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Last Updated:
Friday, March 09, 2007 04:48:53 AM

Friday, March 09, 2007

A 30 Minute Afterlife Death Experience and Out of Body for Hours
by Unknown

Last Updated: Friday, March 09, 2007 04:48:53 AM

Out of Body Experience (OBE)


eligion is in the mind set of each individual. There are many that want to control the world with their beliefs on religion and will go to great extremes, even kill to get their points across. People should be able to control their own religious beliefs and not to have others try to jam in the minds of others their religious thinking's. Religion is good and religion in some cases is very, very dangerous. I will not knock anyone's religion, but if you really want the truth, religions are myths created by humankind, which I will go into deeply some other time. One thing I will say now is that all of you, believe it or not are gods, but the One True God is All Powerful Energy and we are part of that Energy. We were given the power to create everything we see and feel by this God and This God does not interfere with our lives unless we ask for It's help. God does not have a name and speaks to no one, period!. It is just Powerful, Powerful Energy which you would not understand, only when you die will you understand. Good day.

10/4/06 Now, this is going to make a lot of people upset or shall I say millions of people upset but I'm going to tell you an absolute truth and you can take it for whatever way you wish. Centuries upon centuries you have been told that your Christ, Jesus was crucified but I know for true fact that Jesus was never crucified. It was Simon who carried the cross that died in Jesus's place. This was set up by Judas and his clan. Do you really think that a Son of a God would allow his son to die by the hands of humankind. I don't think so but I truly know for fact that He did not die on the cross for your sins. Another thing there is no such thing as sin, or the devil or demons and there is no hell, period!!!!!. This has been put in the minds of humankind for centries and non of it is truthful and people who are telling you this, is nothing but false information made up by mankind, period. You, yes you, control everything that happens on this planet by the powers given to you before you were even born, by the The Powerful, Powerful Energy Powers that made you and gave you creative powers to do as you wish. You have been given the genes to know right and wrong and you pay for whatever decision to make a choice and you have been given the power to police your own lives and this Energy Power does not interfere with any decisions you make, period and you better believe this. Your minds are very, very powerful but you have not learned how to use this mind power, you can change the world with mind power. Remember when Jesus said; you have the power to move mountains if you believed in yourselves. One other thing, Jesus was and still is a very, very powerful entity, but he was not the son of any God. When you die you are going to be so shocked when you find out that you have been told the truth here, in these writings. I don't care about your religious beliefs, you must believe in your own beliefs and then your lives will change. You are going to read a lot more astonishing things because this I found out when I died and also by things that are being told to me from the other side. I have crossed over to the other side many times and I'm giving you information that you were never been told. Believe what you may but the truth is being told here. You also can heal yourselves, believe me. Good day.

This is totally non-fiction.

10/6/06 Let me tell you a little about myself. I was placed in catholic homes in Watervliet, NY, St. Coleman's and Hillside School, Troy, NY for 14 years. At age 15, I was sent home to my father's place in Schenectady, NY at age 15, my dad was very poor. I went to Central Park Jr. High then to Nott Terrace High and finally graduated from Mt. Pleasant High in Schenectady, NY in 1954. While in the homes I passed over to the otherside at least 3 times, when out of the homes I passed over to the otherside 2 times. While over there I was met by a beautiful lady's voice that told me it was not my time to stay. My years between 15 and 19 years of age I literally starved living on the streets. If it wasn't for my friend Chug Rickson I would surely would have starved, what a great, great friend he was, I miss you Chug. He and his mom and dad fed me when they could. When I say starved, I mean starved. I would not have food for days at a time and I would get very, very sick. My school mates didn't know any of this. The week before I was to take my final exam in high school I was rushed to the hospital with a 105 temperature and if it wasn't for a great doctor who saved me I would not be here today. So I had someone in the afterlife looking out for me even then. I died for 30 minutes in 1998 while country dancing at Roaster's Roost in Henrietta, NY. Again, thanks to some very beautiful Angels at the Roost and the Doctors at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY I wouldn't be here today. Again they are Angels and I'm glad the Supreme Creator had them waiting for me. What I experienced when I died is so amazing that I was told I was one in 4 billion who ever survived this type of death, SDS, but my Angels took care of me. I don't care if you believe me on what I write but my advise to you people reading this is to take it very, very serious because I have been given something that others do not have, because what I saw and did while I was dead is so unexplainable that you would never believe me. You're reading from someone who has faced the Powerful Creator of All and had me in It's complete control and I mean control. You will not believe the Power of the Almighty, even when you die you will not understand this Power, The Power Almighty is HE and She in Energy Form. So what I write is very, very truthful, I will not knock you beliefs or religions. You create everything with your mind power, because the Creator gave you this power before you were born but you do not know how to use this power yet in human form. Pray and ask the Power Energy Creator for help and believe and I mean truly believe, you will be answered, I know this for a fact, period!!!!!!! Good day and may the Powerful One be with you all and what Power. Remember when Jesus said believe and you will receive? believe deeply inside of you and your wishes will come true. There are two things that I have regret about and that is; not accepting an enlistment that was offered by the Air Force when I was in high school, the other was not completing my college education at the Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.

