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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Perilous State of Britain 2006
by David Warner, Apr, 2006


Priory of Sion logoAs a nation Britain prides herself on having the mother of parliaments as the cornerstone of her democratic liberties. Unfortunately this is only an illusion.

In reality the nation has been ruled since around 1603 by a secret society that has always functioned from the shadows but has exercised a rigid control over every aspect of Britain’s national life. Originating as the Priory de Sion in the medieval era, it evolved into the organisation we know today as the Illuminati. Its ultimate aims may be summarised as follows:

1.) The abolition of all ordered government.

2.) The abolition of private property.

3.) The abolition of inheritance.

4.) The abolition of patriotism.

5.) The abolition of all religion.

6.) The abolition of the family – via the abolition of marriage.

7.) The creation of a World (Illuminati) Government.

Bearing in mind the above precepts which they envisage taking place over centuries, we shall look in some detail at certain aspects of contemporary society to bring to light the dire effects of the work of this ‘hidden hand’.

One of the major public concerns in Britain in recent years has been the massive increase in house price inflation which has been interpreted by the media as a symbol of the country’s economic prosperity. This is but an illusion. The reality is that the market has been ‘rigged’ on an enormous scale by a ruthless exploitation of the laws of supply and demand.

The media has drawn attention to the fact that the increase in property prices has been largely driven by the buy-to-let market. The media then continually gloats over the grossly-inflated state of the market and the fact that an increasing number of people are being ‘priced out’ of ever owning their own home. The premise is reasonably accurate but does not give the complete picture; in some areas of London properties have been bought up en bloc for letting purposes. In the window of an estate agency in south London a year or two back I observed a sign stating a willingness to purchase property in multiples. Obviously individual buyers (unless they are exceptionally wealthy) would never have the capital available for such purchases. Who then is seeking to buy property on such a scale?

The answer is that property conglomerates who are Illuminati ‘front’ organisations have moved into the market on a vast scale. It was even announced recently that the world renowned Rothschild (Illuminati) bank was abandoning its stake in the gold market. Having forsaken gold where are they likely to re-deploy their assets? I believe banks such as Rothschilds are financing the corporatisation of the housing market in Britain. To what end one may ask?

For a number of years successive British governments have been telling the electorate that between 3.4 and 4.3 million new homes (depending on which sources you believe) will need to be built in Britain within the next 20 years. The reasons they say include a rising divorce rate and more people opting to live alone following divorce/bereavement or simply wishing to follow a single lifestyle. Considering that the birth-rate in most of western Europe is relatively static the figures simply do not compute unless you factor in another major consideration; that of mass immigration.

Tavistock Institue

In the late 1940’s the Illuminati think-tank known as the Tavistock Institute on Human Relations proposed allowing mass immigration from Britain’s colonies to the U.K., supposedly in order to assist in rebuilding Britain’s shattered economy, but in reality to effect a fundamental change in the structure of British society over the next 60 years.

“What he is saying, thousands and hundreds of thousands are saying and thinking – not throughout Great Britain, perhaps, but in the areas that are already undergoing the total transformation to which there is no parallel in a thousand years of English history……………… Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant descended population. It is like watching a
nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. So insane are we that we actually permit unmarried persons to immigrate for the purpose of founding a family with spouses and fiancées whom they have never seen.”

Enoch Powell
Birmingham, England
April 20th 1968.

Enoch PowellThis speech, quoted in part above, by the late Enoch Powell outlining the terrible tragedy awaiting Britain as a result of mass immigration was made at a time when the annual immigrant inflow was relatively low. The present day figure is five times what it was in 1968, and although it made a political pariah out of him at the time, he was one of the few who had the foresight to understand what would inevitably follow. The Illuminati engineered this from the outset since they knew that a society composed of so many disparate and opposing elements would become fundamentally unstable and they would exploit this instability for their own ends; order from chaos.

One of the social phenomena which became familiar to Americans by the late 1960’s was that of ‘white flight’ where, following the influx of immigrants into an area, whites would move out to areas with a preponderance of their own kind. The same phenomenon has now crossed the Atlantic, only within the much smaller confines of the British Isles there are fewer options open to whites seeking to leave behind the overcrowded cities. Thus it has been that traditional Celtic communities in parts of Scotland, Ireland and Wales have seen their uniqueness and individuality destroyed forever as a result of English white-flighters settling in these areas. To give a specific example: within the last few years there was a plan to move a few thousand English pensioners from London to mid-Wales where the Welsh language is predominant.

