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Last Updated:
Monday, December 25, 2006 06:39:16 PM

Monday, December 25, 2006

Brotherhood of the Sun
- A Modern Story About An Ancient Order
An Interview with Patrick Cain

Last Updated: Monday, December 25, 2006 06:39:16 PM

) What is the “Brotherhood of the Sun”?

A) The world’s oldest and most powerful secret society. “Brotherhood of the Sun” comprises the hierarchy of humanity – the behind-the-scenes directors of world affairs. They were the original architects of civilization – the first sorcerers, scientists and sun worshipers. For example, Emperor Constantine was chief priest of the Sol Invictus – Invincible Sun – cult.

Q) What’s the central premise of your book?

A) There’s nothing new under the sun. More precisely, that human nature hasn’t changed. Which is why history repeats. Although civilization has advanced technologically, it hasn’t evolved socially, spiritually. Even though we like to believe so.

Q) Tell us a little about the story.

A)  The plot involves a maverick professor and student underground discovering the Brotherhood’s existence and exposing its secrets. Unfortunately, their plan backfires because society can’t handle the truth. Which makes for a great twist at the end.

Q) What secrets? What truth?

A) The true origin of religion and mythical foundation of civilization.

Q) Where did religion originate?

A) It was the ignorant offspring of science – namely, stellar science. Celestial navigation was the original form of divine guidance and heavenly knowledge. But once the scientific basis was lost, studying the stars degenerated into a system of superstition. Speculative arts and cosmic cults were born. Stargazing took on a whole new meaning. Scientific instruments became religious icons.

Q) For instance?

A) The Christian and Celtic crosses were taken from the Cross-staff and Astrolabe, which were astronomical measuring devices. Celestial instrumentation enabled ancient astronomers to calculate the cosmos, to better understand the natural world. Neolithic sailors were able to circumnavigate the globe. Archaeoastronomical  sites, like Stonehenge and the Pyramids, were part of a stellar navigation and time-keeping network. Giza was the Prime Meridian.

Q) What about Jesus Christ and Christianity, where do they fit into the picture?

A) Just as the Brahman priesthood created the Chrishna legend, the Roman aristocracy concocted the Christ myth – to consolidate power, unify the Empire, save the Republic. Both solar caricatures’ birthdays happen to fall on December 25th – right around the winter solstice. Christ is coincidentally made to return from the dead around Easter, around the spring equinox, when life returns from its dormant state.

Q) Are you saying the Gospel is a fable?

A) The Gospel story is an astronomical tale – interspersed with historical lore and gnostic teachings. The twelve disciples of Christ and twelve tribes of Israel represent the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The Lion of the tribe of Judah corresponds to Leo the Lion. “Israel” is actually an astrotheological designation. “Is” represents Isis, the moon goddess. “Ra” was the Egyptian sun god. And “El,” from the Hebrew El-elyon and Elohim, stood for the sun and stars.  Hence, “Is-Ra-El” originally represented those who worshipped the sun, moon and stars – all the hosts of heaven, the stellar sources of life.

Q) What about the Bible?

A) The Holy Bible is basically a Sun Book – Helios Biblios. Jesus personified the sun. The original Astro-Logos, or “Word of God,” was the Voice the Heavens. Ezekiel’s vision of a “wheel within a wheel” was a planisphere or astrolabe surrounded by creatures of the Zodiac. The “abominations” that Ezekiel saw the elders of Israel committing was making astrological charts and casting horoscopes. Religion is an elaborate perversion of astronomy, or heavenly science.

Q)    What about western civilization?

A)    The Roman Empire descended from Rama’s Empire. Rome was founded on Rama’s birthday – in April, 753BC.

Q) And America?

A) Plato’s Republic inspired Bacon’s Atlantis, which, along with Virgil’s Aeneid, became America’s blueprint. DC is a Masonic haven, replete with esoteric architecture and astrological symbolism. There are almost two dozen zodiacs on DC’s main buildings.

Q) Weren’t the Founding Fathers, Masons?

A) Most were. The principle players, like Franklin and Washington, were Masters Masons. It was the Masons who initiated colonial rebellion, guided the Revolution, crafted the Constitution and designed DC.

Q) What is Masonry?

A) Another solar sect. Both Masonry and Christianity descended from Druidic sun worship. One evolved into a crude religion – the other, into an esoteric guild.

Q) What do you think America’s future holds?

A) The same fate as all empires – eventual decline then collapse. But ultimately, morphing into another, hopefully wiser, solar society.


Source: Correspondence with author

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