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How to Counter the Illuminati
by Wes Penre, Apr 10, 2006

Wes PenreMany people have asked me how we can fight the New World Order on a daily basis. I have previously given my view on a spiritual solution in my article, How to Fight the New World Order, and this article is in addition to that, perhaps something we can use on a daily basis.

However we look at it, the solution has to be spiritual. The New World Order already got us in its grip, and we need to move fast. Some people write to me and say that fighting the Illuminati spiritually is fine, but we need to use force, too, and we need to do it now.

My response to that is this: We would probably stand a much better chance to win if we played online bingo. We would be in deep trouble if we, the people, started a giant militia and just overthrew the Shadow Government, without having any spiritual backup. Why? Well, this is most likely what would happen:

1. Let's say we manage to expose the Elite and have them removed.

2. When this is done, we need to establish a new government and/or a new political system/order that we believe would work. This, of course, will be a great challenge, because we would have an overwhelming amount of opinions how this new system would look like. However, let's say we agree on a solution.

3. We know from experience that power corrupts, and not having any spiritual solution we are bound to fall back into the old system of secrecy and corruption again, and the circle is closed.

This may sound very discouraging, but as I see it, this is what is going to happen. So, what can we do?

Well, the Illuminati have succeeded because they have worked behind the scenes, in secrecy, and controlled us with money to a great extent, but always with FEAR. Fear and terror are their main weapons. Another way is to "divide and conquer"; to turn friend against friend and create imaginary enemies. They know how to HATE and they have no conscience. They are driven by power, control and wealth.

This is the Illuminati in a nutshell, and when we look at it that way, it seems like we are facing an enemy we can't defeat. I believe that is not true! However, we still come back to the fact that we need to fight them on a spiritual level. We have to look at their WEAKNESS, not their STRENGTH, to be able to counter them.

Their weakness is that they can't feel real love. They are terrified that we are going to break the programming by stop being afraid, angry, disillusioned, feeling discouraged and apathetic. Therefore, what we need to do is to start to love again and throw out the fear and terror we may feel, which are just illusions anyway. The more we feed into those negative emotions, the more we are in the grip of the Illuminati. They can ONLY succeed if they can keep us in fear! So what we can do, BOTH on an individual basis and in groups, is to stop being afraid and start loving ourselves, each other, the environment and everything there is. I know it is hard to do immediately, but we need to work on this. The Illuminati don't know how to love, and that is the weak spot in their armor. The more we are able to tune into the very high vibration of LOVE, the less power the Elite will have. It is impossible for them to create an effect on us if they can't feed on our fear.

So, the sequence to start fighting the Illuminati and their New World Order is:

1. Learn about the New World Order. Research it and understand how the Agenda is setup, so they can't fool you anymore. Anyone, who is NOT aware of the Illuminati Plan to take over the World, ignores it, or refuses to accept it, is hopelessly lost and can't develop spiritually. The door is closed. These people are facing a future in total slavery.

2. Don't fight them at all, but instead work on yourself on a spiritual level. This IS foremost a SPIRITUAL war, not a war of FORCE, I can't stress this enough.

By starting to love again, unconditionally, and letting our egos go, we are well on our way to win this battle. In addition, please also read my article, How to Fight the New World Order, and see for yourself if this makes sense to you.

Unconditional Love

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