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Last Updated:
Monday, October 13, 2008 06:11:14 PM

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MK ULTRA|Project Monarch Mind Control Videos  

Last Updated: Monday, October 13, 2008 06:11:14 PM

Chris DeNicola


ideo 1 (9:27) Monarch: Chapter One: Phoenix Program. The Phoenix Program was the assassination campaign in Vietnam that killed 40,000 civilians suspected of aiding the enemy. Phoenix was the formative experience for a generation of CIA and military intelligence personel, such as NSA general Michael Aquino and Col. John B. Alexander. It is the blueprint for the current counterinsurgency/infiltration campaign waged against domestic dissidents using state of the art microwave weapons that kill with invisible bullets. Chapter one of a twelve part series.

Video 2 (7:49) Monarch: Chap Two: Human Radiation Experiments. Thousands of US citizens are used as human guinea pigs in a secret program that began in 1943 and was made public in 1995. It included plutonium injections, total body irradiation, purposeful exposure of military personel, and poisoning of millions of US civilians from fallout.

Video 3 (06:37) Monarch: Chap 2B: Human Radiation Experiments. The history of US government human experimentation begins with the Manhattan Project.

Video 4 (5:19) Monarch: Chapter 3A: MKULTRA 1953. Details Russian and Chinese brainwashing techniques and the US mind control program known as MKULTRA circa 1945-1953.

Video 5 (6:41) Monarch: Chapter 3B: MKULTRA 1953. How Nazi Paperclip scientists were recruited for human radiation studies, microwave technology, and MKULTRA mind control experiments.

Video 6 (5:44) Monarch: Chapter 3C: Ewen Cameron. The only legal challenge to MKULTRA that has succeeded in 60 years of operations. Ewen Cameron was the world's most influential psychiatrist, and a CIA contractor for MKULTRA. He experimented on how to wipe the human mind clean and then program it using electroshock therapy, LSD, sensory deprivation, and depatterning...the use of a programmed message repeated continuously for weeks and months to break down the human mind. His participation in experiments on children in the US were never made public. The wife of a Canadian MP was able to fight back and won in court decades after the fact.

Video 7 (5:08) Monarch: Chapter 4A: MKULTRA 1960-1970's. The MKULTRA torch is passed to Richard Helms, Dr. Stephen Aldrich, and the methodology changes from using LSD and torture to the use of radio frequency radiation and microwave technology in place of LSD.

Video 8 (5:41) MKULTRA Victim Testimony A. Testimony before the Presidents Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, March, 1995. A therapist and two victims of childhood mind control experiments tell their stories. Caution: emotional material.
One of three.

Video 9 (6:33) MKULTRA Victim Testimony B, Chris DeNicola speaks of her childhood experiences as a human mind control subject at the hands of government scientists in their race to control the human mind.

Video 10 (7:05) MKULTRA Victim Testimony C. The testimony of an MKULTRA test subject who was subjected to electo-shock, LSD, radiation, rape, dislocation of joints, chemical and drug experimentation as a child. Sent to a special school with many other children and taught how to sexually please men and entrap them in order for Richard Helms, Sidney Gottlieb, Martin Orne, L. Wilson Green, and others to use sexual blackmail operations (children) to secure permanent funding for MKULTRA, experiments and operations that continue to this day.

Video 11 (4:33) Monarch: Chapter 4B: Project Pandora. The USSR begins to microwave the US embassy and the US ambassador and other embassy employees eventually die from the attacks. Dr. Henry Kissinger secretly gives them hazard pay.

Video 12 (10:23) Monarch: Chapter 5A: MKULTRA Cults. NSA General Michael Aquino begins forming and infiltrating cults and other closed systems with the formation of the Church of Satan in 1966. This psychological warfare operation that now spans several generations is an infiltration operation/counterinsurgency aimed at subverting Constitutional authority in the United States and other nations.

Video 13 (8:00) Monarch Chapter 5B: MKULTRA Cults and SRA. More detail on cults started or infiltrated by the intelligence community in their destabilization campaign. The use of sexual blackmail against powerful political, industrial, media personalities secures perpetual funding for MKULTRA operations and political cover for their crimes.

Video 14 (10:01) Monarch Chapter 5C: False Memory Syndrome Foundation and SRA. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation was created and staffed by CIA psychiatrists such as Dr. Martin T. Orne, a founding member of the FMSF and a CIA funded researcher into experimental psychiatry at the Univ. of Penn. Ralph Underwager is the world authority on FMS, and has claimed that most women molested as children said the experience was good for them. The executive directors of the FMSF are Paul and Shirley Eberlie, who ran the tabloid FINGER in the 1970's which delved into S&M, child/adult sex, and sex acts involving excrement. Their daughter has accused them of abusing her as a child. The FMSF was set up as a cover for CIA sponsored mind control experiments outside of the laboratory. It is staffed and led by pedophiles and CIA psychiatrists to discredit victims of SRA as they come forward.

Video 15 (7:33) Monarch Chapter 6: The Trojan Horse. The Nazi Trojan Horse and the current INSCOM/NSA Trojan Horse operation using remote viewing as a screen for non-lethal psychotronic weapons development. Cults and other closed systems are used to continue MKULTRA mind control techniques.

Video 16 (10:18) Monarch Chapter 7: Greenham Common Microwave Attacks. The peace campers at Greenham Common England attacked with directed energy weapons beginning in 1984. The DOD uses the DOJ to hide development programs of microwave and radio frequency weapons that include human experimentation on US citizens under the guise of non-lethal weapons and "crowd control".

Video 17 (6:55) Monarch: Chapter 8: Cointelpro. Counter-intelligence program run primarily by the FBI targeting internal dissidents using dirty war tactics to incarcerate or force a suicide. Presently continuing using non-lethal microwave weapons.

Video 18 (8:44) Monarch Chapter 9: CIA Blowback. The ability to destabilize foreign elected governments at will has led to the same ability here at home. Decades of dirty wars to topple governments hostile to US corporate interestshas led to danger at home and abroad.

Video 19 (6:04) Monarch: Chapter 9B: CIA Drug Running. Two cases that illustrate that the intelligence services have been financing operations using heroin and cocaine sales since the end of WWII. The Golden Triangle and Iran Contra are two stops along the road of consolidation of the drug trade under US intelligence agencies that would have made Andrew Carnegie proud. Since the fall of the Taliban, heroin production in Afghanistan is now nearly 700 metric tons, enough for 120% of world demand. Follow the money...

Video 20 (8:49) Monarch Chapter 10A: MKULTRA Scientist. The scientific work of Andre Puharich, Allen Fry, and Michael Persinger is proof of the existance of microwave weapons designed to remotely influence the human nervous system.

Video 21 (6:58) Monarch Chapter 10B: Russian Mind Control. USSR directed energy weapons and mind control program. Dr. Igor Smirnov sells his mind control patent to the remote viewing company Psy-Tech. Please see this film from the beginning...Psychotechnologies Inc. is run by Lt. Col. John B. Alexander, NSA General Michael Aquino, Maj. General Albert Stubblebine, all individuals connected to non-lethal psychotronic weapons developments programs and remote viewing at INSCOM and Los Alamos Laboratories.

Video 22 (10:27) Monarch: Chapter 10C: HAARP . High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project HAARP. The Navy and Air Force have constructed a radio frequency radiation weapon that is everything Star Wars was supposed to be, and more...


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Source: http://youtube.com/view_play_list?p=F29E47D40D6C7E79

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