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Last Updated:
Sunday, February 25, 2007 05:14:30 PM

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Doug Yurchey's Report On Dan Rather's Marijuana Report
by Doug Yurchey, Feb 25, 2007

Last Updated: Sunday, February 25, 2007 05:14:30 PM

Doug Yurchey
Doug Yurchey


 n this day and age, to still have ‘Reefer Madness’ aired over the networks is madness. It is insane to broadcast reports whose only purpose is to sway audiences to the same, old, federal-agenda that we have heard ever since 1936. Rather’s Report does not appear as ‘Reefer Madness’ when aired on the HD channels in sparkling, colorful detail. Wait a minute, that’s what television is…PROGRAMMING! Why would I think ‘shows’ are anything more, such as informative, educational or just plain capable of telling the truth?

For background, read: The Marijuana Conspiracy - The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal, by Doug Yurchey


What else do you expect from Dan Rather? Mr. 60 Minutes (like his previous show and many other highly paid talking heads) never exposed a thing. Certainly, 60 Minutes, Dan and the boys are not running an EXPOSE’ – they are high-tech propaganda in its purest form. Why are these guys NEVER subject to TV ratings? If NO ONE watched and ratings were 0.00, ratings would be faked and the poor public would STILL have to be fed the BS. The programming is not blatant lies or anything illegal; it takes the viewers in wrong directions. It is subtle MANIPULATION OF THE MASSES. Dan Rather and so many others like him know they have influence and gravitational pull over you. They push you into preconceived agendas that are always aligned with the holy, federal government. They will touch upon federal crimes, but never attack the real problems or real issues. As long as they have you ‘thinking,’ they are the sources for cutting-edge reports, then they have succeeded. As long as they ‘move’ you, then they have won.

Dan RatherWatch these people at work carefully. See if you can understand the real goal of the ‘special’ you view. See if you can read between the frames of the film and realize what they are really saying. They do what good lawyers do in any courtroom. They will hit you with THEIR shortcomings; take YOUR side in the issue FIRST. It is called a preemptive-strike. They ‘spin’ the facts and evidence in the case to THEIR way of thinking. They taint the truth with the demographical hope that you BUY it en mass. DON’T BUY IT… Be stronger than that when you face programming. QUESTION IT! CHALLENGE IT!

After watching Dan Rather’s MARIJUANA Report, we should be questioning and challenging that very report. In the beginning, to get your attention, they previewed sensational stories ahead in the piece:

Scientists say Marijuana will be the basis for a ‘blockbuster’ amount of new products and MEDICINES.

Aspirin of the 21st Century!

Marijuana in a spray bottle?

Why are fields of Marijuana legally grown in our National Parks?

Rather’s Report had SO many good things to say about pot, really. That is what they do like any skilled magician with the ‘pledge’ and the ‘turn.’ Wait until you receive the negative ‘prestige’ in the end. They will bait you then dovetail the viewer to their PLAN that had been laid out for you all along; to take any good thing for the public…and destroy it! Here are some of the Marijuana-positives presented in the recent Report:

* They interviewed the head of a federal facility in Mississippi. The extremely secure facility researches new medicines derived from pot! The ‘marijuana factory,’ funded by your tax dollars, STUDIES MARIJUANA legally. The last words aired by the government agent was ‘…(marijuana) is a good drug.’

* They interviewed the scientist who discovered THC (1963), the active agent in marijuana. His early research led to the government’s Marijuana Farm that produces hundreds of pounds each year for research all over the world.

* They admitted, ‘Marijuana was the #1 Cash Crop!’

* They mentioned how California passed Act 215 ten years ago making it legal for Californians to medically use cannabis with a doctor’s excuse.

