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Last Updated:
Friday, February 23, 2007 05:30:02 AM

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Vatican and the Sacred Order of St John
by Leo Zagami, Feb 19, 2007

Last Updated: Friday, February 23, 2007 05:30:02 AM

Leo Zagami
Leo Zagami


ounded in the 11th Century the Order of St. John is also known as The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta. The upper grades are fastidiously aristocratic and must be able to display a family coat-of-arms dating back at least 300 years in unbroken succession from father to son. The Sovereign Grand Master of the order is recognized as a head of state, and his authority is ensured by his secular ranking as a Prince, and his ecclesiastical ranking as a Cardinal. Under international law this organization has independent Sovereign status, which assures nationalistic loyalty from its members, above and beyond allegiance to their own country--they also have Permanent Observer status at the United Nations. The current Grand Master, Andrew Willoughby Bertie, is descended from Mary Stuart (Mary Queen of Scots) which places him firmly in the Sion/Grail historical scenario. !!The leader of the order is commonly known as the "Black Pope" something they also say about the leader of the Jesuit Order .That's because the Jesuits are the Spiritual Masters of the Knights of Malta.

The order and its members have been proven to be linked with the "Rat Run?", the post-WWII escape route used by high-ranking Nazis and death camp scientists from defeated Germany to the Americas. Sovereign Knight of Malta passports were issued with false identities that allowed escape from prosecution for war crimes. Perversely, after the war the order's highest decoration, the 'Grand Cross of Merit', was awarded to Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's Eastern Front intelligence chief, who was highly complicit in the atrocities carried out by the Nazis in Russia and Eastern Europe There are approximately 11,000 Knights and Dames of Malta around the world. They belong to one of 54 national associations or priories. The Federal Association is one of the three associations in the United States. Its office is in Washington, DC, and it has members all over the country. The "Knights of Malta" are represented by a white Maltese Cross on a red background.

The order is the sanctuary of the Knights Templar, housing them inside their City State within Vatican City.

One of the gifts to the American way of life from them was the Klu Klux Klan

The motto of the Order since 1099 is Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum - to defend the faith and to serve the poor.

The Orders military function became one of the most advanced fighting and naval forces in the world. Their battles defending the island of Rhodes and later the island of Malta are legendary. Knights would also nurse the sick in the evening. The rule was that they would serve the patients first - "white bread on silver plate" - before they would eat. In the modern World the Military Order aspects of the Knights have been downplayed, with their "public face" showing their work as tending to the sick and poor. But make no mistake, they are still well in control of the Military might needed to uphold their creed. The Knights of Malta have been the source of many of the secret societies that have come into being in the last 1000 years, most notably are the Scottish Rite Masonic Order, The Ku Klux Klan and many others who end up serving the Vatican Satan. These Knights and later their Jesuit brothers who came into existence 500 years ago are the secret instigators of almost every major conflict of the so called western civilization to this day.

The following is from the official website of the order:

The Order constructed great fortresses at vulnerable points in the Kingdom of Jerusalem and launched its own military campaigns in the defense of Christendom. The Order became the first Western standing army and the first organization of chivalry, known as the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. It expanded its network of hospices for service to and defense of pilgrims along important routes of travel.

In 1291 the great fortress city Acre fell to Muslim forces, and after some 200 years in the Holy Land the Order was forced to leave. Its convent, or headquarters, was transferred to the island of Cyprus where it held property. In 1310, the Order acquired sovereign possession of the Island of Rhodes. The Order in Rhodes again came under unrelenting attack from Muslim forces and successfully repulsed attacks in 1440, 1444, 1469, and 1480. In 1522, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent moved on Rhodes with 250 ships and 200,000 men and, after an epic defense of six months' duration by the Order's 600 Knights and 1,500 soldiers, the Grand Master capitulated on 24 December 1522, and was allowed to depart, with the surviving Knights, on 1 January 1523.

Without lands, but universally recognized as sovereign, the Order was in exile until 1530, when it was given Malta by the Holy Roman Emperor. Malta, like Rhodes, became the stage of a great chapter in the history of the Order. This was the second naval phase of the Knights, now also called the Knights of Malta. Malta occupied a strategic position between the Christian and Muslim worlds and the Order was the only obstacle to the continuing advance of Islam through the Mediterranean towards the heart of Christendom. Violent Ottoman assaults between 1551 and 1644 were all successfully resisted. The most notable of these was the Great Siege of 1565 in which the attacking Ottoman force of 373 vessels and 40,000 men failed to subdue the island defended by some 540 Knights and sergeants, 400 Spanish troops and 4,000 Maltese capable of bearing arms.

