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Monday, May 01, 2006

Are The Masters Of Deception Setting Up Americans For Genocide?
by Greg Szymanski, May 01, 2006



Beware when Church and State combine in the enterprise of genocide, as de-arming the population is a necessary step.

Greg SzymanskiThroughout the course of history, more people have died in the name of God than for any other reason.  


And usually when a mass murder or genocide takes place, the masters of deception and spiritual controllers of the New World Order are not far behind, waiting like vultures to pick through the blood, guts and bones of the millions of innocents slaughtered needlessly.


According to Webster's Dictionary, genocide is the "deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group.' According to Frank Chalk and Kurt Jonassohn, authors of the book The History and Sociology of Genocide, it is "a form of one-sided mass killing in which a state or other (religious) authority intends to destroy a group, as that group and membership in it are defined by the perpetrator"


And if history be the guide, according to researcher Darryl Eberhart, a former military officer and New World Order combatant, beware when Church and State combine in the enterprise of genocide since the purveyors of evil in firm control of the U.S. government are now planning to add unsuspecting Americans to their long list of genocidal victims.


"Americans absolutely must get informed about the numerous genocides that have been documented throughout history - including the many genocides of the 20th Century," writes Eberhart who has compiled horrifying statistics about the hundreds of millions killed in modern day genocides, adding Americans could be next on the list if they don't wake up fast.


"And, Americans absolutely must get informed about the role that "gun control" played in many of these "more recent" genocides! Why do we need to be informed about such grisly, barbaric events?   We need to be informed because history has a very nasty (and frequent) habit of "repeating itself".


"For some reason, many Americans have been "conditioned" to believe that such things as genocide, a holocaust, or other types of barbaric mass slaughter could never happen here in America.  Such thinking as this on the part of these Americans is not only unreasonable (showing a tremendous ignorance of history), but it is also extremely dangerous!   It is extremely dangerous because an apathetic, complacent, and ignorant population is very easy to control - and when the authorities decide - to slaughter, especially after massive "gun control" has been implemented!"


 Eberhart recommends viewing the highly informative documentary film, Innocents Betrayed, revealing the history of modern-day genocides. 


"Other than the well-known Nazi German Holocaust, most of these genocides are unknown or forgotten," said Eberhart. "According to the documentary, with the complicity of  mainstream media, the perpetrators have concealed some of these mass murders, and global humanitarian organizations seemed to have ignored others. Most of these horrors - which have killed some 170,000,000 innocents - have one thing in common.   They fit the 'Genocide Formula' which is 'Hatred + Government + Disarmed Citizens = Genocide'.


Rwanda, from "Innocents Betrayed""The film delivers the facts that show how governments have deliberately murdered or enslaved their own people or have left them helpless to defend themselves against outside aggressors.   In each case, the victims were first disarmed. History can't tell us how effectively victims would have or could have protected themselves if they had possessed firearms.   But it can tell us that disarmament is necessary to make possible the mass murder of helpless citizens."


The Innocents Betrayed documentary discussed the following modern-day genocides, as compiled by Eberhart at www.tacklingthetoughtopics.net . Here are the gruesome statistics with Eberhart's comments, warning Americans they could be next in line:


A. Turkey (1915-1917): "Calculated Genocide"


TOTAL NUMBER MURDERED: 1,500,000 (targeted group: Armenian Christians)


The new rulers in Turkey say that "they want to rid the country of wrong and lawless ideas."   They also say that "they want to protect national security."  Translation: They want to "eliminate the Armenians in Turkey - by killing the Armenians."


"In February 1915 Turkey's political leaders and Moslem religious leaders make a detailed, secret plan to annihilate the largely Christian minority."


