George Galloway Earns RESPECT! 
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay
(Posted here by Wes Penre, May 19, 2005)

Firebrand Scot, George Galloway’s scathing oratory left Senator’s Coleman and Levin squirming in the filth of their falsified dossier of evidence. Gorgeous George challenged the charges levied against him, and his accusers became the accused. He derided the hypocrisy of the Senate, lecturing him on matters of George Gallowaylegality, when they lent their full support to the illegal invasion of a suffering, sovereign nation, based on a “pack of lies” with horrendous consequences. When George exposed the true beneficiaries of Iraq’s looted wealth, the chicken’s came home to roost at George Bush’s Texas ranch.

George Galloway was kicked out of the Labour Party for his anti-war views and solidarity with Iraq, but he won’t be cowed or intimidated by people he described as wolves, and then apologized to wolves for the insult. George was in his element demolishing the official propaganda and American’s accustomed only to cheering pro-war sound-bites channeled through the President’s earpiece, were exposed to some plain facts. It may have been the first time they heard the real casualty figures or the effects of the ‘oil-for-food’ program which George called, “infanticide masquerading as politics.”

George formed his own party, RESPECT, which won a historic election victory in the Bethnal and Bow constituency, with a large Asian community, where there is strong opposition to the war. Unlike his counterparts, George has the guts and integrity to speak the truth, when no-one else will and no doubt ‘dark forces’ would prefer it if he would shut-up and go away, but he is an articulate politician with a passion for justice and his intellect is his weapon. It’s time more bastions of society took a leaf from his defiant book and confronted our representatives and called them to account for their policies.

Reference: Galloway v the US Senate:



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