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Last Updated:
Sunday, August 12, 2007 12:33:12 PM

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ron Paul for President
Email from Visitor, Aug 12, 2007

Last Updated: Sunday, August 12, 2007 12:33:12 PM


Wes PenreComment: For you whom have read a lot from my website, or got your information from somewhere else, know that both the Republicans and the Democrats are run by the same Masters, so basically you really don't have much of a choice in voting. However, Ron Paul seems to me being the most honest candidate and the ONLY one who fights for our freedoms. He says he made a choice to run as a Republican, because that's his only slim chance to compete. Therefore, it is my advice (but your choice) to vote for him. By doing so, at least we feel we are showing that we don't agree with what is going on.

However, I can not guarantee that Ron Paul is not working for the Illuminati as well. The Puppet Masters need a balance to keep us voters busy. People are waking up to the truth about things, and the Illuminati know it. Thus, there is a chance they put Ron Paul there, giving us the illusion that he is one of us, so we can have a game and some false hope. It could also be that they use Paul to create a data base on people who support him, so 'they know who we are', although I have found no evidence or serious indications of this, except from empty rumors. Either way, I would say, with this in mind, take the risk! If this last concern makes us think twice and from fear we decide NOT to vote for him, we are just cowards and deserve what we get. This doesn't mean we have to vote for Ron Paul to be 'brave'; only if we feel he is the right candidate. My guts feeling is that we should give this guy as chance.

Like it says in the article below, he has been showing consistent honesty throughout his political career. Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com

Ron Paul's Desk


emember, if  Ron Paul doesn't make it on the ballot (through primaries) then you can always fill  his name in on the official voting card ballot for the final election (not strawman polls). Pass this to all you know. This is the only honest man that believes in the same freedom and truth our founding fathers believed in when writing the Constitution.

Ron Paul stands by the constitution and supports OUR choice to eat healthy foods (pesticide/chemical free) and have alternative natural medicine/doctors instead of big corporations controlling how we care for our health so they can make big money from the FDA passing potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, etc.. I believe God would choose Ron Paul because he is honest and has been consistent in his voting over the years he has been in office (check his records). This man has MORAL character and cares about the welfare of the American people.

The media has been bias in covering him because they are corporate puppets. Democrats are even changing to republicans to vote for this honorable man. I have never been so excited about a presidential candidate since I was old enough to vote. He is a family man and wants to help the middle class and poor. PLEASE pass this on to all you know and meet. Make his existence known in your town. He is intelligent and a strong leader that knows what it takes to make this country what it once was. Let's not be asleep any longer and pawns of the New World Order. Vote for Ron Paul, a man with integrity and an honest, consistent track record.

If he does get elected the only stumbling block to performing all he intends to perform would be congress votes.

Check out what he stands for: http://www.ronpaul2008.com/issues/

The YouTube Interview
Watch Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul answer YOUR questions submitted via YouTube.

Why Support Ron Paul?

Ron Paul on Federal Reserve, banking and economy
Excepts of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) from the documentary "FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution." Dr. Paul discusses the origins, operations and results of the Federal Reserve System and fiat currency on the U.S. and global economy.

The entire film, Fiat Empire, can be accessed at http://www.FiatEmpire.com or directly at Google Video at http://video.google.com/videoplay?doc...

"This Telly Award-winning documentary on the Federal Reserve System was inspired by the well-known book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin, and features presidential candidate, RON PAUL.

To order a high-quality DVD or VHS tape (by mail) with up to 160-minutes of additional interviews, go to http://www.FiatEmpire.com/screener. To get instant downloads in a range of qualities, go to http://www.mecfilms.com/mid/ppv/ppvho... and select from the "Documentaries" menu.

Find out why some feel the Federal Reserve System is a "bunch of organized crooks" and others feel its practices "are in violation of the U.S. Constitution." Discover why experts agree the Fed is a banking cartel that benefits mainly bankers, their clients in need of easy money and a Congress that would rather increase the National Debt than raise taxes.

Produced by William L. Van Alen, Jr., the 1-hour documentary is a co-production between Matrixx Productions and Cornerstone Entertainment and features interviews by, not only G. Edward Griffin, but Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas); MOVIEGUIDE Founder, Ted Baehr; and constitutional attorney, Edwin Vieira (4 degrees from Harvard). FIAT EMPIRE was written and directed by James Jaeger and narrated by Kris Chandler. Associate producers are Ted Pollard, author and former Commissioner of Radnor Township and James E. Ewart, well-known author of MONEY.

Use a DVD for personal screenings and a VHS tape for free public and private screenings.

For more information on FIAT EMPIRE visit http://www.FiatEmpire.com or the mirror site at http://www.mecfilms.com/fiat. For various political, economic, sociological, media-related and philosophical essays by James Jaeger and others, visit UNIVERSAL ISSUES at http://www.mecfilms.com/universe.

For new films and updates on Matrixx Entertainment's activities, visit http://www.mecfilms.com/update.htm

Wes Penre

Wes Penre is the owner of the domain Illuminati News and the publisher of the same. Please also check out his MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/wespenre.


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