Such an influx would have been disastrous for the survival of the language as well as bringing an intolerable burden on limited public services such as healthcare. All of this is perfectly in keeping with the philosophies devised by the Illuminati at the Tavistock Institute.

Any mention of race or immigration is very closely monitored by the Illuminati-controlled media. A welter of ‘anti-discrimination legislation’ since the mid-1960’s has ensured that anyone who dares to criticise this state of affairs is surely destined to be ostracised or, worse, to be dubbed with that now universal epithet, ‘racist’. In times past loyalty to one’s own country, kith and kin was the highest of virtues, one for which men gladly sacrificed their own lives. Illuminati indoctrination through the mass media and throughout the educational establishment has ensured that any one brave enough to take their stand as a real patriot will now be condemned as a fanatic, a bigot, or even a Nazi.

The movement of English white-flighters within the British Isles has had the effect of pushing property prices in rural areas to grossly-inflated levels since many bring with them considerably greater purchasing power than the locals in these areas. As the available stock of housing is very much more limited than in the cities, house prices reach comparable levels with London where prices are at their highest. This leads in turn to the fragmentation of rural communities since many young couples seeking their first home are forced to move away, partly to be able to find work, but also because they can no longer afford to buy a home in the smaller towns and villages where they were born.

In the major cities widespread construction of new housing is taking place on every available piece of land, but one of the most common methods of construction used involves creating a timber frame which is gradually faced using lightweight brick. These houses and flats are relatively inexpensive to produce but are being sold to private buyers, or put up for rental by property conglomerates (often Illuminati front companies) at an enormous profit to the builders and developers. The one factor the public should be concerned about here is that these properties will only last 15 years at maximum. What becomes of those who take out a standard 25-year mortgage on one of these properties when the bricks and mortar around them will expire ten years before the mortgage is due to end?

Debt is a modern form of slavery and the Illuminati, who have always controlled the banking system in Britain and overseas, plan to use personal and corporate debt to ensure that as many people as possible remain prisoners of their financial manipulation. In the course of this present bogus ‘housing boom’ many buyers have foolishly borrowed up to five times their annual salary to fund the purchase of their grossly-overpriced home.

The media obsession with house prices and the deliberately induced scaremongering over future price rises has panicked many into a desperate attempt to get on the so-called housing ladder by taking absurd risks that on sober reflection they should never have entertained. Successive governments have emphasised a ‘feel-good factor’ in that people will ‘feel’ themselves to have financial security through the ownership of the bricks and mortar around them. This is a crass delusion. Even if you are living in a house worth £200,000, the house is not a liquid asset unless you sell it (assuming you can find a buyer) and even then you probably will not have sufficient finance to ‘trade up’ to a more expensive property, assuming you have paid off your existing mortgage, of course. At the same time, you obviously need somewhere to live so releasing the capital tied up in your home is not possible, unless you try a remortgage and then the lender ends up with title to your property and you are no longer the owner.

Shared ownership schemes are yet another financial stunt the Illuminati property barons have come up with. This is one more financial lure they have created for the unwary; you take out a mortgage on half the purchase price whilst the property conglomerate owns the other half. You repay the mortgage on your half and rent on their half. Should you wish to sell, the conglomerate will want half of current market valuation on the property. Financially they cannot lose, but you almost certainly will because whatever funds you have left will prove insufficient for buying anything else. Assuming you remain in the property it is conceivable that the rent portion may soar leaving you in the unenviable position of paying a mortgage loaded by interest rate rises and ever increasing rental payments.