* They, the Powers That Be, actually revealed some of the incredible and unknown history of Hemp. The word ‘hemp’ was never uttered in Rather’s Report; which is sacrilege in the 21st Century. George Washington using ‘pot’ was discussed. In 1619, the state of Virginia REQUIRED ‘hemp’ (as it was known for thousands of years) cultivation. The Report stated ‘marihuana’ had been used as ‘money.’ The Ladies Home Journal suggested its usage three times a day. Rather’s report even flashed the 1942, wartime, government film asking patriotic farmers to grow hemp while never exposing any of the amazing background story of the controversial USDA-training film ‘Hemp for Victory.’

* The Report showed numerous, legitimate, scientific groups working on the goal of producing beneficial, cannabis-related products.

* The Report presented a few cases of people physically helped by the use of marijuana. One woman, in particular, had a bad case of shingles. Pot usage helped her face muscles and alleviated her pain. In so many cases, marijuana was nearly a panacea; helping patients in all areas that conventional and ‘chemical’ pharmaceuticals have failed.

Then…slowly I turn…and Dan Rather’s SPIN suddenly views Cannabis Clubs and ‘dispenseries of marijuana’ as DRUG-DEALERS! That is not the case in California, but the ‘man’ just does not like it. The government does not like it that vast sums of money have exchanged hands in pot deals for whatever reason and they do not get their Mafia cut. The pharmaceutical companies do not like it that people are simply growing or using home remedies CHEAPLY. They would prefer selling you a very expensive cannabis-pill!

The Report stressed how when one of these pot dispensaries or Cannabis Clubs comes into town, the crime level increases. There are ‘shoot-outs’ and break-ins. Basically, the M-clubs are a ‘danger’ to the neighborhood. Of course, there is no mention of the Amsterdam-effect or the truth. The truth is when MARIJUANA is permitted and used, crime goes down. There are less arrests and delinquency. Amsterdam is the proof.
The Report attacked the Cannabis Clubs. They examined a case where a dog was given a marijuana excuse from a doctor. The segment was designed to ridicule the idea of using weed as medicine; anyone could receive a pot prescription. They interviewed a school principle faced with the dilemma of students having a ‘doctor’s excuse for marijuana.’ Dan Rather’s piece purposely focused on ways how ANYONE could receive a doctor’s excuse. What this does is ruin it for the REAL CASES WHERE THE ONLY SOLUTION TO PHYSICAL PROBLEMS AND PAIN IS CANNABIS! (The truth is HEMP, as it ought to be called, should be reasonably priced and available in drug stores).

Dan Rather (believe it or not) showed us a ‘straight,’ normal mouse. Then, we see a mouse that is ‘very, very high.’ The high one is STONED and virtually motionless, just lying down. The ‘normal’ one sniffed and was hyperactive. Maybe the stoned one got a lot on his mind now since you have pumped him with massive amounts of potent pot! He’s only a little mouse! Something tells me he was not given a mouse-sized dose of THC. You take 20 hits of windowpane acid and see if you are not lying down contemplating universes colliding! Is this not 21st Century Reefer Madness in HD?

The Report explored anything and everything but the plain truth that smoking it is a benefit. They outlined how marijuana became illegal, barely. Harry J. Anslinger and his slick, McCarthy-like tactics were mentioned. Why were William Randolph Hearst’s name and sins omitted? They also failed to name the Dupont Corp. as a co-conspirator.

How about a British company, GW Pharmaceuticals, recently, being the first licensed company to sell a CHEMICAL made from cannabis? Now, there is a spray bottle of SATIVEX. Whatever happened to Marinol? The synthetic THC has been used for decades. Why does the Report only focus on the ‘GW’ company as if it was the first time this had ever been done? Stop making chemicals from a NATURAL CURE! The synthetics are not as good or as beneficial as the real thing. The chemical way always has side effects and is a risk to users. Pharmaceuticals/chemicals are the real danger.

One can make an analogy to Tesla at this point. His Free Energy could have greatly helped the world. Just as herbal, home, God-given PLANT remedies WORK. The ‘cheap’ (free) cures should be known as well as available. Instead, ‘they’ have erased the truth; buried the truth; or worse, totally twisted and perverted the truth. The few on top always gain and the large population of people always suffers.

