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Last Updated: Thursday, December 23, 2004 05:10:00 AM 

Where The Churches Went Wrong: The Deception of the Ages
By Sherry Shriner
[Illuminati News, Dec 23, 2004]

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Sherry ShrinerIt’s always been a battle zone. The war of the denominations and who is the most doctrinally correct. The Baptists were sure they were the only one’s who had religion and God right, everyone else was wrong. The Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics, Pentecostals, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Messianic temples and everyone else were and are the same. With over 27,000 different sects and branches of religion today, exactly which one has it all right?

None of them.

We have a different branch and different denomination for every disagreement imaginable over theology. If religion is man's attempt to find God, theology is the foundation the religion is based on. And that's where the problem is because somewhere God has been replaced by man's attempt to define Him.

Years ago I kept wondering what the real church was. What did the apostles really preach? What were the real beliefs back then compared to what they are now? What exactly was the early church and what did they believe? It was this journey to find the truth from Yahweh that so much of today's deceptions would be revealed to me by Him.

When you start to search and seek Him for answers the most obvious things will start to stand out to you. The most glaring is the obvious distinction that there are two different gospels. The one the apostles taught and the one being preached today in the churches. When you study the early church you realize that the churches today resemble almost nothing like the early ones.

When you take this even further you will begin to realize that not only do the teachings of today resemble nothing of what the apostles taught, there are two different Saviors presented.

The Church of the Apostles

It was James who led the early Apostles and it was Peter upon whom the church would be built. Yet today you wouldn't know it or even think it. Walk into any assembly anywhere and the Pauline doctrines are dominant. Why does it matter? Because Peter and Paul are night and day. Peter was an apostle with a mantle from Yahweh to build His church, and he did, but the latter Pauline Christians rejected it and took over Christianity. Paul was a self-proclaimed apostle, whom the apostles rejected as an apostle, but accepted as a brother.

There were blatant disagreements and arguments between Paul and the Apostles. There were only 12 apostles, not 13. “And on the wall of the city had twelve foundations; and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb” Rev.21:14. In the beginning there were 12, and at the end there are 12. There never have been 13. And it was Paul who created the offices of leadership to vilify himself as an apostle.

When does the light go off that Paul was a wolf? How much information does anyone need that this self-proclaimed apostle was a snake? Yahweh has not appointed an apostle since the twelve. Period. Even in the codes you will not find anyone as an apostle. Just prophets and watchmen. The office of apostle has been closed.

After 300 years of persecutions, most of the apostolic doctrines had been destroyed and lost. They were ultimately replaced with little resistance from the newer believers with a compromise of Mithraic paganism that had been introduced by Paul. It took 300 years for Satan to destroy the early church and persecute Yahweh’s believers so he could implement his own strategy to infiltrate and overpower the church with himself. And he did it as Mithra, and through Mithraism.

Early Christians

The first believers were called Judahites. At that time, there were two groups of Jews, the Judahites and the Edomites. The Edomites were hybrids and Cain's seed and had mixed with the Judahite Jews making up more notably the Pharisee branch. Perverting and legalizing the Pentateuch i.e. Old Testament/Torah was of great importance to them and they kept its laws, keeping the sabbath and performing circumcision as a sign of the Covenant. Yet they tortured the legalisms of the law to benefit themselves in social status and wealth.

Belief in Yahushua as the Messiah was spreading largely among the Judahites who referred to themselves as People of the Way or simply Judahites, and those who adopted the belief in the Messiah and His teachings were also adopted in and referred to as Judahites as well.

This sect within the Judahites believed Jesus/Yahushua was the promised Messiah. He was not popular and incited much anger from the legalist Scribes and Pharisees because He had tried to make people aware of the real application and intent of the law of the Torah which had been watered down by the infiltrating alien hybrid and Edomite Jews and misapplied putting the people into bondage. The legalists had taken over and led the people into error and oppression while claiming it was the truths in the Torah law. They manipulated it and used it to benefit themselves, and Yahushua tried to lead the people back into the real intent and truths of the Torah provoking much wrath against Him for doing so.

From the time Moses had received the laws from Yahweh, the entire Jewish social system had been laid down in the Torah. The Torah, among other things, states that all are equal and that no person may oppress or exploit another, that all have the right to be free and to be independent masters of their own fate. It was their Constitution and Bill of Rights.