Another sore point with many white-flighters is the inflated cost of living associated with large cities. Property rents in London are the highest in the country and have proved another source of rich pickings for the Illuminati property barons. It is curious, to say the least, how that immigrants newly-arrived in Britain from dozens of Third-world countries are able to afford to rent property when better-off white flighters cannot. The answer here lies in the massive increase in local taxation over the last 15 years, via the so-called council tax, which is used largely to subsidise immigrant housing. All around the world there is continual conflict between one Arab sect and another, between one black African tribe and another; the list could go on and on. Now all these factions are installed in Britain’s largest cities, and in a few of the smaller ones too. Anyone who believes that these conflicts will not be replicated here simply because these people have now moved to Britain is either incredibly naïve or incredibly stupid. The Illuminati are not stupid; they know exactly what they are doing. Order from chaos is their guiding principle, even if it means a bloodbath throughout the length and breadth of this country.

The Illuminati-controlled media is already priming people for such an eventuality with continual references to the possibility of ‘terrorist attack’. Creating a constant climate of fear is one of their major weapons in keeping a population subdued and the people of this country simply do not see what is coming. When the government of the day cannot tell (or simply refuses to divulge) how many immigrants, illegal or otherwise, are in the country then you know that something is in the offing. Here we see the old familiar Hegelian dialectic coming into play (another favourite Illuminati weapon), or as it is otherwise referred to, Problem-Reaction-Solution. Firstly, create the problem: in this case mass uncontrolled immigration. Secondly, wait for the reaction: fear of terrorism, too many immigrants etc.. Thirdly and finally, propose a solution: in this case introduce compulsory identity cards, but at the same time ensure the public remains unaware of the surveillance capabilities of the tracking database which underpins the system. In the end the Illuminati will be one step nearer their goal of complete control of the masses.

Adam WeishauptAt the commencement of this article we made reference to the seven primary aims of the Illuminati, first codified in this form by Adam Weishaupt (c.1776). They always assumed that these goals would probably take centuries to achieve as there would doubtless be setbacks along the way. Today, however, a new impetus has emerged and events are now moving at such a pace as has not been seen before, almost as though they realise that time is running out. Why is this? The answer lies with peak-oil.

“Although all primary sources of energy are important, the Olduvai theory postulates that electricity is the quintessence of industrial civilization. World energy production per capita increased strongly from 1945 to its all-time peak in 1979. Then from 1979 to 1999 – for the first time in history – it decreased from 1979 to 1999 at a rate of 0.33%/year (the Olduvai ‘slope’….). Next from 2000 to 2011, according to the Olduvai schema, world energy production per capita will decrease by about 0.70%/year (‘the slide’). Then around the year 2012 there will be a rash of permanent electrical blackouts – worldwide. These blackouts, along with other factors, will cause energy production per capita by 2030 to fall to 3.32 b/year, the same value it had in 1930. The rate of decline from 2012 to 2030 is 5.44%/year (the Olduvai ‘cliff’ ). Thus, by definition, the duration of industrial civilization is less than or equal to 100 years.”

Richard C. Duncan
‘The Peak of World Oil Production
and the Road to the Olduvai Gorge’
Reno, Nevada, USA.
November 13th 2000.

Richard C. DuncanFor several decades now petroleum geologists have forecast that world oil production would peak some time during the first decade of the 21st Century. Thereafter available supplies would slowly dwindle leading to resource wars for the remaining oil. The actual peak will be reached this year, or may possibly have been reached last year: whichever way, the moment has finally arrived.

Although the Illuminati is many centuries old, its view of society remains the same as it was at its inception during the Middle Ages. Its mindset, therefore, is essentially one of medieval feudalism, with the nobility (theIlluminists) securely esconced behind castle walls, while the rest of the population struggle for life outside. A favoured few, perhaps, would enjoy the patronage of their masters but would have to submit to being serfs as an alternative to the grinding poverty they might otherwise face on the outside.

Already in various countries around the world vast areas of land have been bought to provide sites for the Illuminati’s present-day ‘castles’. These are often luxurious mansion-type properties, surrounded by state-of-the-art high-tech security, from where the Illuminati intend to hold sway over the rest of us. Many of these buildings also have sizeable installations below ground; they have to be prepared for anything that might threaten their fiefdoms.

On the economic level they are already preparing to engineer a collapse of global proportions which will mean utter financial ruin for millions of people. Consider the fact that a rise of just 3 – 4% in the interest rate would be more than sufficient to collapse the housing market in Britain. All it would take for this to happen would be a war with Iran and the imposition of an oil embargo by the members of OPEC. The Illuminati are very good at collapsing structures; witness the Twin Towers atrocity. Out of the ruins of a shattered global economy they would emerge as the masters, with the population continually monitored through their ID-card tracking database and tracking devices fitted to all remaining road vehicles, all linked to security cameras and finally culminating in an microchip implant for humans capable of relaying the individual’s position to satellites in low-earth orbit. Is all this a fiction? The answer is no. This is where we are now!

