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Last Updated: Saturday, December 11, 2004 01:41:47 PM 

A Call to Action: What YOU Can Do!
- by W. T. Samsel -
[Originated from Hidden Mysteries Website]

What are Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the secret government, the corporate elite and the mass media REALLY up to? Why do they continue to allow the destruction and pollution of the earth and continue to entrap ever more of their fellow human beings in economic slavery? Why do they continue W.T. Samselto pour hundreds of billions of dollars into weaponry at the expense of the poor, sick, starving and elderly? Why are we lied to about the existence of UFOs and the involvement of extraterrestrial beings on our earth? If you are looking for answers to questions such as these, you are not alone. There are many people who, like myself, are writing and speaking out about the One-world government and the New World Order. We work to inform others concerning the international corporate predators, the global banks, UN “peacekeeping forces,” secret societies, the “illuminati,” the Bilderberg Group and the current CRIMES being committed by them against humanity and the earth. One does not have to look very hard to find magazines and journals devoted to exposing the political and economic fraud presently taking place. There are a number of interesting web sites which have been created to expose the secrets and lies and to promote free speech and public awareness.

While it is good that more people are speaking out and informing the public of what is happening, the average citizen is left wondering what is to be done? Good question. I have put forth several suggestions as to what the average person can do to begin working against the New World Order, a few of which are as follows . . .

A, Make a concerted effort to NOT BUY CORPORATE! We need to try to purchase goods and services from privately owned and operated establishments wherever and whenever we can do so. When we go out to eat at a “mom and pop” restaurant instead of going to Denny’s or McDonalds, then we are helping to support “the little guy” over the corporate giant. Perhaps it will cost a dollar or two more, but which would you rather your hard-earned dollars go to support? It is time to use our dollars as weapons against the corporate gluttons, time to reduce their gluttonous intake! Every dollar spent in support of mom and pop and free enterprise is a dollar denied to the corporate giants.

B, You can support the legalization, the introduction and development of a Hemp industry in this country! The result of which would stimulate the economy and provide employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people. It would also provide billions of dollars in tax income for the government, which could use the funds to improve heath-care, education, social programs and services. Hemp can be used to produce food, clothing, medicine and motor oils. Hemp based paper lasts ten times longer than wood based paper. Why do we continue to cut down our forests when we could simply grow a new hemp crop annually? There are well over 75,000 different products that can be derived from the hemp plant! Utilizing the Hemp plant would open up a vast array of products and opportunities for millions of Americans.

C, Another thing we can do is to begin paying more attention to what is happening in the world around us. Begin reading and learning about the various ways in which the global elite are manipulating world events, manipulating governments, manipulating you and your children! I would suggest that you read any of the books that have been written by David Icke, books by Ralph Nader, Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien. “The Atlantis Connection: Beyond the myth and legend to the here and now!” is a good one too! Talk to people, ask questions! Get together with people who are waking up to the truth concerning the threat of this “new-world order.” Discuss ways of resistance and then implement them, put them into action!

D, If you know that the line of work in which you are engaged is contributing to the problem, if it is contributing to the decay of our society or to the destruction and pollution of the environment . . . then perhaps it is time to get out of it! Take a serious look at your job. Is your conscience telling you something? Don’t hide behind the excuse that someone else will simply take your place. Don’t justify such work because of financial obligations because at that point, you ARE living in economic slavery! Have the courage to stand up for what your heart tells you is right. When you close one door, you can then open up new ones and feel good that you stepped out from the herd of sheep!

E, Be aware that the United States government wants to disarm the people. They will stop at nothing to convince people to equate guns with crime and terrorism. Do not believe the propaganda extolled by the gun grabbers in Washington. Controlling the private ownership of firearms doesn't control crime, criminals will always obtain firearms despite gun control laws!

A $500 million program to force 18.5 million Australians to hand in virtually all of their firearms last year resulted in a burgeoning crime rate. In truth, several studies have shown that when the people are well armed, the crime rates decrease dramatically! The idea of gun control is not to reduce crime, but to disarm the general population so that when the axe comes down, they cannot defend themselves. The time has come to arm ourselves! I suggest that you go out and purchase a handgun or rifle (preferably a semi-automatic type) with which to defend yourself and your family.

F, If you have not begun to do so, it is time to begin stocking up on an emergency supply of food, water and medical supplies. This is extremely important as these supplies could make the difference between life and death. When the government makes its move, you can expect that grocery stores will not have food, gas stations will not have gasoline, the water will cease flowing from the taps and pharmacies will not have medicine. You can expect a shutdown of electricity and telephone service.

If you are a free thinker, if you understand and believe in your heart that you CAN do something, then the number of ways to do so is limited only by your own imagination. You can begin to take part in the resistance! If enough people join together, we can begin to undermine the power base and control of the “powers that be.” Yet, how do we change the minds of those to whom freedom and liberty, fairness and justice are not as important as a weekly check, beer and party time? What about those whose name is conformity and security, those who choose ignorance over enlightenment and consciousness? What about the sheep herd that blindly continues to “follow the programming” of the media and government? I feel that reaching out to them is an essential obligation to all of us who know what is happening in the world and it is an important part of active resistance. Sadly, there are those who will not wake up until the global police are knocking on their doors, but that should not and cannot deter us from our efforts to bring about change!

We must realize that the only way to deal with the opponent is to help as many people as is humanly possible to become socially awakened and spiritually activated, but the task must not end there! It is not enough to simply go around informing people of the dangers confronting humanity and the earth, for words alone cannot win this battle. The enemy is too strong and too powerful. I propose that it is time for the messengers to come together and organize a front. We need to put our heads together and formulate a game plan. Together, we can build an organization, which will draw the people and support we need in order to effectively confront the “powers that be!” As long as we continue to merely inform, as long as there is no coherent unification of resistance, then the powers that be will continue their agenda!

If the Native American tribes had followed the advice of Tecumseh and come together as one unified resistance, then their confrontation with the U. S. government would have taken a very different course! When the American people were programmed into supporting world wars one and two, when the entire population was brainwashed into believing that the wars were a just and noble cause against which to mobilize, then they completely and totally overwhelmed their adversaries! Enemies of the United States found it impossible to resist the might of the American people.

As it stands at this point, it is going to take a concerted effort on the part of the American public, to get it through the heads of our "leaders," that we are not going to stand for this any longer! Unfortunately, it is going to take "determinism" to bring about change. It is time for the American people to stand up and demonstrate that they are not going to take it anymore! We are no longer going to accept being ignored as these criminals continue to carry on with business as usual. We are not going to stand by while corporate greed destroys America and further enslaves ourselves and our children! It is time to restore a FREE PRESS, time to take control of the PUBLIC airwaves, to reign in corporate America, to get our politicians OFF THE TAKE and force them to do the will OF THE PEOPLE!

Only if and when they themselves realize that the people are DETERMINED to do so, will they sit up and take notice.

It is time to WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING before it is TOO LATE!

W. T. Samsel.


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