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Last Updated:
Thursday, March 22, 2007 03:06:42 AM

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pick Your Poison - The Next President
Made To Order By The New World Order
by Douglas Herman, Mar 20, 2007

Last Updated: Thursday, March 22, 2007 03:06:42 AM

Douglas Herman
Douglas Herman


ondering which president the vote riggers will "choose" in 2008? Trying to sort through the poseurs and players of the New World Order? Stumped to see whether your man or woman measures up to the CFR stamp of approval?

No matter. Whoever wins in 2008 will either serve his (or her) new masters, or suffer the same fate as that idealistic loose cannon, JFK, shot for disobeying orders.

Whether Clinton or McCain is ordained or, whether equally shifty Edwards, Obama, Giuliani, Romney, Condi or anyone else "wins" in 2008, the recipient had better play by the rules or suffer the same unfortunate fate.

Who makes the rules?

Certainly not the millions of concerned US citizens seeking a good and decent man or woman to be the nominal head of the government. Certainly not a few toothless lobbies like AARP. Rather special interest groups--some of them loyal to foreign governments--like AIPAC and AEI and CFR and the corporate owners of those electronic voting machines, wield far more decision-making power to pick the next prez than you or I ever will.

Following a preordained script, the "free press" pimps for the handful of candidates allowed media exposure. Sort of like picking that Heisman Trophy winner. That trophy is annually presented to the "best" college football player. A handful of candidates are presented, about five to avoid confusion, and from these lucky few, a personable performer is chosen. Usually one destined to fuck up in the big game.

And in the ensuing four years, eight years if the pre-selected president performs according to script, the New World Order will continue on its merry way, as it has for nearly a century. Rewarding those who follow orders, punishing those who follow their consciences.

Should that pre-selected president ever decide to act, suddenly and irrationally, in the interest of fairness or for the public good, woe be to he or she. A thousand different threats (or rewards) can be applied to any disloyal president allowed to delude himself into acting presidential. The whispered phrase, "lone gunman," need only be uttered from time to time, to insure a sense of proper restraint.

Why Prepare A President?

Because a well-prepared president is a known quantity. Because a well-initiated, pre-programmed president is less likely to fuck up the global agenda. Thus, at this moment, numerous Council on Foreign Relations members are working weekends and nights to insure you receive the best president they can find. No loose cannons, reformers or idealists, thank you.

To their credit they've offered many variations of the same model. Clinton is McCain in drag and Giuliani is Clinton with chin whiskers and testicles but no balls.

As odious as the offerings appear to be, they all present some (minor) risk to the elites pulling the strings. Suppose, just for a moment, the "winner" actually decides to oppose his or her masters and act presidential. A network of planners would be required to draw up contingency plans. A patsy with three names would have to be found. A suitable location would have to be selected. Some top snipers would have to be contracted. Several top intelligence officials would have to be informed. A handful of big bankers would have to shift funds to offshore accounts. A smattering of media big shots would have to be presented with the official story beforehand. All these things take time and create headaches for the elites.

So whenever the top insiders at AIPAC or the CFR or the Federal Reserve meet with Rudy or Hillary, they get multiple assurances (probably in writing) that nothing they do for the next four years---if selected--will run contrary to the global blueprint of their group.

The rewards for following orders are certainly tempting. Just look at the big book deals and speaking fees for those who never deviated from the globalist agenda.

Thus we now see why Obama must shuck and jive like a plantation field hand before his masters. Just as Colin Powell did at the UN. Black candidates must shuck and jive, just like white ones. Even the whitest candidates of all, Edwards and McCain, must shuck and jive like Steppen Fetchit to the plantation owners of the New World Order. That is why Little-Miss-Stand-By Your-Man, Hillary Clinton pimps for war, much like McCain, and why her gal pal, fellow Dem Pelosi, licks ass over at the AIPAC convention, rather than kicks ass for her constituents. Whether white or black, ALL are owned.

No candidate, whatever their party affiliation, may be anointed unless they have proven their loyalty to the powers behind the throne. They do that by voting for the NWO agenda whenever possible. Whether voting for the PATRIOT Act or voting for endless (and profitable) war on terror, ALL the anointed candidates must serve the Order by following orders, public be damned.

Forget what these candidates say to common folk in public. Forget televised speeches. Whatever well-meaning nonsense they spout in public speeches, as "sound bites," does not diminish their loyalty to Bonesmen or Zionists or Wall Street bankers. The elites know this well--it's all part of the script--but most folks fall for the public lies. That was why GWB sounded (almost) like a sincere, non-threatening country bumpkin in the fall of 2000, rather than an immoral, trigger happy, megalomaniac in the years since.

Those were all well known qualities to the New World Order mentors who groomed both father and son years, probably decades, in advance.

Global elitist and wordy new novelist, Douglas Herman wrote The Guns of Dallas, about a NWO contract killing. Email at douglasherman7@yahoo.com.

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Source: http://rense.com/general75/pick.htm

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