The Manhattan Institute
Nexus for CIA, Jesuits, Sir Rudy, Gov.
Moonbeam, The UN and Nazis

by Unknown
(Posted: Oct 17, 2005)

Alexander Hamilton, MI

The Manhattan Institute was chosen to be the lead organization for George W. Bush's Faith-Based Initiative to give taxpayer money to religious organizations. It is widely believed to be a CIA front. However, many persons associated with the organization also have ties to the Jesuits and thus to the Nazis, the UN and Freemasonry.

1. The CIA front in fact came up with the idea for the faith based initiative for President Bush. .George Bush, Jesus and the Manhattan Institute.
2. The MI was founded by legendary CIA director under Ronald Reagan , William Casey. .
3. According to SourceWatch , it is "the preferred source of information" for Rudy Giuliani when he was Mayor. Including his broken windows approach to crimefighting.
4. It is a favorite hangout for American Mayors, including...oddly enough, Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown. Remember him? Recently he was Oakland, California mayor.
In fact, they gave him an award and he is on the Advisory Board of the Institute.
AND  The Center for Civic Innovation (a subsidiary of Manhattan Institute) has Jerry Brown on its Advisory Board. It Honors
Mayor Daly, has granted the previously mentioned prize to Norm Coleman when he was mayor of St. Paul Minnesota. He is now a Senator due to the odd plane crash of
Senator Paul Wellstone. CCI will also provide "assistance" to Baltimore Mayor O'Malley. The Mayor of Miami is also a member of the Board. . He is the co-chair of the Faith-Based and Community Task Force . 
5. Mayor O'Malley, Diaz , Brown  were educated by the Jesuits. . Mayor/Governor Brown also studied Zen in Japan and went to Skull and Bones-riddled Yale for Law School.
6. . Mayor O'Malley was educated by Jesuits as well. He knows that Stadiums should instead be called "stadia".
7. Mayor Diaz- School's Alumni keep tradition alive....oddly enough Fidel Castro is also a proud graduate of Jesuit Schools. In fact he received a law degree at one.
8. Heinrich Himmler patterned the Nazi SS on the exact model as the Jesuits. .
9. Connection to skull and bones symbol and Yale, Himmler's SS and Jesuits.
10. The Jesuits were implicated from beginning to end with the Nazi cause. The Secret History of the Jesuits.
11. Pope John Paul I was allegedly murdered. One of the first things John Paul II did was lift the ban on Freemasonry.
12. The Jesuits have been implicated in Many assassinations of the so-called White Popes. Why was Pope John Paul I murdered?
13. The United Nations is associated with the One World Government that will bring about the rule of evil over mankind. .
14. A Jesuit High School is the model for the United Nations for all high schools in the world. The picture of the young men should be kept in mind with the 'scandal' involving priests and members of the UN, a scandal for both organizations that is GLOBAL, not merely confined to the US media.
15. China is allowing the display of a french-chinese dictionary made by a Jesuit priest centuries ago. It is being sponsored by the Oil-For Food Bank - handpicked by Saddam Hussein himself. Jesuit Dictionary on display in Shanghai.   BNP's french language press release on their sponsorship of this matter shows a man riding what appears a dragon. Kind of odd for a Christian related matter. If in fact that is what it is... .
16. The Jesuits established a college in Iraq. Saddam Hussein's Baath party seized it after their revolution. THAT WAS A MISTAKE. His regime was overthrown and now the property has been returned to the Jesuits.
17. The Jesuits control the Knights of Malta. A member of the Knights was German General Reinhard Gehlen. He was absorbed directly into the US Army by an act of Congress. He was the key man in the creation of the organization known as the CIA- Central Intelligence Agency. He is implicated in the death of FOUR MILLION RUSSIAN POWs.
            CONCLUSION: This is left to the reader as always and as appropriate. However, one possible postulate is that anyone tied into the Manhattan Institute is
Controlled, connected to or conspiring with 'the agency'. The biggest surprise in all of this would be Governor Moonbeam as a CIA asset. He is the only one on the list of
mayors connected to the Manhattan Institute that does not seem to 'fit in'. YET THERE HE IS.........PH, Director, PH Craftlove NWO EDUCATION PROJECT.

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