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Last Updated:
Sunday, December 17, 2006 10:22:43 AM

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Hidden Truth About The Pope's Middle East Crusade
by Greg Szymanski, Dec 15, 2006

Last Updated: Sunday, December 17, 2006 10:22:43 AM


Unknown Israeli author tells you everything you wanted to know about the war but were never told.

Greg Szymanski


uthor of Vatican Assassins Eric Phelps has always tried to find the truth and speak from the heart, his meticulous research uncovering the purposely hidden Vatican and Jesuit Order's duplicitous role as the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order.


Concerning the Middle East conflict, he doesn't miss words or pull any punches either, recently uncovering "the greatest analysis of the war I have ever read."


"Written by an unknown Israeli," said Phelps, "it is a must read for anyone who wants to know the real truth behind the Pope's war. Added to the fact that the Black Pope controls the US via the Council on Foreign Relations, and controls Britain via the Royal Institute of International Affairs, we now know the source and purpose for the continuing conflict.


Eric Jon Phelps
Eric Jon Phelps


"The leaders of both sides are minions of the Jesuit General.  ( For example, previously Arafat has had EIGHT MEETINGS with Pope John Paul II since the Oslo Accord.)   Those who do not "play ball" - like Anwar Sadat of Egypt, King Fiesal of Iraq and Yitzak Rabin of Israel are eliminated through the Black Pope's unified International Intelligence Community.   That Community is directly controlled, organized and overseen by the Pope's Crusaders, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.


"Notice that the mentor and immediate master of Ariel Sharon is none other than CFR Henry Kissinger.   Masonic Kissinger, the intimate associate of Knight of Malta Alexander Haig, Jr., is without question a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, as the Order began to admit the Pope's "Court Jews" to the Company in 1946 - about the time of the stoking of the Middle East conflict.


Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI


"Further, it has been learned that the former head of NATO and key figure in the governing of the Pope's Zionist government of Israel is a Franciscan priest - Javier Solana - the intimate friend of the "King of Jerusalem," King Juan Carlos of Spain, whose immediate master is the Grandmaster of the SMOM, Fra Andrew Bertie.


"Further, the reason why the Order has used the Federal Reserve Bank's American Military Industrial Complex to arm every Arab nation in the Middle East is not to destroy the Pope's Zionist-controlled Israel, remembering that sixty percent of all the land in Jerusalem is owned by the Vatican - including the Temple Mount. The purpose is to be able to use these arms against the present American/British-led Papal Crusade having been planned over thirty years ago, prior to the deliberately faulty construction of the WTC (the "X" bracing being only bolted and not welded to the buildings) back in the 1980s.   It was Cardinal Cooke's Knight of Malta and director of the CIA's counterintelligence branch manning both "the Israeli desk" and "the Vatican desk" within the Agency, James "Jesus" Angleton, who advocated a "Crusade" against the Moslem peoples way back in the mid 1970s."

According to a reviewer the writings of the unknown Israeli are "a truly objective analysis of this subject, without the baggage Jews and Arabs have been fed via their national leaderships, reveals that the Middle East conflict would have ended decades ago had foreigners not kept it alive. The continuation of the conflict serves their interests- i.e.,  oil supplies, recycling petrodollars, or multi-billion dollar weapons sales. The Palestinian-Israeli "situation" is thus merely a fig leaf for the FE, allowing their other agendas can be pursued undetected.

We need to devise a solution based on the actual cause for the continuation of the conflict, and not accept solutions presented via the mainstream media.

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach (The Black Pope)


The hatred between the two peoples doesn't come from the hearts of Middle Eastern Arabs and Jews; it is created and stoked from abroad. Arabs and Jews must see through the propaganda and understand that this conflict is being created for them. Every time it looks like it is coming to an end, foreigners breathe new life into it by insisting that they have a "new peace initiative" which they claim will bring peace. It never does.

The FE's intervention in the affairs of the Middle East has been a tragedy for the Arab peoples - socially, economically, and politically.   Arabs and Jews of the Middle East need to admit that they are both victims of the foreigners. By working together, they can remove the cancer of foreign intervention that keeps the conflict alive.

The following are the first two chapters of a collection of observations compiled to help Jews and Arabs understand why the Middle East conflict continues to fester. The intention of the writer is to promote the realization that these two peoples are not each other's worst enemy; a third player, the Foreign Elite (FE), is why the Middle East remains unstable.

Chapter One

The core and essence of the Middle East conflict   


For more than 75 years, western diplomats have been coming up with "peace initiatives" to solve the Arab - Israeli conflict. Yet they always fail.


Why? What keeps the Middle East conflict going?


If we are going to devise a solution, we must first understand why the conflict continues to exist. To do this, we have to view the situation from the top down, rather than from the bottom up.


Granted, this is completely opposite to the way most Jews and Arabs have been conditioned to look at "the situation."   Jews focus on the damage Arab/Palestinians cause, and believe that damage to be the cause of the conflict, when it is really only a result of it. They view the conflict and its origins from the bottom up. Arabs/Palestinians concentrate on the damage Israel causes and believe this to be the cause of the conflict, when it is really only a result of it. They too relate to the situation from the bottom up.


To understand what really causes the Middle East conflict to continue, one must look at the issue from the top down.