For instance, every person is entitled as a matter of right to social security. This means that people are entitled to be supported by the community not only when they fall on hard times but also to maintain their independence as independent breadwinners for their families. For example, the community had to provide backup funds to those who needed them and they had to be provided as and when required. To prevent people being exploited through their need these funds had to be provided without charging interest and such loans were cancelled every seventh year if the borrower had been unable to repay them.

The country's wealth and this applies particularly to productive capital, belongs to all equally and had to be shared among everyone. This equal and fair distribution of the community's wealth was to be updated at regular intervals.

The role of those who were rich is seen to be that of administering their wealth and money on behalf of and for the community and not that of getting rich at the public’s expense.

The laws of the Torah (books of Moses) were to be followed and applied by the Judahites as a matter of law in their daily lives. However it was these laws the rich detested and had the intent of the laws changed to suit themselves thereby oppressing the people and getting rich off this oppression. Yahushua tried to reinstate the intent and purpose of the laws and have them applied correctly. This is why the rich and powerful rose up against Him and His teachings of the law.

After Yahushua died and arose, His apostles continued in the example He had set, observing the feasts, the laws, and the Commandments. Nothing was to be changed. The sacrificial laws had been fulfilled with the ultimate sacrifice of the Son of the Most High, but the other laws of the Torah were to be observed. And this is where churchianity replaces and redefines the law with grace and begins outright disobedience to God's laws.

Most in the churches today believe that the Old Covenant, the Laws of the Torah and Moses were done away with after Yahushua arose from the dead. This isn't true.

The New Covenant, the New Testament, transformed the Old Testament, it didn't abolish it. The two reconcile each other. The one doesn't replace the other. Some commands of the law were transformed by their fulfillment while others were superceded by the Words of Yahweh Himself. This was true in the Old Covenant also when Solomon’s Temple superceded the ancient tabernacle.

For instance, it was Yahushua's sacrifice that fulfilled the requirements of and for a sin offering. Other commands were re-prioritized instead of abolished. The Biblical Holy Days/Festivals (especially Passover) weren’t abolished but took on new meanings. If you wonder why we don’t stone people any more it’s because the penalties for our sins were executed already in Yahushua's death. So as you see, the New Covenant doesn’t abolish the Old Covenant, it upholds it! What still stands is clean and unclean foods, keeping the Sabbath, and other tenants of the laws that the churches have thrown out and ignored over time. As believers it is our responsibility to let the Holy Spirit write the Old Covenant Laws on our hearts so that we know what to obey and how to obey it. He will guide and direct us.

A lot of people feel a yearning today that they should be celebrating the feasts and moving away from abominable foods. This is by the Holy Spirit's guidance. Yahweh is trying to lead those who seek Him into the way they should go just as the New Covenant said would happen. We need to heed His Spirit and follow His guidance. It isn't a messianic vs. protestant vs. catholic thing, it's just being led by Him and following Him. Divisions and denominations aren't of Him when we are supposed to be unified as one. Leave the churches if they're not preaching and teaching His truths and follow Him yourself if you have to.

Some points to consider:

· Yahushua's teaching at the Sermon on the Mount was not a new doctrine. It simply brought to light the true, deeper, spiritual meaning of the Old Covenant commands that He said are still valid.

·The entire Old Covenant Law teaches, as Yahushua did, that we are to love Yahweh by keeping His commandments.

· The Law came through Moses, but grace and truth came through Yahushua Ha Maschiyach.

· Think of being "Not under Law" as not under legalistic observance of the Old Covenant with its Mosaic commands written in stone.

· Think of "under grace" as under the renewed covenant with the Mosaic commands written on our hearts by the Spirit who also provides us the strength (grace) we need to overcome the law of sin and death.

· The New Covenant still has the Old Covenant commands as its foundation. The difference is that now we have His Spirit to write those Laws on our hearts and empower us to obey.

· The festival commandments are important because in them we rehearse Yahweh’s plan of redemption. Since Yahweh’s plan of redemption isn’t complete there’s still much to learn from the feasts.

· It was always Yahweh’s intent for us to have His Law (Torah) written on our hearts, thus providing empowerment and motivation from within.

