The Crime of…
- The Story of Anthony L. Hargis -
(Posted here by Wes Penre, April 29, 2005)

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Table of Contents:

Locked Out of the Courthouse

The Crime Of...

The American Inquisition

The Money of Cannibalism

The Right Of Revolution

Fires That Cry

 Probably out of stupidity, the government has confessed, or acknowledged, an enormous crime.To understand this, we need to review a few simple principles relating to contractual law.

A contract is a mutually agreed relationship among two of more parties.  If there is one party, or no parties, there is no contract.

A contract defines the rights and duties of each party to the contract; and these rights and duties cannot be transferred to non-parties except by mutual consent. If I order a meal from restaurant B, a contract is thereby created: I have a right to a meal and a duty to pay for it; restaurant B has a duty to provide the meal and a right to receive payment for it.  The meal is provided, payment is made, and the contract is extinguished.

If I ordered and paid for the meal, and restaurant B disappeared before providing the meal, I would have no right to compel restaurant A to provide a meal.  If I disappeared before paying for the meal, restaurant B would have no right to compel anyone else to pay for the meal.

No one but the March Hare would even think about transferring these contractual rights or duties to non-parties.

These principles apply even more forcefully to contracts that pertain to fundamental rights.

A constitution is a contract – probably the most important contract that could ever be devised.

Parties to American constitutions are “We the people… and our posterity,” also known as “preamble citizens.”  No one else can invoke rights, protections or standing relative to such contracts (except as specifically indicated).  If there were no “people” or no “posterity,” American constitutions would be dead instruments: they would protect no rights, delegate no authority, impose no limits.

In other words, if the American banditti could annihilate the “people of the United States,” its primary weapons – that is, American governments – could operate as absolute despotisms with the illusion of constitutionally limited governments.

This annihilation of “the people” is precisely what has been accomplished by compelling and deceiving Americans to obtain a Social Security card (SS card).  By applying for an SS card, one volunteers to surrender one’s status as a preamble citizen and take on the status of a 14th amendment citizen.

In other words, this application for an SS card is more than merely changing labels; it amounts to surrendering all rights, all protections and all standing relative to federal and state constitutions in exchange for very limited “privileges and immunities” granted by the 14th amendment (which was never ratified).

The distinction between preamble citizen and 14th amendment citizen is very clearly expressed in American law,  “Every citizen of the United States (14th amendment citizen)… shall have… the same right [relative to certain property rights] as is enjoyed by white citizens….” 42 USC 1982.

This is 14th-amendment language and it clearly declares that a U. S. citizen is not a white citizen.  Here, white citizen and preamble citizen are identical terms.

With this knowledge, I resolved on a lawsuit against the SS Administration.  But, these issues were so complicated and so comprehensive that I eventually decided to divide them into several lawsuits to be able to deal with one or two issues at a time.  Accordingly, our first lawsuit dealt with the question of whether SS-card holders had full and perfect standing relative to the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

In our initial complaint we (six plaintiffs) asserted, among other facts, that we were ‘preamble citizens.’

The government responded, (a) ‘in order for plaintiffs to carry their case, they must establish that they are preamble citizens’ and (b) ‘there is no such thing as a preamble citizen.’


Do you comprehend what the government asserted?

If there are no “preamble citizens,” there are no parties to the federal contract.  Please, focus your thoughts, and contemplate the meaning and consequences of this assertion.

By operation of the SS card, the American banditti has deprived an entire nation of its rights, its protections and standing relative to the federal Constitution and Bill of Rights.

What shall we call this crime?

It affects more than just Americans.  For more than two centuries, America has been a beacon for all mankind, illuminating the reality and hope of liberty.

We, and our parents, have appointed sentinels to guard our rights.  These sentinels, instead, have conspired with our enemies, and have perpetrated a political genocide.  There is no remedy for these sentinels: when Americans discover this betrayal, there won’t be enough trees from which to hang them.  For these sentinels, this political genocide must lead to a traditional genocide.

How shall we describe this crime?

We have struck at the heart of the matter; and the government has confessed or acknowledged this crime.  We have the facts, and even a confession.

Should we go forward?

If so, we need support, and resources of every kind.

If you want to support us with money, we offer shares in our case at ten grams of gold for each share.  If we lose all court decisions your ‘investment’ becomes a donation.  If we collect costs or damages, such collections will be distributed to shareowners in the form of dividends.

If you want more detailed information regarding the legal issues discussed in this flyer, these two publications are recommended,

Plantation America, 2nd ed., by Anthony Hargis (24.00, (20.00 plus 4.00 for p & h), 80 pp) explains the distinction between preamble and 14th amendment citizenship.  Includes an appendix previously published separately as Income Tax Failures.

The Lost Right, 3rd ed., by Anthony Hargis (24.00, (20.00 plus 4.00 for p & h), 112 pp), explains the history, nature, law and technology of the right of petition.
Send blank money order to Anthony Hargis, 2427 N. Tustin Av, Suite B; Santa Ana, Cal. 92705.