Defense of the Faith did not outshine service to the poor. The hospital of the Order in Jerusalem had about 2,000 beds, and there had also been a large hospital on Rhodes. The hospital of Malta, founded in 1532, continued the hospitaller tradition with accommodations for 564 patients who were served by the Knights themselves. The rule was the same as it had been for five centuries. The patients were served by the Knights before anyone else. They received the best meals - "white bread on silver plate". The Hospital, and its associated Schools of Anatomy, Surgery and Pharmacy, achieved world-wide renown.

Valletta, the new capital, became a treasure house of art with its splendid baroque buildings: churches like the magnificent Conventual Church of St. John the Baptist, completed in 1577, and official buildings like the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Inns of the Knights. In 1761 the Public Library was opened in Valletta, in 1768 the University, and in 1786 the School of Mathematics and Nautical Sciences — all the work of the Order. In 1798 Napoleon, ignoring the Order's internationally guaranteed neutrality vis--vis the Christian powers, had his fleet attack Malta on 12 June 1798.

The Knights capitulated and their island-state fell to the French. Napoleon seized the treasures of the Order and forced its members to abandon the island.

Having lost most of its property during the Napoleonic conquest, in 1834 the Order established its headquarters in Rome, where it has remained ever since, and the present phase in the colorful history of the Order began. Its military role reduced, service to the poor and the sick became its foremost occupation and in the second half of the nineteenth century the national associations began to emerge and the Order assumed its present structure.

The Order is still recognized under international law as a "sovereign entity"; and exchanges ambassadors and diplomatic representatives with over 90 countries. On August 24, 1994, the Order was admitted to the United Nations by being granted "Permanent Observer" status. This status, similar to the status granted to the international Red Cross and other relief organization, allows the Order to participate in the discussions of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The number of Knights today is greater than in the days of its grandeur in the eighteenth century. The eight-pointed white Maltese Cross stands out everywhere as a symbol for charity towards mankind and as a comfort and consolation to the sick and the poor. The Order stands ready to meet the great challenges of the modern age in the same spirit of selflessness and devotion that inspired its founder more than 900 years ago. ------------------------------------------------------------

The direct connections between Skull and Bones and Knights of Malta

The Knights of Malta are one of the oldest branches of the Order of the Quest in existence.

The Knights of Malta is held up by a backbone consisting of nobility. The Black Nobility is mostly the rich and powerful of Europe. The head of the Black Nobility is the family that can claim direct descendancy from the last Roman emperor.

The Knights of Malta all have diplomatic immunity. They can ship goods across borders without paying duty or undergoing customs checks.

The first U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican was William Wilson, a Knight of Malta.

Frank Shakespeare replaced William Wilson. Frank Shakespeare was a Knight of Malta,

William Casey was the Director of the CIA, a member of the CFR, a Knight of Malta. He was head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. During the Nixon administration he was head of the Export-Import Bank.

In the 1930's General Smedley Butler was recruited to help take over the White House. He was told that he was needed because of his general popularity with the military. General Butler blew the whistle and named several prominent Americans as part of the plot. At the top of the list was John J. Raskob, who was a founding member of the U.S. branch of the Knights of Malta. He was board chairman of General Motors. He was, at he time, the U.S. Treasurer of the Knights of Malta. Congressional hearings were held to investigate the plot, but none of those named, including Raskob, was ever called to testify and nothing ever came of the hearings.

George Schultz is a member of the CFR, the Bohemian Club and the Bechtel Corporation, all of which have close ties to the Order and the Knights of Malta.

Knight of Malta Myron Taylor was President Roosevelt's envoy. Knight of Malta John McCone? the Director of the CIA during the early '60s, was President Kennedy's envoy. Knight of Malta Thomas Melledy was President G.H.W. Bush's U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican.

Clare Booth Luce was a dame of the Knights of Malta J. Peter Grace of W.R. Grace Company is head of the Knights of Malta in the United States.