· Men have always been saved by grace through faith. However, the error of the New Covenant believers at the beginning was in forcing the Gentiles to follow the letter of the Law to EARN salvation and justification apart from the work of FAITH. This matter was settled by the apostles in Jerusalem and as noted in Acts chapter one.

· Note, when asked how to obtain eternal life, Yahushua didn’t say "Believe in me," he said obey the commandments [by implication, the Law of Moses]. Which goes beyond the 10 written in stone, there were originally over 600 of them covering social, dietary, financial, and everyday living.

· It was always Yahweh’s intent that Gentile believers remain ONE with their Jewish brothers. Satan entered and caused the division. The Spirit wants to bring unity. We must come back to HIM as ONE and stop the division and errors that has divided us over the centuries.

Paul, Satan’s Pawn: The Infiltrator and Deceiver

Paul, then known as Saul, acting on behalf of the rich Jewish oppressors was a Jewish Edomite Pharisee who persecuted the Christians who were renewing their knowledge of the laws and the application of the laws in their daily lives. Disrupting the status quo, the rich oppressors and legalists would have lost their foothold in making money off the poor if the laws were to change and be followed correctly.

Paul said that he had had a `vision' and called himself a
believer in Yahushua however he preached not for but against the social laws and against the social system of the Torah. He preached against material independence, against social security, against freedom from oppression and exploitation.

As Edomite Hillel had infiltrated and changed the Talmud to blindside the Jews to accept oppression, Paul infiltrated the sect of the believers and tried to undo what Yahushua and his followers had done, while using the name of Yahweh to do it. Saul had been tutored by Gamaliel, Hillel's grandson. Both had managed to master the art of deception and lead the people of their time away from the truth of the laws and into oppression.

Paul preached a political ideology to subvert the people and be able to exploit them without hindrance to the status quo. Under the true laws, exploitation was forbidden, but without the laws being applied, the rich could continue to get rich off of the exploitation of the poor. And that's what they did.

The Laws of the Torah gave the people freedom from oppression and exploitation. And every time they wandered away from the laws, they ended up oppressed and exploited, and back into slavery. Much of the same way we as Americans are today. Our government exploits and makes money off the people by unnecessary and inflated taxation, also through exploitive legislation where the rich can become richer, and the poor get poorer. These practices are outlawed in the social system laws of the Torah. Neither has the wealth of America ever been divided out and shared among its people. Our loans are loaded with interest, and there is never forgiveness from unpaid loans. There is freedom in the laws of God while there is slavery, exploitation and manipulation in the laws of man.

It was Paul's teachings against the laws of Yahweh that brought him into conflict with the Judahite believers. The entire area of Asia rejected him. In Revelation the church of Ephesus was praised for recognizing false prophets, yet Paul wrote a letter to the Ephesians as if they were his followers. He could get no where with the Judahite Jews, so he concentrated on gaining converts from gentiles (people who are not (Judahite or Israelite) and who presumably knew nothing or little about the laws of the Torah and who would thus be more likely to follow his teachings without arguing about its content or aware of his deceptions.

Paul's letters (epistles) are the oldest part of the New Testament. It seems that Paul's letters were written about 50 AD and the gospels about 70-100 AD. Paul's letters were never accepted by the early church. The Apostles never mentioned him in their writings, only he includes some of them in his. Yet today our New Testament, configured by a pagan, is dominant with Paul's teachings.

What stands out is that no one before Paul wrote such letters and
taught such things as he did, and no one did so afterwards. His letters give his own point of view and personal ideology and he gives them an authority which they would not otherwise have had by means of a self-proclaimed vision.

The gospels as a whole relate to the life and death of Yahushua but Paul's letters seem to be more a vehicle for pronouncements directed against observance of laws ensuring freedom, independence and equality.

It was the rejected Paul's teachings that were accepted and placed in dominance after 300 years of persecutions wiped out the early church. Even today the Gentile Christians' stories about the beginning of Christianity differ from those of the Judahite Christians. It is the versions of the Gentile Christians which were included in the Christian Canon and became official doctrine. The Torah, Feasts, and Commandments were replaced by the laws of laziness and lawlessness.

