Brussels-European-Automated-Systems-Transactions Code name Beast is a giant computer which was built in Brussels to take care of all European common markets and its associated members . Geroge Bush made us an associated member which did away with our constitution and made the one world government laws, supreme! In Revelation 13 thru chapter 14 it tells you at the end of time no one will be able to buy or sell unless he has the mark of beast. And his no. is 666 if you take 1998 divided by three it equals 666 the year of the beast.

We were told at my work we could no longer do business over seas or with the one world government without I.S.O. 9000 standards . If you take the name of the sun God Osiris if you take the first three letters of this it is ISO so what does the 9 mean? If you take 666 and add it up it comes to 18 the whole no. of 18 is 9 the zeros represent the sun god of the babylons a picture of Osiris the three zeros are the Latrinity Satan Lucifier the devil! No one will be able to do business with the one world government who is not ISO9000 certified . Do you find this to be chance?

The big brother who is always watching you is the Illuminati they took over the masons May 1,1776 and started the one world government. If you dont believe me look on the back of your dollar bill you will find a pryamid and all seeing eye the bottom of the pryamid may 1, 1776 around the pryamid it says one world government . There is thirteen stories in the pryamid that stand for the thirteen steps of the blue lodge , see Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike who started the KKK and wrote the Lucifieric doctrends of the 20 to the 33 degree read Texe Marrs book Dark Magesty.