10/8/06 Now, I would like to explain something. Nature is actually Mother Earth and Mother Earth was here billions of years before you inhabited Her. When you talk about Nature you are talking about Mother Earth. Mother Earth controls many, many things here and when you get upset you upset Mother Earth because you are attuned with Her. Everything you do here Mother Earth feels and reacts to your changes. That is why you have disasters here because you throw Mother Earth off stride and She has to keep things right. I want to tell you about the American Indians and how close they are to Mother Earth. They are the closest humans to Nature because they honor Nature and the Spiritual Energy Creator more than anyone else. They are attuned to all of Her feelings and one thing I would like to say to you American Indians is, do not change your ways about this Earth. Your times for rewards are now coming and I do and I do repeat, share with all your Indians borthers and sisters no matter what Nation they reside, this is very important and your rewards will be great, share with follow Indian Nations, please listen to me, do not let your brothers and sisters live in poverty, share your wealth with them, they suffered along with you in the beginning of this Nation and when all your lands were taken from you.. Mother Nature and all of you are very, very close, keep honoring Her with your faith and dances. She is listening to you and she loves you very much. Other Americans should honor Her as you do and this Nation would be better well off, instead of going to your churches, go outside and honor the ground you live on you Americans, instead of destroying this beautiful Earth, this Garden of Eden. Mother Nature is a great, great part of God the Energy Creator of All, keep honoring Her, She is your church. Good day.

10/10/06 What I'm about to write is so, so important, and that is; for you people and especially the younger people, learn all you can while you are here. Keep going to school and learn and read, grasp all you can. If you do not like school at least keep reading for this is so important for your afterlife. If you want to continue on to other dimensions when you die, your education and knowledge is very important to get you there. Of all the things that I am writing, this is one of the most needed and also this is very must needed, moral standards, if you do not understand this last sentence, then you need to be educated a lot more then you are. Education is very, very important on the otherside. This is one of the reasons we are here to learn and advance.

I have to say this also, you conniving, greedy, sneaky, stealing, unethical, murderess individuals, you will and I repeat, you will pay terrible price for what you are doing here on this Beautiful Earth. Remember, 60, 70 years goes by very, very fast and then you must face your judges on the otherside and everything that you have done on this Earth will be presented in front of you and you will not be able to deny what you have done on this planet. You are truly judged by higher entity powers when you die. You will not like what happens to you. If you are ignorant and arrogant enough to throw this aside then you shall see before you even die, you will get a taste of what will happen first. I hope you will pay attention to what has just been written. Oprah and all you other beautiful people, please keep helping your fellow humans for you all will be highly honored on the otherside and you advance to higher dimensions which are so beautiful and peaceful, no evil whatsoever. Bless you givers, your rewards will be great. Good day.
You may print these writings.

10/11/06 I would like to tell you that you have two egos. One exterior which controls all solid matter that you see and do. Everything you do in the physical world is controlled by the brain, the outer ego is the brain. The outer ego is a very jealous ego and wants to control your life. Whatever exterior you do goes through the brain only. Now you also have an inner ego which controls the brain and all inner feelings. Your sub-consciousness, which has many, many levels, very deep levels knows all your past lives. Your connection with the spiritual world, Earth, the Universe, the Cosmos are all connected to this inner ego. When you die this is your energized spirit or shall we call your mind, some people like to call it their soul. When you experience love, hurt, hate and inner feelings, this is your inner soul or mind. The mind is the greatest power you. Believe it or not the mind controls the brain and everything else, but the outer ego is very jealous of the inner ego because it controls all of your solidified world. The mind is your spirit, your soul and all your feelings. The mind controls all. You must have a balance between the outer ego and inner ego, then you will have all that you desire in life. The outer ego will fight to keep control of all your workings and feelings unless you start to control it. Meditation is the answer through your inner feelings or shall I say your mind. Ask the mind to start taking control of your life and seek inner peace and all will come to you. Your mind will also cure any sicknesses or illnesses you have. I tried to explain this when I had the site up before but no one seemed to care. You can heal yourself, believe me on this. Seek and you will find, ask and you will receive but you must have faith and I mean faith not only that it will work but faith and trust in yourself. Remember when Jesus said, Faith Can Move Mountains, it can. If you want to be helped, all you have to do is ask. Good night.

