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There is no dispute over the fact that one of Area 51's main functions is the development and testing of advanced defense technology like the SR71 spy plane, Stealth and the SDI initiative, but a man by the name of Sean Morton believes he has discovered an even more sinister development which the public is completely unaware of.

The clue is to be found in one of Area 51's code names: Dreamland. This according to Morton's sources stands for Data Research and Electronic Management Land. "When I interviewed several scientists who worked there" he states, "they informed me that they feed information from surveillance and reconnaissance satellites and planes into one special satellite which houses a radically advanced type of computer known as "Quantum Computer", which, I'm informed stores data on the sub atomic level. The name of this computer is BEAST - a chilling acronym which stands for Battle Engagement and Simulation Tracking." Morton believes the goal of BEAST is to enable the generals to fight a ground-based war like a giant computer game. BEAST will be able to track the movement of troops by using a tiny biochip implanted into the necks of soldiers, just above the Carotid artery. Generals can thus track troop movements, issue orders and direct their forces, all from the safety of a bunker. As well as tracking, the implant will contain soldier's medical records in case they were wounded. Morton asserts that the implant also contains a tiny explosive device which can be remotely triggered blowing open the artery and killing the unwitting soldier if they were unlucky enough to be captured.

It is my personal opinion, that the information given to Sean Morton regarding the Quantum Computer(Super Computer) and biochip implant is accurate. I believe this "Superputer" is 25-50 years ahead of present Computer technology levels. I also believe that this "Superputer", was designed with the help of the Greys and their superior computer technology. It is also my belief that this Quantum Computer, (presently orbiting the earth's atmosphere as a satellite), will be used by the Anti-Christ. When the Anti-Christ comes to power, early in the year 2002, he will use this BEAST Satellite as a means of Controlling all Mankind. He will force all Mankind to receive a biochip implant, on some part of their body. Those who don't accept this implant, will be forced to survive outside the "New World Order" System.

The Biochip Implants

During the year 2002 all mankind will be forced to receive a biochip implant somewhere in their body. While people will be informed that the biochip will be for purposes of identification, and daily transactions. The reality is that the implant is linked to a massive "Super Computer" system that will make it possible for government agencies to maintain a surveillance of all citizens by ground sensors and satellites. Even worse...once the biochips have been implanted, they will transform every man, woman, and child into a controlled slave.

While believers of this particular scenario worry about such possibilities coming into actual implementation, the very reality that such technology really exists would seem to provoke a certain degree of anxiety in almost everyone. Not long ago, Science News reported that new electronic devices had been developed which made it possible for outside intelligence's not only to eavesdrop on the human brain, but "to influence the person's brain cell conversations and talk directly with individual brain neurons."

Biochip implants could be used in a great variety of human applications: "A number could be assigned at birth and follow that person throughout their entire life. It could be placed on the back of the right or left hand so that it would be easy to scan at stores. A few years ago, plans were initiated to begin producing a so called "smart card" which would encode all the basic facts about one's life and could be carried easily in a wallet or purse. A White House official who addressed a high tech conference sponsored by IBM, spoke approvingly of the smart card, but suggested an even better idea: "Place a chip in your ear. We need to go beyond the narrow conceptualization of the smart card and really use some of the technology that's out there", he said. Insert the chip into a person's brain and they instantly become a subservient New World Order slave.

UFO's, Satan, and the New World Order

A plan agreed to by the Grey aliens and the world leaders decreed that shortly before the year 2000 a carefully staged "alien invasion" will convince the masses of the world that a real life "Independence Day" attack is about to begin. People of all nations will soon head the leaders advice, that the aliens are a benevolent species and that unconditional surrender to the aliens, is for everyone's own good.

Immediately following the "surrender" to the Greys, the United Nations will form a One World Government, with the Anti-Christ as the Supreme Leader. It won't take long for the Greys to show their true colors. They will reveal themselves as demonic entities delighting in doing Satan's work. The world will be in torment and turmoil until Jesus returns to deal a final blow to the minions of evil.

GPS satellites orbiting Earth

The GPS Satellite System

The Global Positioning System (GPS) helped the United States win the war in the Persian Gulf in 1991 and soon this advanced technology will help you find the fastest way home. GPS was developed in the 1970s by the U.S. Department of Defense so that military units can always know their exact location and the location of other units. During Operation Desert Storm, military vehicles relied on the system to navigate across the barren desert at night. By using GPS along with maps of the desert the vehicles could rapidly cross the desert, allowing surprise attacks. The system is comprised of satellites and portable units which receive and analyze the satellite data. This data tells the user exactly where they are on the earth's surface.

The Global Positioning System is being used by military as well as the public. For national security reasons, the public's system is not as accurate as the military system.

Twenty-four satellites are orbiting above the earth at 20,200 km (12,500 miles), simultaneously broadcasting the time and their exact position. At any point on the earth one can receive the data from at least four satellites. GPS units are portable and are either attached to laptop computers or self-contained. The portable unit receives the transmissions from the four satellites and determines the receivers position on the earth's surface. GPS provides the user with latitude and longitude as well as altitude and speed of travel (when the unit and user are moving).

GPS units can be placed in cars, boats, airplanes or anywhere else. In cars and delivery vehicles, GPS will be used in conjunction with a computer in the vehicle. The computer will contain maps and road information. When combined with the GPS unit, you will be able to know your precise location and the quickest route to your destination. In the future, your car's computer will also receive information about traffic conditions and provide you with the least congested path. This system will be used in emergency vehicles and will allow emergency officials to dispatch the closest unit to the scene of an emergency.

Currently the public is only allowed to use GPS receivers which are purposely made to be less accurate than the military system. The public's system allows a user to determine their location to within 100 meters (about 300 feet). The U.S. military's GPS is much more accurate - within 10 meters (30 feet). Within four to ten years the U.S. Department of Defense, which owns the satellites, will allow release of the more precise system to the public. This delay gives the military time to prepare for "enemies" to have the technology.

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