speeches such as the State of the Union. If you closely watch his entrance to these speeches he's usually very relaxed but, as soon as he shakes Big Dicks hand you can see his expression become much more subdued and serious. I believe his wife is another one of his handlers. She whispers directly into his ear after many of his speeches and you can actually see his facial muscles relax and he begins to smile. It's very subtle but look for it next time you see her do this after a speech. Either she is saying, "Nice speech honey, when we get home we're gonna' have some FUN!" OR, she is bringing back his regular personality with a phrase such as, "There's no place like home, George, there's no place like home." (I have dubbed the original personality he was born with, the "Goofy Texan").

This theory would explain the almost total disconnect between his words and actions and it would also explain all of the lies and flip- flops. Here's a perfect example, he repeatedly stated, in "GSG" mode, "we will win the War on Terror!", and then, just once, he slipped and said "I don't think the war on terror can be won...". The next day it was right back to "we will win the war on terror!" Anyone with half a brain knows that you can't win a war on terror as violence simply causes more violence. The day he slipped up he honestly spoke what his "Goofy Texan" personality believes and anyone with an IQ of more than 70 knows (I do not think he is a total idiot, just a victim). One thing I have learned first hand about mind control victims is that MOST of their personalities will believe, and are totally incapable of disagreeing with, anything and everything that they are told by their handlers. If Dick Cheney told the "GSG"
personality that by blowing up the World Trade Center the world would be a better place and that it would save the lives of millions in the future, the "GSG" personality would not even know how to disagree with him. I, however, do not think Bush knew. On 9-11 after Andy Card told him what happened I think the look on his face is first an attempt to hide from the children the combination of shock, revulsion and confusion he must have felt at that moment but then you can almost see his face saying, "Oh my God! That's why they sent me to read to these school kids today!" I think at that moment I think HE realized that the attack what was most likely orchestrated by Cheney and Rumsfeld and he was asking himself "What the hell am I gonna' do?" (Side question to readers: Has anyone bothered to find out how many times in his political career G. W. Bush has read to school children? Does he do that a lot or was that the first time?)

I think normally the press and public only get to see and hear one or two of the PROGRAMMED personalities, but every so often we get to see the real him, the "Goofy Texan", and that is when the contradictions occur, when we hear what HE actually thinks rather than what he has been programmed to believe and say. If he is a victim he would not even be aware of contradicting himself which is why he is able to say, "I never said that," even after you repeatedly show him a video tape of him saying "that". (Many, if not all victims of Project Monarch for example are programmed to watch the "Wizard of Oz"
several times a year which reinforces their programming, this is one reason it is run over and over again on television during the month of October. They will watch the entire film front to back repeatedly that month but if you ask them how the movie ends they will tell you sadly, "Dorothy Dies." They never register the fact that in the end, Dorothy exposes Oz for the small, pathetic, insecure power hungry little twerp that he really is.)

Can someone come up with a better explanation for Bush's hypocrisy, other than that he simply is a liar? Why else would a Fundamentalist Christian sign the death warrants for thousands of Americans and more than a hundred thousand Iraqis without so much as an "I'm sorry..."? (One woman victim I know of had Christian, Wiccan, Jewish, Satanic and Atheistic personalities. The Christian and Jew greatly valued life and would do almost anything to save it, the Wiccan sacrificed animals but not people, the Satanist would sacrifice anything including newborn children and drink their blood and the Atheist would kill only if ordered to do so or in self defense, however they would NOT defend themselves if attacked by their handlers.)

Why else would a supposed closet homosexual want to ban gay marriage? Even if he's not a homosexual why would he say before he was "elected" in 2000 that he did not feel that it was necessary to create legislation banning same sex marriage. (One male victim know of had a gay, straight and even a lesbian personality that truly believed that he was a woman, despite the lack of female sex organs!)

There is one real dead give away to me that George Bush is a mind control victim, the eyes. It is said that "the eyes are the windows to the soul". Does anyone see anything more in Bush's eyes than a tiny signWizard of Oz: No Brain, No Heart, No Clue, No Courage saying "Vacant"? These are the eyes of victims of both mind control and Satanic Ritual Abuse. After more than a decade of research into these disturbing subjects and talking with therapists who specialize in treating mind control and SRA, I can maybe shed a little light on why this is. It is very simple. MOST humans, do have an immortal soul (a conscious energy), that joins with their body for their life here on Earth. Immortal souls don't like to be controlled, they generally will rebel against any attempts at mind control programming. Therefore before the majority of the programming can be implemented the soul must first either be banished from the body or imprisoned within it through rituals. (Yes I am talking here about Black Magic and yes the military used it for mind control purposes, at least until they had developed the technology to do "electronic rituals" using various forms of ELF and microwave technology). Think of solar energy as your soul, think of a solar cell as the ritual, and the battery connected to the cell as the prison for the soul.
The solar energy (soul) can be released at a later date if one simply knows how connect a light bulb to the battery and turn it on until the battery is drained (the soul is completely released). I once was allowed to witness a ritual to free an imprisoned soul (actually I have witnesses two but one did not work). Before the ritual this individual had the eyes of George W. Bush or Dick Cheney (D. Cheney is not a mind control victim but I do believe he was born without a soul). After the ritual they had the bright, sparkling, lively eyes of someone like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King or maybe Robin Williams or Sarah Jessica Parker.

In my opinion George W. Bush is one of two things. He is either one of the greatest liars to ever stand before a podium, or he is victim of US Government Mind Control with an imprisoned soul.

I could determine for sure which one he is given five minutes alone with him, however I doubt I will ever get that opportunity.

Either way until George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of these so called Neo-Cons are removed from office and until we as a race learn to identify the people who are capable of these crimes and STOP LETTING THEM ACHIEVE POSITIONS OF POWER, there will be NO PEACE ON EARTH...

Until then, spread as much love as you can and do not be scared, the "worst" thing that can happen is physical death and that, for most of us, will be the "best" most enlightening moment of our lives and our first true taste of spiritual freedom.





Last Updated: Saturday, July 16, 2005 09:55:45 PM

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