A 30 minute afterlife death experience and out of body for hours.

10/21/06 Here is actually what happened when I died. I was at Rustler Roost at Days Inn, Henrietta, NY country dancing. At 7:30 PM I was watching people taking lessons. The lessons finished at 8:30 PM and that is the last I remembered being at the Roost until 1:45 AM. I died August 28, 1998 for 30 minutes of which the doctors told me that it was Sudden Death Syndrome and that I should not have survived more than 3 minutes. Thanks to Pete and an Arizona State Trooper who just happened to stop there for the evening on his way back home and thanks to the ladies who would not let them stop working on me, plus the Henrietta Ambulance Crew of Henrietta, NY that resuscitated me with shocks. Thanks to the doctors and nurses who also saved my life at Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY, and to Pete, the Arizona Trooper, ladies at the Rustler's Roost and the Ambulance Crew, my special thanks for not giving up. What an unbelievable experience I went through on my journey to and back from the otherside, truly, truly unbelievable. There is life after physical death, you are going to be amazed, you will see, don't be afraid, it's beautiful.

Now for the story of what happened. I only remember coming back to Earth from the other side not going there. This account of what happened is deeply imbedded in me. I remember this great Power and Force that had a grip on me, like It was holding me with a huge hand. I couldn't more and It was pressing me against this energy barrier or invisible force field. As this was happening I was looking at an oval shape object, like a pod when all of a sudden this force field opened and I was shot through it with such speed and this huge, huge round opening occurred with Power of great magnitude just holding it open and I was sent through to the Roost and standing there and watching this Force Field just opening the Roost like butter melting or being pushed aside. The magnitude of this Power, to this day is so tremendous, remember the parting of the Red Sea in the Ten Commandments, that was that kind of Power and only the Creator of All has that Power. As I'm standing at the Roost watching this happen, I'm also watching myself catch up to me, I was traveling , as they would say in Star Wars, at warp speed, the speed I was traveling was unbelievable and I'm watching this Great Power holding open this huge hole, I can't get it out of my mind, I step forward a little and looked into the hole, it was completely dark but I saw some very, very small Stars, I could see for miles, I then stepped back, looked at the Power holding the hole open and then it suddenly closed. As I was standing there at the Roost I saw a group of people sitting in the corner near the bar at the Roost talking, I would say there was about 7 or 8 people, the lights were turned out at the dance floor but the dining area lights were still on. I saw the time when this all happened and it was 1:45 AM. I was shocked at what was happening, I was wondering what I was doing there. One thing I forgot to say, I did not know that I had died, not the slightest clue. I stood there at the Roost for about 5 minutes just looking around and then decided to leave. This part is so amazing. I walked out through the back dining area and then out the main dining area to the entrance, went through the doors and out to the sidewalk area of the Roost to the parking area, turned left and starting walking to my car when all of a sudden I heard this giggling noise to my left, I turned to see who was giggling and walking just a little behind me and to the left side were two people, pure, pure white, with white suits on, which were identical, white suits, a man and a woman holding hands, were pure white from the top of their heads to there shoes and just looking at me and the woman was the one giggling or making some kind of noise like giggling. I turned for a quick second and looked back to see them and all of a sudden they vanished with a blink of an eye. All of a sudden I heard this large bang behind me, turned around to see what happened and saw nothing. As I'm walking to my car, this funny thing was happening, I could see for miles and since I wore glasses I wondered why I could see so far, mind you I didn't know that I had died. I finally got to my car, drove out of the parking lot and headed to the NYS Thruway exit 46, a lady gave me my ticket, she was about 35 to 40 years of age with dirty blonde hair with a nice smile. I drove down the Thruway to exit 44 to Farmington, NY to the townhouse I was living in with my son Tom. I got out of my car, went inside, went upstairs to my bedroom, Tom was not home yet, changed into my pajama's went into the bathroom, went back into my room, knelt down and said some prayers got up looked at the clock and the time was 2:30 AM. The next thing I knew, I woke up in bed at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY, my son Bill was standing next to my bed and I started to scream and my son Bill told me that I had died and I kept screaming that it was not true and then one of my doctors walked in and said it was true and he took my blood pressure and then I told the doctor that I had traveled to the otherside and he said he knew that and I asked him how he knew but he would not tell me. By the way, son Tom went to the Roost and got my car and brought it back to the townhouse with my glasses, astonishing hey? Now you know, you are going to be so surprised when you die, you still live, only in a different dimension.