There is much to be revealed about Paul and you can read more about how he infiltrated and deceived early believers at http://www.justgivemethetruth.com But was there even a more hideous agenda to Paul than to subvert people away from the teachings of Yahushua and His apostles?

The Infiltration of Mithraism into Christianity: Two Different Messiahs Portrayed

Mithraism is the cult of Mithra. It was created on its own virtue to not only worship pagan beliefs and practices, but to pervert and mock future religious practices that Satan knew Yahweh would incorporate into His people.

It emphasized a personal faith, the conflict of good and evil, and the reward of virtue and punishment of wickedness in the afterlife, the end of the world and the powers of hell. The religion spread from Persia through the Roman Empire from 68 BC until the 3rd century AD, becoming a serious rival to Christianity, and yet those in the churches today are barely even aware of its existence. If you ask most Christians today who Mithra is most wouldn't have any idea. The church has kept that part of its history silent and hidden when it's one of the major reasons so many of our early brethren were killed.

Mithraism is said to have declined in the 4th century AD. but when you look at the overwhelming evidence you'll soon realize it didn't go anywhere, it infiltrated and was incorporated into the church and became a large part of Christianity itself. That is why you won't hear much about it from the church. They don't want you to hear or understand that Christianity was changed. And that the churches we have today do not resemble the churches of the early believers and what they lived and died for. We've been sold down the river of deception for almost 1700 years.

Satan isn't always stupid. In fact he's very clever. Satan's Mithra was a great and deceptive imitation.

Who was Mithra? He appealed to everybody and at one time was a dominant god followed by almost every race and nation throughout the history of mankind utilizing many different names such as Buddha, Horus, Krishna, Odin, Quetzalcoatl, Baal, Ra (the sun god), Bel, Marduk, Apollo, and about 15 others. Originating from Persia, he was both god and goddess as a bi-gender god, both male and female. Almost all of these gods who carried Mithra dogma have their birthdays on December 25, the birthday of the "sun." Even today's Christians know Jesus's real birthday isn't in December but October, yet for the sake of church tradition they go along with it anyway.


The early church believers were persecuted and killed because they wouldn't bow to the Sun-god worship and had to go underground to meet on the Sabbath (Saturday), and yet today Christians all over the world meet on Sun-god day to worship who?

Mithraism was established as far back as the early years after Adam and Eve had left the garden among the pagan nations. In fact the bull motif later adopted, (Mithra is depicted as standing on the bull, in the process of slitting its throat) is a reflection of the Age of Taurus, around 4500-2300 BCE. The sacred bull motif is found in numerous places around the "known world" precisely during the Age of Taurus. The change between the ages of Taurus and Aries is recorded even in the Bible, at Exodus 12, where Moses institutes the sacrifice of the lamb or ram instead of the bull. Mithra's slaying of the Bull was an act that became as central to Mithraism as was the crucifixion to Christianity.

The bull represented rebirth, fertility and fecundity, with his blood corresponding to the wine of the mysteries. The sacrifice of the bull was reenacted in the Mithraic baptism, a mystery rite in which the initiates were splattered with the blood. The initiate was then said to have been "born again." In Mithraism, the slaying of the Heavenly Bull, Mithra is essentially sacrificing himself, in order to save the world: the bull appears to signify the earth or mankind, and the implication is that Mithra, like Christ, overcame the world; but in the early Persian writings Mithra himself is the bull, the god thus sacrificing himself becoming a close mimickry and mockery of the real Messianic Sacrifice to come in which God's Son would fulfill to redeem mankind.

Like the vast majority of the ancient gods, Mithra was never a "real person." In actuality he was originally represented by non-human forms. It is very significant to note that ancient Iranians themselves did not represent the Sun-god in human form in the earliest times, and they used to represent him by means of symbols. In one of the sepulchres of Darius near Naqshi Rustam, Mithra is represented as a round disc (a UFO). Next stage was that of human busts of Sun in later Mithraism. Today we see Mithraic symbols more commonly known as Masonic or Illuminati symbols such as the all-seeing eye or references to the sun and sun-god.

Mithra paganism has the following in common with the Jesus Christ of today's churches:

* Mithra was born on December 25th. Although Jesus was born in October, the churches today Celebrate Mithra's birthday being conned into believing it was Jesus' birthday.

