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Illuminati News Presents:

‘Big Brother’ By-Election Plays out as David Icke Predicted from the Start  


Category: Freedom Fighters and Resistance
Published here: Friday, July 11, 2008, 10:17 AM
Last Updated:
Friday, July 11, 2008 10:28 AM

David Davis
David Davis


DAVID DAVIS wins by a mile and David Icke gets the very few votes he always said he would get in an election in which his focus was information nationally and internationally, not winning irrelevant votes within the small constituency area in which this election took place.

And it was job done.

As the votes were being counted today, David Icke’s video of his election public meeting exposing ‘Big Brother – The Big Picture’ was the most watched Google video in the UK and his 1996 presentation, ‘Turning of the Tide’, in which he predicted so accurately the Big Brother world we have today, was the third most watched Google video in the UK.

Also this morning ‘Big Brother – The Big Picture’ was the fifth most-watched Google video in the world. Click here to see and circulate ...

While the corrupt system had its election and crowned its impostor ‘king’ in its attempt to hijack the Big Brother ‘debate’ in Britain, far more people are now aware of the real Big Brother – the one that David Davis and his sidekick from ‘Liberty’, Shami Chakrabarti, have no intention of talking about, let alone exposing.

David Davis, an aloof and arrogant man it turned out, refused to debate the wider aspects of the Orwellian State with David Icke and even barred him from his public events. And this is the new standard-bearer for the opposition to 'Big Brother'? It is all a scam.

We must not let Davis and Chakrabarti control this debate and keep it within the desperately narrow confines that leave the real Big Brother unchallenged and unexposed.

David Icke has taken yet another dose of abuse and ridicule from the mainstream media to stand up for what he believes in, but he has been so moved by the fantastic support he has received from all over the world from people with eyes to see and minds to open.

Thank-you to everyone who has supported David over the last ten days, both locally, nationally and internationally, in giving yet more people the opportunity to see what is really going on.

It has been a great effort, so much has been achieved against all the odds in such a ridiculously short time, and now on we go …

Thanks for all your efforts. So much will come from this, and indeed is already doing so. Upward and onward.
Click here for BBC election report ...

What David Icke Said from the Start ... Making it Clear

I want to make it clear one more time because a few people have still got the wrong impression. I have not put my name forward in the upcoming by-election because I want to win and nor do I have any chance of winning. I will get a few votes at most in the time we have. Personally I am not in the least bothered if I get zero.

It is not about that. It is about taking an opportunity in a by-election called by the sitting MP on the subject of 'Big Brother' to make the point that this is far, far bigger than even he realises and unless we see the BIG picture of what is going on nothing effective can be done to stop it.

We can sit on our bums and moan, or we can do what we don't want to do (as with me in this case) to communicate what people need to know as effectively as we can.

best wishes,

And so it has turned out ... and let's hope that, as a result, more people stop just moaning and disconnect their bums from the sofa. Doing nothing is not an option - unless we fancy living in a fascist global state knowing that our children and grandchildren will have to suffer in its clutches for the rest of their lives.

So ... to all those who have some understanding, but are doing nothing about it ...

STOP making excuses

Come on ... Let's go ...


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Wes Penre


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