UFOs & Aliens

All Angles Covered
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Nov 15, 2005
(Posted here by Wes Penre, Nov 16, 2005)

Hazel W.M. McKinlayThe CIA was established in 1947 specifically to suppress the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft. The usual suspects were involved, including Teller, Brzezinski, Kissinger, Hoover, Bush and Forrestal, whose integrity made him a liability and we all know (or should know) what happened to him! James V. Forrestal was one of the first, but not the last, who was murdered to cover-up the true facts and disseminate disinformation, which has persisted to this day. Other notables are spared, because they adhere to the agenda.

Dr. Morris K. Jessup was a genuine ufologist and renowned scientist who wrote ‘The Case for the UFO’ in 1955, which detailed the antigravity propulsion system of ‘flying saucers’ but he never mentioned “little green men” or alleged alien abductions. He was ‘suicided’ on his way to meet a friend, Dr. Manson Valentine, with the completed manuscript for another book, entitled ‘UFO’s in the Bible.’ This document disappeared and Jessup’s revelations were never circulated. The truth of the matter died with him.

The void was filled by researchers like Bud Hopkins, whose specialty is regressing abductees, Whitley Strieber whose fictitious ‘Communion’ was stolen from Forrestal’s diaries and Stanton Friedman who brought us the fake MJ12 file, all purportedly CIA agents. They have received mainstream publicity, while whistleblowers, Phil Schneider and William Cooper, who exposed the military/industrial/prison complex connection, were less fortunate. They were the victims of covert executions, special forces style.

Laurence RockefellerLaurence Rockefeller’s Human Potential Foundation, was scripting a deceptive ‘End Times’ alien/angels scenario and funded behavioral psychologists to provide mass social conditioning for the event. John E. Mack, a ‘grey alien’ abduction expert, made the link between ecology and ufology saying, “…intelligences of the highest power are absolutely appalled that this one species is so out of control, so insensitive to the living ecosystem of the earth...” Richard Boylan’s ‘Star Kids’ (alien/human hybrids) are also concerned!

Zecharia Sitchin attended the HPF, “When Cosmic Cultures Meet” conference and wrote volumes about the Anunnaki gods, who came from a twelfth planet and landed in Mesopotamia: Eden was a genetic bio-lab where Adam was created as a gold-digger, all deduced from erroneous interpretations of cuneiform metaphors and a picture on a stone stele. Few scholars followed this Red Herring, except for David Icke who took it further and claimed the gods were reptilian, because serpent symbols pervade mythology, but Colonel James Churchward proved that this archaic symbol represents the fifth element.

Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI, who search for intelligent life with a telescope while discs  are back-engineered at Area 51, is also a Rockefeller associate and Laurence trusted him with the project for collating testimonies from four hundred military personnel and other credible witnesses, to disclose a sanitised version of the conspiracy. Dr. Greer touts “global warming” and the “energy crisis” for the urgency in utilising UFO technology, which would encourage “planetary unification” (globalisation) and he believes the USA should take the lead because it has all the answers. Excuse me while I choke on a pretzel!

Steven Greer
Steven Greer

Dr. Greer, Colonel Tom Bearden and their mutual webmaster, Tony Craddock share an address in Santa Barbara with two oil companies, perhaps that’s why Bearden’s MEG never took off, at least not until the “petroleum people” have squeezed the last dollar from “peak oil.” Bearden’s Motionless Electromagnetic Generator will be of no use if the Yakuza, vice criminals from Japan, wipe out America with scalar weapons. The Colonel focuses mainly on Russia’s advanced capabilities in geophysical warfare, not the USA.

Even with EM power, Greer thinks it will take about thirty years to eradicate world poverty, by which time starvation and man-made plagues will have taken their toll and the poor will be extinct, but those who promote eugenics and depopulation will finally see their dream realized. The world’s wickedest dynasty, the Rockefellers, through their ‘philanthropical’ institutions, have moulded public opinion and manipulated minds into blindly accepting whatever fabrication the media presents, like ‘climate change.’

Oil dependency could have ceased several decades ago, if ‘free energy’ had been introduced and there would be no ‘greenhouse gases’ or environmental damage to upset the ET’s, but this science was developed in secret for space-based weapons, weather modification and war. So, what is the alien deception plan? When the press announces “they’re here” and the Chariots of Fire arrive in a blaze of glory, courtesy of Project Blue Beam, will they be a heavenly host to save us from destruction, or an invasion by fallen angels? Whoever… the New World Order will be waiting to welcome them!



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