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Last Updated:
Wednesday, February 22, 2006 04:45:31 AM



The Hypocrisy of Canada's "Tolerance"
by Henry Makow, PhD, Feb 15, 2006
(Posted here by Wes Penre: Feb 22, 2006)


Hnery Makow, PhDThe current rhubarb about the caricatures of the prophet Mohammed exposes the hypocrisy of Canada's claim to espouse "tolerance."

When Ernst Zundel questions the character and dimension of the Jewish holocaust, he is thrown into jail, tried and deported. That's "hate speech."

It offends Canada's 300,000 Jews.

Ezra LevantBut when a Jew, Ezra Levant, publishes cartoons that incense Canada's 600,000 Muslims, and touch off demonstrations, well that's "free speech."

Newly minted Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday that while he regrets the cartoons' publication, he defends the right of free speech.

Obviously "tolerance" and "free speech" are whatever the New World Order or Zionists determine them to be. Blasphemy is free speech if they say so.

Right now the NWO is setting the stage for the third world war between the "Zionists" and Islam predicted in 1871 by their prophet Masonic Grand Commander Albert Pike.

(Pike accurately predicted World Wars One and Two. See my "Countdown to World War Three")

And right on schedule you have Zionists like Levant in Canada and Fleming Rose in Denmark fanning the flames of global annihilation.

Levant is an old political ally of Harper's who gave up his safe seat in 2002 so the fledgling leader could enter parliament.

He is now publisher of Canada's only staunchly conservative magazine, The Western Standard. But his intolerant actions reveal he is a Zionist stooge. A true conservative would have respect for venerated figures like Jesus or Mohammed and for religious sensibilities.

Ernst ZundelLevant illustrates how the Zionist movement (a.k.a. Neo Conservatives) co-opts conservatives by paying lip service to their social issues while roping them into the NWO's geopolitical agenda.

I don't agree with Ernst Zundel either. I believe Jewish extermination was a deliberate Nazi policy. Zundel should be answered with evidence not imprisonment.

There is nothing wrong with tolerance and free speech so long they are not used selectively to promote one agenda, in this case the New World Order.

* * *

Original article to be found on Dr. Makow's home page: http://www.savethemales.ca/.

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