“The sudden – and suprising – end of the fossil fuel age will stun everyone – and kill billions, Once the truth is told about gas and oil (it’s just a matter of time), your life will change forever. Envision a world where freezing, starving people burn everything combustible ---- everything from forests (releasing CO2: destroying topsoil and species); to garbage dumps (releasing dioxins, PCB’s and heavy metals); to people (by waging nuclear, biological, chemical and conventional war); and you have seen the future”.

Jay Hanson
www.dieoff.org,  March 8th 2001

The Illuminati think they have their goal of a one-world government now almost within their grasp. The one thing that is going to derail the entire enterprise is peak-oil followed by the rapid demise of the high-voltage electrical networks. We have, at most, seven years before the final calamity strikes. The Illuminati are aware of this but they will deliberately pit one section of society against another in order to divert attention elsewhere. As long as people ignore the Illuminati’s role in the impending catastrophe, of which events like 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are but a foretaste, they will maintain their hold on global power. I firmly believe, for this reason, that the Illuminati’s deadline in their bid for world domination is 2010; any later and their plans will be ruined.

Having read this paper through one might well ask, but what can any of us do to stop all this?

Firstly, the Illuminati are not invincible. The power they have wielded down the centuries has only been effective because the majority of the population refused to believe they even exist and thus their secrecy and their powerbase have been preserved. The one thing the Illuminati hate is being exposed in any way. It is up to you and I to do whatever we can to turn the publicity spotlight on them and keep it there.

Secondly, keep yourself well-informed. Become an info-warrior. Keep track of where events are heading through websites like www.propagandamatrix.com, www.prisonplanet.com, and www.rense.com. Information on peak-oil can be found at www.dieoff.org and many others. These sites are the only source now of real news, most of the rest of the media is under Illuminati control, producing ‘news’ manufactured to order as it suits them. Don’t retreat into ‘ostrich syndrome’ (I can’t see the danger, therefore it isn’t there.). Wake up! Educate yourself! You have all the information you need at hand. Warn as many people as you can while you are still able. Don’t think that you are alone in this fight. There are thousands of us who are chipping away, piece by piece, at the Illuminati edifice: one day it will all come crashing down.

Thirdly, passive resistance to the Illuminati’s ploys is the best method of attack. Active resistance would be counterproductive since it would inevitably give the Illuminati the perfect excuse to exercise their full force of police-state powers earlier than originally planned. The proposed ID-card system in Britain would be a good example; if people refuse this card much of the Illuminati surveillance system crumbles. They know they must have this card system in place. If we can bring it down then we will have cast a very big ‘spanner’ into the works. Take a look at sites like www.stopidcards.org for the latest news on this topic.

Fourth, one of the Illuminati’s aims has always been the destruction of the family. It is up to us to counteract this; let us get our family structures back together. Your family, extended or otherwise, will be one of your most precious assets in the dark years ahead.

Fifth, we have already stated that debt is a modern form of slavery. Avoid getting into debt at all costs. If there is something you cannot afford, make do without it, as did former generations. This will obviously entail changes in lifestyle, but our way of living is going to change, whether we like it or not. The close of the petroleum-era will mean the end of civilization as we know it. If you must borrow money, do so only as a last resort, and try to repay it all in the shortest possible time.

Sixth, humble yourself before the God who made you. Although we have all rebelled against His commandments, the fundamental nature of such rebellion which is epitomised by the Illuminati mindset, He has promised to come to the aid of all who call upon Him.

Lastly, at the risk of repeating what has already been stated, distribute as many articles on the Illuminati as you can find to warn people of this evil that thrives in their midst because of their ignorance. The years ahead will be dark enough as it is with the onset of peak-oil and the demise of electricity, let alone having to contend with the machinations of a devilish secret society bent on world domination. Warn as many as you can. You owe it, not just to yourself, but to your loved ones and to all those who will come after you.

- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -

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