* Mithra’s birth was witnessed by shepherds and by Magi (wisemen) who brought gifts to his sacred birth-cave of the Rock (to mock the wisemen who would bring gifts to Jesus).

* He was considered a great traveling teacher and master.

* He had 12 companions or disciples (although in Mithraism this was represented by the 12 astrological signs).

* He performed miracles.

* He was buried in a tomb.

* After three days he rose again (of course no one witnessed this).

* His resurrection was celebrated every year (although he was never a real person).

* Mithra was called "the Good Shepherd."

* He was considered "the Way, the Truth and the Light, the Redeemer, the Savior, the Messiah."

* He was identified with both the Lion and the Lamb.

* His sacred day was Sunday, "the Lord's Day," hundreds of years before the appearance of Christ.

* Mithra had his principal festival on what was later to become Easter, at which time he was resurrected.

* His religion had a Eucharist or "Lord's Supper."

* Mithra performed the usual assortment of miracles: raising the dead, healing the sick, making the blind see and the lame walk, casting out devils. As a Peter (son of Petra) he carried keys to the kingdom of heaven. (3)

* His triumph and ascension to heaven were celebrated at the spring equinox (Easter), when the sun rises toward its apogee.

In all to the Babylonians (Romans), Mithra became the god of light and truth, the god of mediation between god and man. He was to his worshippers;

* The creator of life.

* Mediator between man and the higher gods.

* God of light.

* All-seeing one.

* Guardian of oaths (covenants).

* Protector of the righteous in this world and also in the next.

It was the Mithra cult that was the leading rival of Christianity in Rome, and more successful than Christianity for the first four centuries of the “Christian” era. In 307 A.D., the emperor officially designated Mithra “Protector of the Empire.” Some resemblances between Christianity and Mithraism were so close that even St. Augustine declared the priests of Mithra worshipped the same deity as he did.

Mithra was born on December 25, called “Birthday of the Unconquered Sun,” which was incorporated into the church in the 4th century A.D. as the birthday of Christ.

Before returning to heaven, Mithra celebrated a Last Supper with his twelve disciples, who represented the twelve signs of the zodiac. In memory of this, his worshippers partook of a sacramental meal of bread marked with a cross This was one of the seven Mithraic sacraments, the models for the Christians’ seven sacraments . It was called mizd, latin missa, in other words, English mass. Mithra’s image was buried in a rock tomb, the same sacred cave that represented his mother’s womb. He was withdrawn from it and said to live again.

Like early Christianity, Mithraism was an ascetic, anti-female religion. Its priesthood consisted of celibate men only . Was Paul a Mithraic priest?

Women were forbidden to enter Mithraic temples. The women of Mithraic families had nothing to do with the men’s cult, but attended services of the Great Mother in their own temples of Isis, Diana or Juno. Anahita was the Mother of Waters, traditional spouse of the solar god whom she bore, loved and swallowed up. She was identified with the Anatolian Great Goddess Ma. Mithra was naturally coupled with her, as her opposite, a spirit of fire, light and the sun.. Her “element,” water, overwhelmed the world in the primordial flood, when one man built an ark and saved himself, together with his cattle, according to Mithraic myth.

What began in water would end in fire, according to the Mithraic eschatology. The great battle between the forces of light and darkness in the Last Days would destroy the earth with its upheavals and burnings. Virtuous ones who followed the teachings of the Mithraic priesthood would join the spirits of light (Illuminati) and be saved. Sinful ones who followed other teachings would be cast into hell with Ahriman and the fallen angels.

Where others fall short believing Christianity mimmicked and copied Mithraism, they cannot see that it was Mithraism itself that was created to mimmick and copy the coming Messiah and church. But even worse what happened was that Christianity would then incorporate Mithraic paganisms perverting the truth faith.

Led by whom? Paul. Paul quotes from Mithraic sculptures when he cites, "And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ" I Cor. 10:4 Paul often quoted from Mithraic dogma, the Hillel inspired "Mithraic" Talmud, or misquoted the Old Testament. And yet the church ignores all the warning signs that he wasn't whom or what he portrayed himself to be.