10/29/06 This is something I want to say about life. In the last 6 years I have died for 30 minutes, 2 yrs. later had triple bypass heart surgery, two years later had prostate cancer, when a younger boy almost starved to death. The message here is someone or something is watching and protecting me for a very important project. I admire people who go out of their way an adopt children and feed starving children so they can save life. I wasn't given that choice but someone on the otherside adopted me and has saved me many, many times. I have some terrific doctors that do take care of me and watch over me, I'm not special but I guess they think I am. Now what gets me really worked up is seeing young people and a lot of grown ups complaining about not having this or not having that or my girlfriend or boyfriend is not paying attention to me. You people should be so happy that you have food on the table and clothing on your person, have cars, tripods, TV can travel and do anything you wish, stop complaining and live life. You have children in Africa and many other parts of the world starving to death while in their mother's arms, just skin and bones, you sick crying individuals, you should get on your knees and thank the Power Almighty for giving you a country with living rights and freedom to do as you please. All I see now are people complaining about their rights, having abortions, taking drugs and having free wild sex. Wake up and start living for you have been given a beautiful country and life in which to live in. What I which I could see is your cry babies switch with the children and families in Africa for a year and then you might appreciate what you have. I had nothing given to me but I went out and got it, no one gave me anything and what I have, I earned it. People in this country need to suffer a little bit and find out what unhappiness is like. I could if I wanted to, have a little suffering here in the U.S. if you would like and then maybe you would appreciate life a little better. You don't think I can do this? try me! You greedy individuals with all your money and wealth are going to be in for a shock one of these days and you and your families are going to suffer, watch. Not only am I getting disgusted but others on the otherside are also, your going to be in for some hard times soon. I thank the Creator of All for what has been done for me and my family and for what the Creator has done by watching over me especially in these last 6 years and my childhood. I was born in a depression time and the Creator has allowed me to survive through many obstacles. Save the children in Africa and other places in this world, you must not allow them to keep dying, hear my words. You cannot understand what can and will happen if you do not wake up America and stay out of other Nations business, you have no right to interfere with what goes on in other countries unless there is human suffering only. We have arrogant, arrogant people running our country with huge egos and evil minds and some day if you let them, they will end up destroying America. I feel great troubles ahead and they can be prevented by you civilians of this country. Wake up or suffer, it's up to you. If you think I'm full of it, then wait and watch, the warning has been given. One other thing, China, if North Korea keeps exploding nuke devices underground it will affect you country's ground stability, I see what can happen and you will not like it.

11/1/06 Now, one thing I want to say is that many, many people who are very religious are going to have a hard time adjusting on the otherside because of what you are believing here on Earth about what you have been taught on religion. The shock will be unbearable and when you realize that what I have been writing is the truth. Open your minds and use common sense when you are involved in religion. I won't knock your beliefs but your religious writings are myths and have been written by people with made up dreams and thoughts. I was told that I was hard on what I write about religion but you will find out that everything you were told was not what happened. I had religion beat into me when I was a child in Catholic orphanages and I mean beat but when I died for 30 minutes I lost all beliefs. I prayed the Rosary 10 to 15 times a day before I died but know I just shake my head knowing that it was all for naught. What I did and saw has given me the truth. I would love to meet mediums and ask them why they do not tell the truth about the otherside, if they have this power to see and know, then they know what I am saying is true but they will not tell the truth because they make money by making you feel good here on Earth. Now, listen to me because this is the total truth, there is no Heaven, hell, Satan, or any other demons, these are put into your head by man and they do not know the truth, period. All made up in a dream state. Many are going to be angry at these writings, but I don't care because I know the truth and you are being told the truth. You make life and death by the Power of the Creator. Wake up and use common sense when you read articles on religion, do thy make sense? You pay the price when you die and find out the truth was told to you on this site.