In the early 1940s, the I.G. Farben Chemical Company employed a Polish salesman who sold cyanide to the Nazis for use in Auschwitz. The same salesman also worked as a chemist in the manufacture of the poison gas. This same cyanide gas along with Zyklon B and malathion was used to exterminate millions of Jews and other groups. Their bodies were then burned to ashes in the ovens. After the war the salesman, fearing for his llfe, joined the Catholic Church and was ordained a priest in 1946. One of his closest friends was Dr. Wolf Szmuness, the mastermind behind the November/78 to October/79 and March/80 to October/81 experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials conducted by the Center for Disease Control in New York, San Francisco and four other American cities that loosed the plague of AIDS upon the American people. The salesman was ordained Poland's youngest bishop in 1958. After a 30-day reign his predecessor was assassinated and our ex-cyanide gas salesman assumed the papacy as Pope John Paul II.

The most powerful secret organization in the world is the Bilderberg Group, organized in 1952 and named after the hotel where its first meeting took place in 1954. The man who organized the Bilderberg Group, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, has the power to veto the Vatican's choice of any Pope it selects. Prince Bernhard has this veto power because his family, the Hapsburgs, are desended from the Roman emperors. Prince Bernhard is the leader of the Black Families. He claims descent from the House of David and thus can truly say that he is related to Jesus. Prince Bernhard, with the help of the CIA, brought the hidden ruling body of the Illuminati into public knowledge as the Bilderberg Group. This is the official alliance that makes up the world governing body secretly dominated by their Jesuit Spiritual Masters. The core of the organization is three committees made up of thirteen members each. Thus the heart of the Bilderberg Group consists of 39 total members of the Illuminati. The three committees are made up exclusively of members of all the different secret groups that make up the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and the Vatican Black Nobility. This committee works year round in offices in Switzerland. It determines who is invited to the annual meeting and what policies and plans will be discussed. Every proposal or plan that has ever been discussed at an annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group has come to pass usually within one or two years following the meeting. The Bilderberg Group are the men who really rule the world.

Adam Smith's *Wealth of Nations*, which provided the ideological foundation for capitalism and for the Industrial Revolution, was published in 1776, in that same year, 1776, Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon law at Ingolstadt University in Germany, founded the Illuminati Order, a conspiratorial organization which embodied all of the goals, aims, and methods of what we now call Communism. the goal of the Order was to "unite, by way of one common higher interest and by a lasting bond, men from all parts of the globe, from all social classes and from all religions, despite the diversity of their opinions and passions, to make them love this common interest and bond to the point where, together or alone, they act as one individual."

One of the lodges in Germany affiliated with the Lodge of Lyons was the Lodge Theodore of Munich. It was in this lodge -- to which Weishaupt belonged -- that the Illuminati Order was organized by him as a secret organization within a secret organization. It took a number of years before the existence of this secret society within a secret society came to light. Its revolutionary doctrines were so zealously propagated that it couldn't be completely hidden for very long. In 1783, a Bavarian Court of Enquiry began its investigation of the Illuminati Order. Much of what we know today about Weishaupt's secret conspiracy is a result of this investigation. Weishaupt's entire program and methodology was virtually identical with what was later to become known as Communism.

The Order went underground and emerged as a network of Reading Societies throughout Germany and in the USA (Skull and Bones). The goal of this literary network was to monopolize the writing, publication, reviewing and distribution of all literature, more effectively to control the minds of the readers.

The members of Skull and Bones today manage almost all major communication in the World, including CBS, NBC, ABC, ClearChannel?, Time/Warner etc.

ADM Feeding Program - Since 1990, the Federal Association has sent millions of pounds of food- all donated by Skull and Bones controlled Archer Daniels Midland- to the poor in Central America. The recipients are the Missionaries of Charity, and the official consignees and handlers of the food in country are local members of the Order of Malta. The six countries which receive these shipments are Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The Federal Association makes 10-12 shipments (40' containers @ 80,000 pounds each) every year.

Don't think that there is nothing but evil being done by this most powerful congregation of the Worlds wealthy, they do conduct programs of care and feeding to the poor, medical aid to the sick and education to the ignorant. But you should understand that the good and righteous people "in the trenches" at your local KOM run Hospital, School, Clinic or Charity have no idea that the work they are doing covers a much larger plan. Like beautiful beads of dew on a spiders web the charitable actions cover the true purpose behind these activities.

Running the schools of a Nation allow them to educate the population according to their wishes. Running the Hospitals allows them to cross every social boundary and know the most intimate details about persons from birth to death.

Like the Priest that receives confession and then uses that secret knowledge against the confessor there are very dark basic principles behind the supposed altruistic activities of the Catholic Church and their Knights of Malta.

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Source: http://www.illuminaticonfessions.webfriend.it/index.htm

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