During the fourth century it was the church itself led by Mithraic Constantine that incorporated Mithraic beliefs and doctrines into the church, making them doctrines and traditions. Following 300 years of persecutions, there weren't many early Christian believers left to protest and resist the intrusion and takeover of Mithraism into the church. They had all died refusing to accommodate it.

Constantine the Great was an avid Mithra worshiper and his devoted mother Helena, a great worshipper of Ishtar, ‘My Lady’ the Queen of Heaven. It was Constantine who transferred most of the doctrines and tenants of Mithraism, as well as the shrines and temples into the Christian Church after his 'conversion' to Christianity in 312A.D. He didn't abandon his occult practices after his conversion, he brought them into the church and then had the church write new Scriptures to incorporate them into the church doctrines.

In fact most of the Christian churches were built over the top of shrines and temples of Mithraism. In 1954 when rebuilding the bombed ruins of St. Paul’s cathedral, another shrine of the cult god Mithra was unearthed in the ruins.

To show the validity of this change over without conversion, consider this worship decree issued by the Emperor Constantine in the year 321 AD., which was some nine years after his supposed conversion.

Constantine, Emperor Agustus, to Helidus: "On the venerable day of the sun let the magistrates, and the people residing in cities rest, let all workshops be closed. In the country, however, persons engaged in agriculture may freely and lawfully continue their pursuits".

Note here the day mentioned; ‘The venerable day of the sun’, the special day dedicated to the cult sun-god, Mithra, the first day of the week, SUNDAY! This was the first recorded blue Sunday law. In short, Constantine had never given up worshipping on his beloved ‘venerable day of the sun’, the day totally dedicated to the sun-god Mithra, the ‘son of the sun-god’.

Constantine threw out the truths of the early church and assimilated them with Mithraism, thereby creating two Messiahs: The God of Mithra, which would become the dominant deity of the church then, and still is today, and the God of the early believers. Which one are you following today?

Mystery Babylon The Great

I have been stating for the past 2 years that Paul was a government agent infiltrating Christianity because I kept feeling led into that area. I just couldn't prove it. I couldn't find the missing link until I stumbled on Mithraism. I had seen it before but had ignored it all together as a clever imitation by Satan to confuse men. Until I recently took a closer look at it and realized it was more than attempt to confuse men, it had completely overpowered and replaced Christianity. And that was the link I had been looking for and kept overlooking.

Mithraism operated back in the early church days the way the Masons do today. It was an elite cult for the men of high social circles and a god of the military forces. At the time of Christ it had permeated the Roman government. Mithra was the god of light, just as the god of Masonry is today. Saul-Paul's father was a Roman government official. There's no doubt he was involved in the sect of Mithraism, and having Jewish/Edomite blood, Saul-Paul had established himself in the sect of the Pharisees of the Jews. He had dual citizenship among the Romans and the Jews.

Paul was the instrument to merge Mithraism with Christianity and overthrow the original church the apostles had built. Now before you scream heresy, let me assure you if you read this through you will realize the deception of the churches today. If you're celebrating Christmas and Easter and celebrating the Sabbath on Sunday then you need to read this. No, I'm not a Seventh Day Adventist or any religion, I hold to none. I seek only the Father and the truth in the Most High God.

When we study the future Blue Beam Project that is going to be used to bring the Antichrist to power, you can't overlook the striking similarities of Mithraism. Is Maitreya (another name for the coming Antichrist) going to be the modern day Mithra? Seems like it.

Remember, as I just stated above one of the earliest Persian symbols for Mithra was a flying disc (UFO) and an all-seeing eye (symbol of the NWO).

Traditions of Man

In retrospect, it would have been a very easy switch from Mithraism to Constantine’s form of 'so called’ Christianity, as their doctrines and tenants were very similar. Only the name of the god Mithra had to be changed to Christ, and the day of worship to be changed from Saturday to Sunday. There was also a little rearranging in other things, but all in all the amalgamation was relatively easy because most of the doctrines and teachings of Mithra were transferred and assimilated into the church. Not to make it easier for the pagans to accept Christianity, but to infiltrate and pollute Christianity with a false messiah.

In his edict of Milan, issued in 313AD., a year after his supposed conversion, toleration and equality were proclaimed to other cults and religions within the state, however anyone who persisted in observing any other day than their ‘venerable day of the sun’, the state promoted day, were actively persecuted, therefore any Sabbath keeper had to go underground.