11/12/06 I know many, many thousands of readers of this material are not getting what is being written. You are saying this guy is full of it and is wacky, well my good friends you are the losers for you are being told things that you would never, never have been told before but you're receiving it from a person who has been in the presence and Power of the Creator and what Power. I didn't go out to some woods and say, "I saw Jesus" or go to a mountain and claim "I saw God" and God talked to me to do this or to do that. I was dead for 30 minutes of SDS and I should not be here because in 3 minutes everything should be bye, bye for me. You believe what you want to believe but you are going to be so shocked when you die and what you are being told is the absolute truth. You have a spirit messenger being sent to you to tell you the truth and you are not listening, so you lose if you don't. Now for the true gospels of religion and reality and I have said this before, put your bibles aside and read the real truth from Seth the essence entity from the other side and using Jane Roberts as his tellers of real truth of life and death. This world will never change until you wake up and learn the real truth and Seth and myself are telling you the truth. If I offend you on religion then that is your problem for religion is nothing but mythology writings. Read the real truth from Seth through Jane Roberts, Jane is not with us anymore and what a loss. Read: Seth Speaks, Seth Material, The Nature of the Psyche, The Unknown Reality, Volumes One and Two, Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Volumes One and Two, The Way Toward Health, The Individual and Nature of Mass Events. These are very powerful, powerful books and these are the real truths of how this world and Universe was created. The truth about God and Jesus and how far out with lies of the truths you have been told all your lives. Of all the books you have read, these are the most truthful and powerful, you will ever read and learn the real truths about how Earth was created and the Universe, you, the plants and animals, everything. Learn how you, yes you create everything, not some god. Change your lives and learn the truth from me and Seth, through Jane, you are going to be shocked to know the truth. I can't explain it anymore than this, you read, you believe, you don't, you lose. One other thing, you better believe in UFO's for they are real and I will tell you things of what they have done here. We are not alone, believe me.

11/27/06 Believe this or not but I know for a fact that a new Christ will be here on this Earth within 35 to 40 years, this Christ is going to be very, very powerful, Jesus was very, very powerful. He came from the 10th dimension of Creation by the Creator, All, but Jesus was not the son of any god, as I have said, God is just Pure, Pure and Powerful, Powerful, Powerful Energy and Force and may This Force be with all of you and talk to This Force through your inner energy and senses. 3 Entities in One. Please don't start a new religion on this, we have enough. This new Christ will set the world straight. You are being told that Jesus is coming back to destroy the world, wrong, it's somebody's pipe dream, it will never happen, you, yourselves will destroy this planet and Universe by stupidity and arrogance. This Christ is coming back to teach humankind about life, period. Watch! and be ready.

11/27/06 Here is another shocking information I'm going to tell you. I said before that Jesus did not die on the cross, that it was Simon and this is the shocking news, the woman at the foot of the cross was Jesus's mother Mary and she was the woman crying for the man on the cross because she knew that the man on the cross was not Jesus and that they had crucified another man in his place. Another thing I would like to get cleared and that is; God the Creator never, never talked to anyone here on this Earth and anyone that tells you this is giving false information. God is strictly Pure, Pure Powerful Creative Energy and Force and you can take that to the bank. Every minuet particle and cell in your body is electromagnetic coded and everything else on this planet and Universe is also. You haven't got a clue, the Power of the Creator, not one clue. So stop believing God speaks to someone. Jesus was not the Son of God and I do not care what you think for you are being told the absolute truth here. Wake up and ask the entities on the otherside for help and your subconscious mind also, for your subconscious mind can heal you, have some faith in what I'm telling you. Believe!

12/11/06 If you want a true bible, I mean the one that tells the truth, buy SETH SPEAKS AND SETH MATERIAL, this is a must. This is the total truth about life, death, who God is, life reality, CREATION and Jesus, THE TOTAL TRUTH, I KNOW THIS IS FACT.

