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Last Updated:
Monday, July 30, 2007 05:09:03 AM

Monday, July 30, 2007

The CFR, the North American Union and the 2008 Presidential Candidates  
by Jim Paulson, July 29, 2007

Last Updated: Monday, July 30, 2007 05:09:03 AM

CFR logo

he video below is less than ten minutes and well worth your patience and attention to the message. After watching it, if you don't believe any of it? Research it for yourself. Most of you are well intentioned and will do the right things when the facts are unveiled for you to see. And as such (cont) ->

maybe you are already among those who are busy, who are expending a ton of energy, money and resources to do what they can to make things right; spreading the word - the truth. To those, I am simply preaching to the choir and I apologize to them for this entreaty!

However, maybe you are still lost and caught up in shortsighted, seemingly petty views like arguing democrat/republican, conservative/liberal, white/black, semitic/anti-semitic, Christian/Muslim, gay/straight, property rights/endangered species or green space, etc. Some of these are engineered schemes and encouraged diversions designed by your true enemies to keep you from seeing/watching what is really happening to all of us as you immerse yourself, your thoughts, beliefs and energies into one or more of the above. Thus, you have fallen right into the traps set by the CFR, TC, et al, powerful sleight of hand and persuasion by human emotion. I encourage you to table those beliefs for now and take a look deep into the core of our political governance.

For you, my hope is, you will watch this short video, you will do some additional research, see the truth and the light bulb will go on. However, if after this revealing expose you aren't stimulated to take a better look at things as they really are, and hopefully take massive action and do your part to stop this worldwide train wreck, it's time to ask yourself: When will you be awakened and ready, willing to help? What nudge, what life event, what "terror" event or experience is it going to take? In fact, are you going to stand up, speak up and work for freedom? Or continue saying little except that which will keep you mired in petty arguments about others viewpoints and beliefs, entrapped in a slavery you don't quite believe or don't want to deal with yet, but which will surely bring you on your knees? (Some of you may think that you will never allow yourself to be a slave and brought to your knees; that you will fight back in armed conflict as did our founders. That is a worthy stance but I don't believe it will be necessary. IF we wake up NOW, we can bring about change and stop this scourge of greed and need-to-control by the power elite without shedding blood. There are other ways to render them powerless. If not and I am wrong, we will still have that option available as there are approximately 200 million privately held arms in the hands of about 100 million American Citizens.)

Oh yes, this is THAT serious and time is THAT short! The Real ID (national ID complete with biometric ID and radio frequency chip) to be implemented by May of 2008, The North American Union complete with an Amero - the new currency - all by 2010 and the NAFTA Super Highway to follow after that. Despite the denials by those in government, America as we know it is about become borderless; to emerge as nothing more than the central section of a North American Union under a vaguely defined, but increasingly more powerful, tyrannical control. A slave plantation at its best.

Of course for now, it's still your choice. You can research, learn and act now while you are still able to do so. And, of course, you can still choose to do nothing, go back to the TV or video game, making excuses, wallowing in the nightly "news" spewed by the talking heads and believing their propaganda and filtered reporting only to regret it all later -- as a total slave.

I pray that you, that all Americans, make a decision to work to preserve freedom, individual sovereignty, a free America. That you get committed to it, get busy, stay busy and show up when the work begins. And that beginning is NOW -- TODAY!


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Source: http://waft.blogspot.com/2007/07/cfr-north-american-union-and-2008.html

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