What Happened To the War Criminals From the Balkan War?
- by Wes Penre, December 1999 -

What happened in Bosnia? What happened to Radovan Karadzic and his trained killers? Why wasn't he put on trial due to his crimes against humanity?

It's interesting to notice how fast people seem to forget. Everything happens in such a speed; new wars, new Radovan Karadziccivil wars, conflicts and terrorism arising all over the world. There is so much happening, that most of us feel we don't have the mental strength to get involved anymore. We become apathetic. Old conflicts stop and new ones appear. How many of us have even thought about Karadzic lately? Well, the media have definitely "forgotten" about him in favor for new new sensations to report, so therefore we have a tendency to forget, too.

The last thing I ever heard about this Warlord was when there was a demand that he should be put to trial before the tribunal, and NATO forces patrolled outside his residence. Oddly enough, they never stopped by, "ringed the doorbell" and arrested him. Why? What was the real purpose of the NATO forces at that time? Was it to arrest him or to protect him?

Instead other, lower ranked butchers were put on trial to keep the masses satisfied. They were indeed criminals themselves and should be judged, but the big guys always seem to get away with it.

I don't know how many people know about it, but all the war leaders in former Yugoslavia were highly educated psychiatrists. They were all trained in Tavistock Center in England, an Illuminati created institute for the studying and developing of mind control. All sides of the Bosnia conflict of course were financed by the Illuminati Elite, and Karadzic himself never had any back-off to telling the media he was a psychiatrist. His father, by the way, was an infamous butcher in the SS during World War II.

That psychiatry would be a science with the purpose to resolve peoples' spiritual and mental problems is a myth. Instead, psychiatry as a science is an important mind-control factor for the Elite, and the most highly trained psychiatrists on this planet are evil people indeed, with a sole intent to dull the human mind and brainwash the people. The evidence for this is overwhelming and could fill hundreds of web sites in itself, but I just want to mention it here, as it is a big part of the conspiracy and from where concentration camps once evolved etc. The Freeman family, one of the top Illuminati families, is deeply involved in psychiatric developments and practices.

The story of Radovan Karadzic and how he has escaped justice is nothing new. The big psychiatrists and Nazi leaders behind the scene, were all supported after World War II. The US government helped the most evil guys to escape from Germany to the US and got high positioned, classified posts as scientists and officers in the CIA, Interpol and other suppressive institutes in the secret "Operation Paperclip". The only way to put Karadzic on trial seems to be if people require it loudly enough. In that case the Brotherhood probably would sacrifice him for the sake of the "Great Work of the Ages".









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