1/2/07 Know on the subject of UFO's, they are very, very real. I wrote about two months ago an article about UFO's and many,many people do not believe in them. Let me ask you a question; do you really believe that we are the only one's around? I don't think so. What I'm about to tell you will probably not be believed but I know this to be true. For thousands of years this galaxy and planet have been visited by extremely intelligent entities and when I say intelligent, I mean by our genius means they surpass us by say a scale of 900 compared to our 160 to 180. They have complete mind control in everything they do. They travel by mind control, and their travel machines are just unbelievable, no fuel, just total energy and mind energy, they do have atomic power in their crafts, but very minuet. Now here is the shocker, religion is based on these visitors because they thought that these visitors we God or gods. Here is another big shocker, Moses was led out of Egypt by these visitors and their crafts. I know your reactions to this but I said before, that God the Creator never appeared to anyone and has never talked to anyone and will never talk to anyone, period! God is just complete, Total, Total, Pure, Pure, Powerful, Powerful Intelligent Energy which you will never understand even when you die you will still not know The world is getting to a dangerous situation and our planet will see more and more of these crafts because they do police the Universe and other Universes. They could destroy us with a blink of an eye but that is not their purpose. They are at least one million years ahead of use in everything. You would be surprised how they use the power for their crafts and how they travel, part of it is by inverted time. Don't let anyone try and tell you they do not exist because they do and within a couple of years you will be even closer to them. Believe it or not. I'm just telling you what I know to be true.

1/10/07 I know that many, many people that are reading what is being written here, is being written by a crackpot but really I do not care what you think. All I know is that I was given something that others do not have and also the ability to predict future events. When I died I was in the Power of a Great Force and Energy and what I saw and experienced still blows my mind. To know that I was chosen to experience this is just a true miracle and I wish everyone here on this planet could have experienced the same thing. This was not a dream episode this was a true happening because records show that I was truly dead for this amount of time and I should have never been returned from the dead. The Power To Be thought otherwise. When I tell you something you can either believe or disbelieve, but think of this; you are all being given writings that are being given from the otherside in hopes that you will change the ways things are happening here on this beautiful, gorgeous Earth. I'm giving this information free, I could have written a book and made money from this but all of this happening was given to me free, yes I could use the money but The Creator will take care of me and do as It wishes because I belong to The Creator and I miss The Creator very, very much, you do not know or feel the pains I have not being with The Creator but I have a job to do and I hope I can get through to you people because you will cause great pains on yourselves and destruction. This can be stopped if you will only listen for I can tell you ways to do this, remember I was with The Creator and you cannot and will not understand this Power. Stop being gullible and start using your minds and think for yourselves and realize what you are doing to the planet and yourselves, stop destroying and start living the life that you have a right to. Mother Earth is the controller and Creator of all life here and She is not happy and is being thrown into turmoil, so let me warn you of great dangers that face this planet and you. You all are setting yourselves up for great pains and destructions, please listen to me, if not then you pay the price and soon, remember you are being warned, it's all up to you beautiful, God loving people, save the planet from destruction or have great pains and you will not like what will happen, believe me. Take it for what it's worth, it's not my problem, it's your problem.

1/24/07 I wrote a story about Global Warming about 2 months ago because a person asked me a question on it. I will repeat the story so you can put your minds at rest. It does get a little serious but this is an account on Global Warming and what is causing it. You can either believe what I'm about to write or disbelieve and keep getting all worked up about it. First, the planets lined up with each other and this alignment started the warming because the pressure it put on Earth with the alignment. As they started separating apart the pull on our Earth became a pressure point and has slightly put a strain on Earth's Axis and tilted Earth Axis a bit causing a pull or turning of Earth's Axis pointing to the Sun's rays. This strain will cause some movement in the Earth's crust and will cause movement in Earth's lands. Earth is still under this pull but it will correct itself, Mother Nature will take care of this. Second, humankind has destroyed many, many forests. The trees are being taken down or burned and these trees are needed to control carbon monoxides and dioxides from going into the atmosphere and which plants and trees clean up. Humans are destroying these plants and trees, look at the Rain Forest and other forest in other countries, even in America, we humans are destroying all that is good and needed. Third, emissions do cause some of this harm but it is minuet, compared to the situation with the alignment and the destruction of vegetation and trees. You see a lot of rain and bad weather here in our country and other countries because Mother Nature is correcting a very bad situation cause by us humans. Stop destroying the plants and trees and you will see a change in the situation we have now, Mother Nature will correct the planet's axis soon. I know you are going to have a hard time believing what I just wrote but it's all true, I'm connected to the other side and I know. You can believe what you want but this is the honest truth. If you want cold, so be it, it will be done, watch. Stop cutting down the trees and forests, for you're changing the wind currents. We need vegetation and the plants and trees for our survival. Mother Earth is about to give a terrible jolt to you inhabitants of this planet. Stupidity is not a virtue. I do not care if you want to laugh and make fun of these writings, but remember, you are being warned. I'm being told and you are being warned, laugh and lose, you will pay the price, believe me. I don't care if you laugh at me or my writings, just remember, I get my information from the otherside, you lose, I win, because I don't care if I die again, been there, done it. Use common sense and save your world from disaster soon and stop the killings and greed, you're all in for a big jolt. Arrogance is also not a virtue, listen or pay. You will have a harsh winter in 2007 and 2008. Things will get back to normal soon.