The "Innocents Betrayed" documentary film by JPFO goes on to let us know that this brutal genocide that was committed against the Armenian people took place in carefully planned steps/stages.   In the first step, thousands of Armenian men were drafted into the Turkish Army - and then separated from their military units and sent to labor camps "where they [were] worked to death, starved, and murdered in groups".   In the second step, Armenian civilians were relieved of their firearms - i.e., disarmed by "gun control".  And, in the final step, the deportations of Armenian civilians to remote camps in the desert began in earnest on June 26,

1915.   Only a small percentage ever made it to these remote camps, since large numbers of Armenian men, women, and children were slaughtered and butchered on the way.   Three quarters of the Armenian population in Turkey would perish in this brutal genocide.


((Ed. Note: A key point concerning this genocide is that the religious authorities cooperated with the government in planning this genocide!))


B. [The] Soviet Union (1929-1936):


TOTAL NUMBER MURDERED: 10,000,000 (mainly by State-orchestrated starvation; targets: independent farmers - the majority of them in Soviet-controlled Ukraine)


 In this brutal genocide we see the Communists using "starvation as a murder weapon".   The main regions affected were "the Ukraine, the Volga Basin, and the Caucasus".


The Communists took power in Russia in 1917, and immediately "passed laws making it almost impossible for non-party members to own firearms".   Then, in 1929 Soviet dictator Josef Stalin "decrees that all livestock, produce, and farmland belong to the State.  Farmers are ordered to surrender their land and livestock, and to move to government-owned collective farms."


"First, to terrorize the rest into submission, several million of the most prosperous farmers are sent to forced labor [camps] or killed outright.   These 'Kulaks' are demonized [by the Communists].  Because of ten years of firearms confiscation, farmers can only fight back with farm tools." ((Ed. Comment: The U.S. government is aware of this history of "gun control" leading to horrible genocide, so WHY does our government push "gun control" so vigorously?))


"By 1932 [Soviet dictator] Stalin controls food supplies.   He can cut off food distribution and starve entire regions.  Because he controls all travel with internal passports [Ed. Note: just like "national identification cards"], his secret police can force starving millions to remain within the devastated areas."


"Grain rots on the ground.  The powerless people can do nothing to stop their master. ?10 million defenseless lives [are] wiped out by starvation."


By the way, here is a great example of how America's mainstream media has been tightly controlled for decades:   While millions starve to death in the Ukraine, New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning Moscow correspondent Walter Duranty assures the world (and especially the Western press) that there is NO famine in the Soviet-controlled Ukraine.  We indeed have an extremely controlled mainstream media in America, and if you doubt this, then please get a copy of the 381-page hardback book Into the Buzzsaw (which is edited by Kristina Borjesson). It deals with many journalists who had their stories "suppressed" by powerful individuals above them.   This book is  $29.45 postpaid.  To order it by credit card, please call "Radio Liberty" at 800-544-8927.   Or, make check or money order payable to "Radio Liberty" and mail it to:  Radio Liberty // P.O. Box 969 // Soquel, CA 95073.


C. China (1934-1976): "Decades of Death"


TOTAL NUMBER MURDERED: 35,000,000 (minimum) ((possibly as high as 100,000,000))


 "In 1935 the Nationalist government prohibits the private ownership of firearms."


((Ed. Comment to preceding quote:  Just as the German Weimar Republic's "gun control" laws and lists of registered gun owners would later be used by the Nazis when they took control of Germany, so the Chinese Nationalist government's "gun control" laws would later be used by the Communists when they took control of China!   Beware of gun registration lists!))


 "1942-1944:  Four million die in famine aggravated by government confiscation of crops."


The "Innocents Betrayed" documentary film by JPFO then goes on to show us a very horrible result of a disarmed civilian population:   In 1937 the Chinese troops flee the city of Nanking without offering any kind of resistance to the advancing Japanese Army.  The disarmed civilian population of Nanking is left to the "cruel mercies" of the Japanese soldiers.  "Hundreds of thousands of children, women, sick, and old people are left to the Japanese [soldiers] - without self-defense."   [They are] "raped, buried alive, burned alive, used for bayonet practice, and forced to watch as their own organs are cut out of them."


 "The Communists take over in 1949 - they keep the population disarmed.   During 38 years of Communist violence and economic 'experiments', they wipe out an additional 35 million Chinese - and possibly as many as 100 million.   [And during all this time Red Chinese dictator] Mao [Tse-Tung] controls all the guns."


