The Changemaker
by Hazel W. M. McKinlay, Sep 28, 2005
(Posted: Sep 29, 2005)

Hazel W. M. McKinlayTony Blair deserves an Oscar for his conference speech. He spun fancy words about “21st Century terrorists, fighting a medieval religious war” while Britain occupies their country and refuses to withdraw. His Stepford wife, Cherie, looking as orange as her husband, but with more lippy than Myra Hindley’s mug-shot, applauded his every proposal.

After eight years of New Labour one would expect their policies on health, education and crime to have borne fruit, but Blair wishes he had gone further with Draconian reforms. How much farther can you go than abolishing Habeas Corpus and the Magna Carta? To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention, because I knew he wouldn’t be honest.

If Blair was truthful he would have told the delegates that all citizens are criminals now, if they voice an opinion. That is a thought crime, for which eighty-two year old Walter Wolfgang was physically ejected from the hall. He thought Jack Straw was talking “nonsense” and said so. Democracies do not tolerate dissent, apparently.

To have likes and dislikes in the UK is no longer a prerogative either, we must embrace homosexuality, while not uttering that word, paedophilia, transvestitism and Satanism are all ‘freedom of choice’ and we are not free to choose to denounce it. It’s only a ‘lifestyle’ and to suggest otherwise is a hate crime. What’s wrong with devil worship?

Blair could also have advised the country that police can shoot innocent people in the head seven times in full Tony Blairpublic view and it’s perfectly legal. The government can send troops to invade sovereign nations, based on lies, without international repercussions. Anyone who opposes it might die in the woods, or up a hill, like Robin Cook.

The Prime Minister insisted a debate on globalization would be like debating whether autumn follows summer. It is a foregone conclusion and we must be willing and able to change. He proudly proclaimed, “The future will be ours to share” but with whom? Monsanto, Raytheon and Halliburton? Sharing is caring, for corporate profits.

Blair said he felt proud of Britain after the London bombings, but we must remain allied to the USA to guarantee our security. Like Hell! It didn’t work for Iraq, swarming with American marines. Intelligence chiefs are warning of more terror attacks, and they would know, but even if we forfeit our few remaining liberties, they can’t prevent it.

New Labour’s punky theme tune by ‘Sham 69’ was most appropriate, because that’s what party politics are, a sham. Blair called himself ‘the changemaker’ but we have been short changed through excessive taxation, failing health services, an education shambles, social injustice and record police on the streets. That’s what happens in a police state.

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