2/8/07 I have something so fantastic to tell that I said I would not be writing anything unless it was important, well I think this is important because I experienced and saw this happening last night 2/7/07 being given to me in a receiving state from the otherside. I can't tell you exactly who was telling me this but here goes and this is really fantastic. This is about our bodies and the creation there of. If you are very intelligent you should have no trouble understanding this, but if your not that intelligent, just go slow and read at a leisurely pace, you will get it. I hope I can give this as I received it. Your body is made up of billions of cells and they die continuously every minute and reproduce every minute on your body, organs, brain, every where. Every cell in your body has consciousness, "it thinks", and it also knows exactly what it is suppose to do. Every cell in your body is electrically coded and that code tells it where and what to do. Every cell has an atom and a molecule and every atom and molecule has a consciousness to it also. These are all electrically charged, not the kind of electricity you find in your home but creative electricity and this electricity is all coded, not just for our bodies but for everything that is being or has been created. I'm in this trance state and watching all of this happening, it was fantastic to see how everything is created, I'm so happy to be given this gift. Every cell has a cellular action and it can repair itself if you let it. When your organs go bad or any other part of your body does also, the cells in your body can repair along with your mind also, they work together. Your cells are sensor devises and let your inner senses know thing are going wrong. What has blown my mind and body is watching this work and the electrical part being coded and going into each individual cell. Your cells make and create every part of your body. This is not only for humans but also for animals, plants, trees, everything. Boy, I just can't get over what I was watching and being shown. Maybe you people do not think this is so fantastic, but to me it is because I was shown how everything was created. Just how intelligent our Creator really is, Creating everything in coded form, to know exactly where everything goes. Everything in Creation is in coded form from electromagnetic electrical energy. This had to be coming from The Creator because I was being shown Creation in the making, how fantastic.

3/1/07 I just want to say this and this I will not say again because people are not paying attention and don't seem to care but you people are the losers. You will keep having destructive forces put on you and this world. You create everything with mind control, even before you were born you created everything. While you are on this Earth, you cause everything to happen because of your mind sets. When you think war, you create war, when you think murder you cause murder, when you think disasters, you with your minds cause disasters, you and only you, not God, not anything else, strictly you and your thinking minds. You, yes you, created this Earth, Universe and what ever else you see, you created before and while you are here on this planet. Stop thinking God created everything, you, yes you have created everything, stop thinking about your bibles and religions for your imaginations created all of this. If you do not start to pay attention to what is being written here then you will not go any further in this world or universe. Your minds sets are way out of whack and listen to me, you create everything with your thinking minds and no one else, period! Yes, you can cure yourselves with mind control. I've been told so many things since I died and have been shown many, many things and I do not care if you do not believe me because you are the losers, not me and until you understand what is being written here you will not go much further. You will end up causing disasters and going through many, many a painful life. Your parents have created their lives and have passed this to you. You have to create your own life and make things better, you can by using mind control and thinking good instead of evil. You cause everything to happen here, so start changing it, now or continue suffering. You can make this the Garden of Eden again with your thinking minds, your minds create everything.

3/5/07 I do not know how long I will be keeping this site open but I want to say this; You are going to have a shocking episode when you die and pass over to the otherside. What has been written here, you will know that it has all been true. You are going to see things that will blow your mind and it's all beautiful. One thing I would like to say is; a person wrote filth in the guest book, do it again and see what happens to your writing hand and take this serious, your a sick person and you will pay a price, watch. Listen you people, you are going to love what you see, for it is beautiful and very, very peaceful and you will see your friends and family, plus loved ones, for this I know. Take care, love and believe in yourself and ask your subconscious mind to help you, believe and it will.


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