D. Germany (1933-1945): "The Master Murderers"


TOTAL NUMBER MURDERED: more than 11,000,000 die in concentration camps (targets: Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, and political and religious opponents)


((IMPORTANT Ed. Comment:  Most of the so-called nominal 'Christians' in Germany (both Catholic and Protestant) either actively supported the Nazi killing machine or failed to speak out against it.   Only a few Protestant ministers (such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was executed by hanging), and a few Catholic priests, had the courage to speak out against Hitler and his thugs.   The Roman Catholic Church's hierarchy, in fact, supported both Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, signing Concordats with both of these wicked, totalitarian regimes.  Additionally, the German Roman Catholic Zentrum Party was Hitler's main political power base in Bavaria, and, under orders from the highest levels of the Catholic Church, helped put Hitler and his Nazi thugs into power.  One of the key men in bringing Adolph Hitler to power was Jesuit-controlled Knight of Malta Franz von Papen.))


 ((Note: The 207-page hardback book Hitler's Cross by Erwin W. Lutzer tells the sad story of the Christian Church's failure, for the most part, to stand up against the murderous regime of Adolph Hitler's Nazi thugs.   It also includes stories about a few of the very small number of Christian clergymen who did have the guts to speak out against this monstrous, totalitarian regime.   It is $15.45 postpaid.  To order it, please make check or money order payable to "Radio Liberty" and mail it to:  Radio Liberty // P.O . Box 969 // Soquel, CA 95073.  Or, to order via credit card, please call toll-free 800-544-8927.))  


1. Here's what the JPFO documentary film "Innocents Betrayed" had, in part, to say about the genocide in Nazi Germany and Nazi German-controlled territories during World War II:


"In January 1933 Hitler [comes to power].  The 1928 gun registration lets the Nazis know who already owns guns."


"In 1938 the Nazis create their own gun control law.  Jews are forbidden to possess firearms, clubs, or sharp-edged weapons.  Jews turn in their weapons or Nazis or police storm in to seize them.  The disarmed Jews await slaughter - the National Identification cards and census data tell them just who is a Jew!  A few days later 30,000 to 90,000 Jewish men - mostly leaders - are arrested and sent to concentration camps."


((Ed. Question: Should we Americans be concerned about the tremendous database that has been compiled on us, and the push for every American to possess and show on demand his/her national identification card?))


"Three million German political opponents are imprisoned in concentration camps from 1933 through 1945.   Five million Jews are slaughtered.  [Those slaughtered also include] Gypsies, Slavs, the disabled?   More than eleven million total die in concentration camps."


2. The following are some additional comments that Editor of TTT would like to make to the Nazi German genocide of World War II:


a. The papacy was up to its eyeballs in complicity with the totalitarian regimes in Germany , Italy, Croatia, and elsewhere in Europe.  If you don't think so, then you need to read the book Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII.  This book was written by John Cornwell, a Catholic historian and journalist.  (The book's publisher is the Penguin Group; its ISBN is 0-14-029627-1.  This New York Times "Bestseller" is currently out-of-print.  Check your local library or try the Internet to locate a used copy.)  Cornwell exposes Pope Pius XII's instrumental role in negotiating an accord that helped the Nazis rise to power in Germany.  Here is what the back cover of this 426-page paperback book states, in part:


"In [the book] Hitler's Pope, award-winning journalist John Cornwell shows that Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII, was instrumental in negotiating an accord that helped the Nazis rise to unhindered power - and sealed the fate of the Jews in Europe.


Drawing upon secret Vatican and Jesuit archives to which he had unprecedented access, Cornwell tells the full, tragic story of how narcissism, long-standing personal antipathy for the Jews, and political and 'spiritual' ambition combined to make Pius the most dangerous churchman in history.   Not just a firm and final indictment of Pius XII's papacy, Hitler's Pope is also a searing exploration of its lingering consequences for the Catholic Church today."

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