Fahrenheit 911 - An Overall Excellent Film
(A review by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, July 6, 2004)

It was the 5th of July, and the line outside the theater in the middle size town was long. I was there early, I thought, but not early enough to get a good seat to see Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911". As I stood in line I was not sure really what to expect, as the reviews in research circles have been mixed. Therefore the anticipation of watching it was even bigger, as I would like to see for myself.

I think Michael Moore succeeded pretty well in creating an impact. Although I was pretty aware of everything


Mr. Moore brought up, I still had a lot of emotions, even felt anger, during the two hour show. He has been criticized by David Icke for missing the point as of who was actually behind 9/11 (in the film Moore blames it on the Bushes and the Saudis), therefore we missed a great opportunity to tell the truth to a lot of people. Fintan Dunne, at "Break For News.com" is making the same point. Alex Jones at Infowars.com, and even some outside source (New York Post) accuse Mr. Moore for ripping Jones off, saying the movie is not even original, but stolen from Alex Jones' '9/11: Road to Tyranny'.

All those are valid viewpoints and statements, which I don't dispute. We can argue why Mr. Moore did not hit the real target in the movie, and we don't know until Michael Moore tells us himself. However, if he would have, who would have showed the movie? It has already been censored and excluded from theaters as it is, and if Moore would have gone "too far" he might not have been able to reach out. By Henry Makow he is accused of shilling for Illuminati Bankers. We don't know, perhaps that is true, but regardless, I truly believe this movie may wake a few people up. Fintan Dunne says that the difference between Alex Jones and Michael Moore is that Moore makes a profit and Alex basically doesn't, as he more or less used to give his video away for free. Even if so, we must realize that Moore has the means to reach out to millions all over the world, which Alex Jones and I don't have, not to the same extent. So profit or not, Moore made an immediate impact on a lot of people at once, with one single film, while the rest of us, who go further in our exposure have more of a struggle, and lack the money and sponsors to reach out broadly. Watching the film, one gets a hint of how deep the deception is, and it shows clearly how arrogantly the Illuminati and their puppets are acting. Humanity has a long way to go before they truly see how completely they have been fooled, and perhaps we need to brief people on a gradient scale. If this is the case, this movie is doing an excellent job. People in the theater were responding quite well in their seats, although many of them were probably Democrats. Which brings me to the next sub-topic:

I agree that the movie could have been a little braver. Although Moore does not stress any political viewpoint  particularly, the effect may be that people are discarding Bush for John Kerry, thinking the Democrats may do a better job. This is a shame and a waste of time. It would have been better if he had pointed out that no matter whom you vote for, the result would be the same, or similar. He could have done this without overwhelming people with too much details about the Illuminati overlords, and still been able to stress the point. However, at one point in the film Moore briefly mentions that when Bush went to war, the Democrats openly supported him. Hopefully people will begin to understand that the profiteers of war don't stay with the Bushes but is a common phenomenon - hopefully, although it could have been made clearer in the film.

So overall, I think it was a good film. Moore succeeded well in showing who profits from war and terrorism, and who has to pay (often with their lives) to keep the Elite rich and help them getting richer. He showed that for THEM we are all just worthless pawns in their game, and human lives mean nothing to them. This point really came across. Moore's laid-back profile is also helping. I am glad this film was made and shown to the world; a little bit more truth leaking out to the people.







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