The seven Mithraic sacraments were adopted (retained in Catholicism to this day) and Christmas and Easter, Mithraic holidays were also brought in.

The female companion cult to this male’s only religion was a dedication to the fertility goddess, Ishtar, the Queen of heaven, or Magnus Mater. The moon was her planet as in Moon day, our Monday, as the next largest orb in our heavens. At the first full moon of spring in the northern hemisphere, that is at the end of our March, in Babylonian times the pagan son of the sun-god, Demuzi, or Tammuz, the forerunner of Mithra, descended into the nether world, to be rescued by his mother/lover, Ishtar, the fertility goddess, and on being rescued participated in an act of human procreation. Rabbits and eggs were symbols of this fertility rite. Little round cakes, the equivalent of our hot cross buns, were also baked in honour to this Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven. The evidence of this is found in Jeremiah’s time

Jer.7:18 The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger. See also Jer.44: 17-19.

These practices were merged into the church to where today we have a combination of both the pagan Mithraism and Queen of heaven worship via the Protestant Easter and the Catholicism celebration of Mary.

In the northern hemisphere the winter solstice falls on December 22/23, thus making this time the sun’s most weakest point of the year, so it was then reckoned to be the time of its yearly death. But then after this point the sun then became stronger, so the ancients considered that it was the time of rebirth and hence declared a few days after as being the birthday of the sun (son), that is, Mithra’s birthday! The day chosen being December 25, the most important date on the Babylonian calendar year. If you are celebrating Christmas, it is not the Lord Jesus's birthday you are celebrating but Mithra's. And the argument "the Lord knows my heart" won't work either because Yahweh hates the traditions of men! You are worshipping another god, and another gospel. Why? Because you're following after the traditions of man and ignoring Yahweh's Required Feasts altogether.

Mithra’s cave-temple on the Vatican Hill was seized by Christians in 376 A.D.. Christian bishops of Rome pre-empted even the Mithraic high priest’s title of Pater Patrum, which became Papa,(or Pope) First there was Mithra copying the coming Messiah. Now, we have Christianity taking over Mithra, copying and assimilating the pagan aspects of Mithraism. Both would become assimilated into each other creating a false and delusional mystery cult religion. And not only that, what today is located on Vatican Hill? The Vatican. There are 7 hills in Rome, and the Vatican was built on top of a Mithra temple, just as other churches had been built on top of ancient Mithra temples.

And we still have it in today's secret occult societies. The sun became the mysterious ‘all seeing eye of Mithras’, and astrology prediction became an important part of the cult. We see this even today with Illuminati symbols of the all-seeing eye and their dependency of astrology. What the church dropped, the occult kept. We have Mithra in both our church and government. The all-seeing eye is a symbol on our dollar bill.

Many of the Roman Emperors who embraced this mystery cult god included; Nero, Commodus, Septimus, Aurelain, Julian the Apostate, and Dioclethian, to name only a few who were all faithful followers of Mithra. For it was he who promised to be the ‘Protector of the Faithful’, which would be very important to a soldier, and also as a ‘guide to the souls’ of men. Thus these Emperors added divine names to their own, such a ‘Dias’ or devout, ‘Felix’ or blessed, ‘Invictus’ or invincible, to make legitimate their claims of ruling by divine right. A practice the Roman Catholic papacy would adopt.

Naturally the true and faithful to Yahushua could not possibly bow to this form of sun-worship, so they were persecuted. Do you understand that? The Early Christians would not bow to the sun-god yet today's Christians are bowing every Sunday to it!

Complete Counterfeit Christianity

Most people who dig into the history of religions have it completely backwards. No surprise. But the truth is out there for those who seek it from the Lord. When Adam and Eve fell, the only hope mankind had was to be redeemed. And from the time of the fall, Yahweh knew what He would do to redeem it.

Adam was told how mankind would be redeemed. That the Messiah was to be born of a virgin to become, the Lord of the Covenant, the ‘Lamb slain from the foundation of the world’, who was to die and be in the grave for three days and then be resurrected. Adam knew the attributes of God and His plan of salvation and was told all this by God Himself and it was his bounded duty to pass it on verbally to all his offspring, and they on to theirs, so that by the time of the Assyrians, all these gospel truths were well known. Abraham knew them all well!

