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Last Updated: Sunday, January 02, 2005 09:33:25 AM 

God and Nature or the Devil’s Work?
- by Hazel W.M. McKinlay -


January 2, 2005:

When George Bush said, “If you are not with us, you are with the terrorists,” God and nature appear to have taken his side. Many Muslim countries listed by the CIA after 9/11, as subject to open or covert pre-emptive strikes for harbouring terror networks, have been destabilized by “natural” disasters recently.

Earthquakes have struck Turkey, Gujarat, Afghanistan, Iran, Algeria, Morocco and now Indonesia. Admittedly, these are fault zones and prone to seismic activity, but the timing has melded nicely with the Devilish globalist objective, to merge all nations into one governable entity under the auspices of the UN.The Tsunami

In William Cohen’s assertion that terrorists have the ability to produce race-specific plagues and affect climate change or trigger earthquakes with EM weapons, to whom was he referring in 1997… the PLO, renowned for their improvised “homicide bombers?” Where could ‘al Qaeda’ acquire this technology? 

If al Zarqawi can install a High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in the Tora Bora Mountains with bin Laden to melt the ice-caps or coordinate chemtrail jets to deliver ‘bird flu’ why are they killing Iraqi police with car bombs in Baghdad? They could erect an invincible ‘Tesla Dome’ over Tehran!

Geological upheaval occurred before the discovery of electromagnetism, Krakatoa shook the world in 1883 and China saw upwards of 800,000 perish in an earthquake in the 16th Century, but ZPT has been suppressed for the greater part of the last century and it is highly improbable that its applications were not perfected.

Nikola Tesla

Townsend Brown

Wilhelm Reich

Ingenious minds like Nicola Tesla, Townsend Brown and Wilhelm Reich who conducted life-enhancing experiments using the ether, were discredited and vanished into obscurity with their funding rescinded or lives terminated. Anti-gravity, cures for disease and free energy were all denied us.

Tesla purportedly demonstrated the force of his doomsday weapon in Tunguska in 1908, a catastrophe which remains “unexplained” to this day. It was his wish that in about one hundred years if “reason prevails over the brute, my invention will serve for the welfare of people.”

That time is now and reason has not prevailed, which signals dreadful consequences for mankind. Tesla maintained that standing waves could vibrate the Earth to pieces; it could certainly cause a tsunami. The brutal carnage in Southeast Asia leaves you dumbfounded and wondering… what’s next?

‘My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge...’


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