The natural way is what SHOULD be broadcasted over the airwaves. The public should be informed and educated on true, natural cures. Medicines could be grown in our backyard. Instead, the mighty chemical and oil companies rule the world with their propaganda via the media. People remain in the dark. We have had the answers and the cures all along; the answers are natural, not pharmaceutical.

The Report goes on to show a Canadian company with the first license to make ‘plant-based’ solutions including Marijuana. Prairie Plant Systems in Canada received the only shot available to make a cannabis-based business succeed. They are the only company in North America legally allowed to sell Marijuana for research without breaking the law. (California Cannabis Clubs are legal, Dan). One would think that since 1988, Prairie Plant Systems would be a BOOMING business. Dan Rather’s Report showed us how the company has been very unsuccessful. Arrests were made upon obtaining seeds. Everything seemed to go wrong for this company.
Prairie Plant Systems grows its weed in Canada where it is cold. The company grows its marijuana plants UNDER A LAKE. Their pot is not grown the easiest and most efficient way, such as on a tropical island. No, its cannabis is grown in an inhospitable place. The Ebola virus has a level 4 security. The security level for PPS is level 8! This tells us that when they finally legalize marijuana production…IT IS SABOTAGED! They are ruining it. This is pot production the hard way. They allowed the experiment to fail.

The purpose of including the Canadian company in Dan’s Report was obvious. The message was clear as a bell: If you intend to start a pot business and get rich, FORGET IT! You will lose your shirt! You will encounter too many problems; do not even try.

The government knows how to grow pot and is doing so on federal land. National Parks and certain designated lands are reserved for growing pot. The Report tells us that illegal immigrants were brought in to tend the federal, marijuana crops. Again, we have ‘shoot-outs’ and the association with the criminal element. The truth is more likely that the good, old, U.S. government IS producing pot and pot products the right way. Maybe there is an underground where only those in the know have access to certain ‘black-market,’ high quality, pot products? Dan Rather’s Report blasts the federal, pot fields as well. But, there is a difference. Dan Rather is not calling the federal government a bunch of DRUG-DEALERS…and the truth is the federal government (CIA) is absolutely a gang of drug-runners. The War on Drugs is a joke. Drugs and weapons are big business and the feds are guilty of pushing both. Do not be surprised to discover that the feds have been behind the largest drug cartels and have been for a very long time.

They actually reported that the ‘marijuana trade was more dangerous now than it ever was before.’ It remains ‘Reefer Madness’ to this day. There has been no progression or advancement in 80 years. The establishment will still LIE to you. Do not believe the propaganda. See it for what it is…not the truth. Why do ‘they’ treat their audience as stupid, immature children?

No, Dan Rather, we’re mad as hell as we’re not going to take it anymore! How about treating the audience as INTELLIGENT viewers for once in your life, Dan? We are more enlightened these days, some of us, anyway. It is not the 30s, 40s or 50s where the public just accepts what celebrities tell them. Today, we are going to analyze the messenger. Big Brother does not like being exposed and the truth getting out. Stop telling us what we are supposed to think!

How about informing the public on the great many quality products, medicines, oil & new FOOD products that can be produced from MARIJUANA? Now, THAT is a story!

The conclusion of the Report was that ‘smoking marijuana was a very poor form of medicine and HAZARDOUS to your health!’ Nothing in the documentary suggested that.

Can you believe it? That was their last word. Forget the real information, truth and medicinal data ‘they’ presented. Forget government info and numerous independent studies to the contrary. Forget thousands, or maybe millions, of personal accounts where HEMP is the only cure. LIES do not work on us anymore; we’ve grown up, Dan.

The truth is a REAL ‘special’ would have informed the public of the many versatile, positive uses scientists will find for the hemp plant. Maybe SMOKING it is not bad either!

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