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Illuminati News Presents:

The Matrix & Other 9/11 Hollywood Symbolism

Category: News on 9/11
Published here: Tuesday, August 19, 2008, 06:52 PM
Last Updated or Revised:
Tuesday, August 19, 2008 07:10 PM

The Matrix Movie
The Matrix Movie


Insiders love bragging to one another about being on the inside-- perhaps that's one explanation for an abundance of illuminati symbolism in mainstream media and corporate logos.

Among the interesting references to 9/11 that have been uncovered in media released before 9/11 is a passport for 'Neo' in blockbuster film The Matrix, released in 1999.

The passport-- in Neo's file-- shows an expiration date of '11 SEP 01,' seemingly now an eerie coincidence found in the smallest of details.

Thomas Andersons' 9/11 passport

Further, the 10-year passport shows an issue date of '12 SEP 91'-- only one day after George H.W. Bush's haunting September 11, 1991 speech before Congress where he called for, in no uncertain terms, a New World Order (and before that on Sept. 11, 1990) . Indeed, September 11 proves to be an important occultic date/number to the elites.

Coincidence or not, the Wachowski brothers, the film's directors, have proven to be obviously knowledgeable about a number of esoteric meanings-- not only do both The Matrix trilogy and V for Vendetta contain plotlines laden with occult symbolism, but its imagery is also textured throughout these films.

Simpsons 911
The Simpsons, "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" Orig. airdate September 21, 1997 [wiki]


Such pre-9/11 coincidences are prevalent elsewhere in the media as well. For instance, a 1997 episode of the Simpsons shows Lisa holding an ad for a $9 bus trip to New York with the towers interestingly juxtaposed next to the 9, portraying the image of 9/11.

The pilot episode for 'The Lone Gunmen' (an X-Files spin off) featured an extremely eerie plot where a government faction posing as terrorists hijack a 727 by remote control and attempt to fly it into the World Trade Center-- the episode aired on March 4, 2001-- some 6 months before the 9/11 attacks.

[See YouTube video From the pilot for 'The Lone Gunmen' - Orig. airdate March 4, 2001: "The Lone Gunmen" TV Show Foreshadows 9/11":

On March 4, 2001—exactly six months and one week before 9/11—The Lone Gunmen television show, a spinoff from The X-Files, premiered on FOX.

In that pilot episode, Byers' father faked his own death in order to uncover a conspiracy to hijack a commercial airliner, and crash it into what turned out to be the World Trade Center. This episode, and those that followed it, received positive reviews, but FOX cancelled the show due, it said, to a drop in ratings.

The following series of clips from that pilot episode are somewhat more extensive than what has been available on YouTube to date, detailing some of the possible similarities between fact and fiction than had been available before.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice said that, before 9/11, no one anticipated airliners being used as weapons. Given that the government had anticipated this (even considered perpetrating a similar scenario!) as far back as Operation Northwoods and as recently as the "terror drills" it was sponsoring that day, not only is Dr. Rice's statement patently false, but also—strangely enough—the fictional "Lone Gunmen" seem to have anticipated this, as the following clips plainly demonstrate.

Still, that this 9/11 was foreshadowed by The Lone Gunmen—just over six months prior to September 11, 2001—is stunning.]

The series' star, Dean Haglund, has previously appeared on the Alex Jones Show to discuss the odd coincidence.

"Part of the plot, as it said in the script was that this event would be used to start an international war on terror." Haglund commented.

Interestingly, Haglund also revealed that representatives of the FBI and NASA would frequently approach X-Files series creator Chris Carter with plots for stories and noted also that CIA and other government officials frequented Hollywood parties to plant script ideas.

It is well-known that the Pentagon has a heavy influence in most big budget military films-- trading access to bases, planes and other equipment for heavily influence and control of the message in scripts-- and it is clear that such government forces meddle in other areas of media as well.

Obscure 9/11 references before the fact: File it under 'things that make you go hmmm' because it certainly wasn't bin Laden who put those references there.


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