Hasn't it always stood true that God will do nothing lest He reveal it unto His servants the prophets’. . Amos 3:7?

We know Satan heard Yahweh's plan of redemption for mankind as He revealed it to Adam. Because he set about to prepare the biggest counterfeits he could come up with to negate Yahweh's plans! Satan had plenty of time to prepare, and put into motion the best counterfeits he could come up with, so that when the real messiah did come, no one would recognize Him for the real Messiah that He was.

It was the pagan cult of mystery that became a complete and blatant counterfeit piece of work that Satan had perfected in substituting the ‘son of the sun-god’, Mithra, for our Lord and Savior the Lord Jesus Christ, the only true Lord of light and truth, the only true Mediator, and the only true God of the Holy Covenant. It was truly one great counterfeit job, and the results are still with us to this day.

Today there are many who claim Jesus Yahushua was a copy of Mithra when it is the other way around. It was Mithra who was created and set up through every pagan religion throughout the nations to mimmick what Yahweh would do

This mimmickry has traveled through the ages into even our churches of today. It never went anywhere, just disguised itself and assimilated as the Jesus of the Bible into our churches. Are they really worshipping Yahushua?

What does the Bible call today's churches? MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT , THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. (Rev. 17:5). Babylon is America, harlots are the churches. They have prostituted the truth for lies.

If you are worshiping the Jesus of the churches, you are worshipping another Savior. If you are celebrating the traditions and dogma of the churches today you are worshipping another gospel. How can I say this? Because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And if you are not following the example both He and His Apostles set, then you are not following HIM. If you are not celebrating His feasts, keeping His Torah laws and observing His commandments you are not HIS but the clever counterfeit of the ages himself, deceptive Mithra i.e. Lucifer.

Most churches today justify Pauline teachings as to why they believe what they do. Paul was a false apostle. And when you realize that everything changes. You can get back into the truth of what faith in Yahweh really is instead of the lies you've been spoon fed from Paul. The law never ended, sure the cumbersome aspects of it were replaced and nullified, but there’s more to the law than most realize. They simple claim the law was replaced by grace and sweep it under the rug without realizing it’s Yahweh Himself they’re sweeping under the rug. Jesus fulfilled the law He didn’t cancel it or replace it with Pauline doctrines.

There was no stop in God's plan for mankind. In the Book of Revelation it even says that in the New Jerusalem people will be celebrating the feasts. So why aren't you now? Why is the majority of churchianity following Mithra traditions and feasts rather than Yahweh's?

What's been lost is for people to question why they believe what they do. They follow church after church instead of just seeking Yahweh Himself. They blindly accept what their pastors and leaders tell them because it's just what they've done all their lives and to think otherwise goes against the brainwashing of the religious establishment. The fear of questioning is put into them instead of following the commands to be Berean and search the Scriptures for ourselves. You can't protect yourself from error if you don't seek Yahweh Himself for the truth. Man should never replace Him. To place your pastor as your teacher instead of Yahweh you are bordering on idolatry. Because we are to seek Him, not man.

We have gone from generation to generation in Spiritual limbo because man has replaced Yahweh in every church. Doctrines, theologies and ideologies, have all replaced HIM.

No I am not messianic, or whatever title of religion there is out there. I hold no religious affiliation. My only affiliation is in Yahweh. The Messianics would do well to realize they don’t have to spend all their time trying to tell everyone “what Paul really meant” and just admit he was a false apostle. Then they wouldn’t have to waste so much of their time combating his contradictions.

Mithraism never went anywhere. It is alive and well today. Most will embrace Mithra as the False Prophet when he arrives with the name of “Jesus and Maitreya.” He will even look as the pictures of Jesus we’ve seen. He will mimmick and copy him so well it will be the deception of the ages to overcome. You’ve been forewarned. And the Beast Prophets in place today as pastors in our congregations and churches will embrace him and declare him as the son of God. And they will work in collusion with this False Prophet to deceive the world into worshipping the Antichrist as the Father, as God Himself.

Most of the churches today are teaching false doctrines and being led by false shepherds.

Get out of the deception. Get back into Yahweh.



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