To get a more accurate picture of what lies behind the continued existence of the conflict, let's acknowledge these five factors which serve to perpetuate - rather than solve - the problem:


1)The vested interests of the Foreign Elite (FE): There is a "third entity" in the conflict in addition to the Israelis and the Arabs: the foreigners (in order of importance, the US, Britain, China, France, Germany). Without them, there would be no Middle East conflict because it is the foreign influence that keeps the "situation" from being resolved. Unfortunately, both Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews believe they are each other's worst enemy - without considering the third element - the foreigners - that is the enemy of both. The thing that Arabs and Jews have most in common is this common enemy, yet the leaders on both sides (not being legitimate or independent) tell their people that the other side is their number one enemy. Hence the conflict continues.


 2)Control of Middle East oil: The foreigners interfere in the Arab-Israeli conflict in order to exploit and control the vast petroleum resources in the region. If there were no oil, there would be no petrodollars to recycle; the foreigners would have no reason to dominate the region.


3) Weapons sales: If there was a worldwide ban on arms sales to the Middle East, there would be no more "radical Arab dictators" with modern arms. If the foreigners stopped selling advanced weaponry to nations of the Middle East, the conflict would end.


4)The mainstream media: If the mainstream media in the West stopped reporting on the "search for peace in the Middle East," peace would soon be found. By keeping the region's  "unstable" image alive, the media, as the sole source of information by which people can formulate their perceptions, provide an excuse for the foreigners to interfere, and at the same time serve to convince everyone that these western nations want peace, despite the fact that they have been "seeking" it for over 50 years, in vain. The media never question the intentions or agendas of the FE. The media thus provide the glue which keeps the conflict going. Without the mainstream media constantly reporting on the conflict, there would be peace, as everyone would forget that the Middle East is "unstable" and thus in need of "stabilizing" via new "peace initiatives."   


5) Corrupt national leadership of both sides:  It isn't peace between Arabs and Jews that interests the FE, but rather the continuation of the conflict. The way they do that is by corrupting/controlling the national leaders of both sides. The reason why legitimate, popular leaders are not at the helms of countries in the Middle East is because the FE will topple any leader who doesn't cater to their desires before the needs of their own people. If Middle East leaders are selected and deemed popular by their own people, the FE will demonize them as "radicals/extremists," "terrorist leaders" or "enemies of peace," and thus de-legitimize them in the world arena. How can genuine co-existence take hold if the leaders of both sides are more interested in pleasing their foreign masters than their own peoples?


Unless these five basic factors are understood, the true causes that extend the conflict will never be understood. Instead, each side will go on blaming the other - seeking to take the high moral ground and convince their own people and those from abroad that they are right, and the other side is wrong.   This will lead only to more death and destruction.


The technique is called "divide and rule," and it has been a favorite of the FE for decades.


Why Is There A The Middle East Conflict?


Let's deconstruct the conflict and look at all its parameters:


1) The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is how the pro-Arab camp refers to it. It claims Israel is oppressing the Palestinians and that, as a result, the entire Middle East remains unstable, and will continue to be unstable unless the Palestinians have their own state.

2) The Arab-Israeli conflict is how Israel defines the situation. Until the Oslo process began, Israel claimed the conflict existed because: "The Arabs don't recognize Israel's right to exist."  Now Israel says the conflict continues because the Palestinian leaders "support terrorism."


These conclusions are fed to the Arab and Israelis peoples so as to enable them each to take the high moral ground and focus their hatred on each other. And this in turn directs their attention away from their number one enemy: the foreigners.


By having the Arabs believe Israel is at fault for "oppressing" the Palestinians, while having Israelis believe the conflict exists because the Arabs fail to recognize the Jewish state or seek its destruction ( i.e. support terrorism) the foreign interests succeed in hiding the bigger picture: what the foreigners are doing when it comes to controlling the Arab nations' only natural resource, and how they are selling massive amount of weapons to the oil-producing regimes.


To keep up this fraud, the foreign elements must control the national leaders of both peoples, and ensure that the mainstream media don't stray too far from the cover stories: "Israel is acting immorally against the Palestinians" or "Palestinian leaders support terrorism."


Creating either a viable Palestinian state or peace between Arabs and Jews is not the goal of the foreigners. Whether stated publicly or not, their intention is to extend the Middle East conflict, not resolve it. Unless this basic truth is understood by Arabs and Jews, the foreign elements, via the mainstream media, will continue to manipulate the perception of both sides as to why the conflict continues.  



Taking the high moral ground in the Middle East conflict


The only way the foreigners can sustain the conflict is to have each side blame the other for its continuation. In this way neither side can discover the real causes, which are the oil and arms deals made between the rich oil states and the foreign powers. One aspect of the conflict serves as convenient camouflage for the other.


To keep this fraud in place, the "moral argument" is employed to have the world focus on the "morality" of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. In this way, everyone is forced to take a side. The pro-Arab side claims Israel is morally flawed, while the pro-Israel side claims the Arabs are morally flawed.


Thus any public discussion is structured in such a way that the peoples in the region and those abroad are forced to believe one side's claim or the other.   The pro-Israel version is that the Arabs want to destroy Israel and are employing terrorism to reach this goal.  The pro-Arab side claims Israel 's actions against the Palestinians are immoral because they violate the Palestinians' right to self-determination and their human rights and dignity.  In short, the parameters of the debate consist of choosing sides. No other option is given. No other participant in the conflict is presented.


In spite of all the vested foreign interests at work in the region, namely oil and arms, the entire discussion of the conflict centers on one of these two positions: either you are pro-Israel or pro-Arab.  


This moralizing is the way the foreigners control the debate so that the actual causes are never allowed to surface.   Israel's national leaders can moralize about how inhumane Arab suicide bombers are; Palestinian leaders can moralize about how horrible Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is. The US State Department can moralize about Israel's human rights record. The Jews in America are morally aligned with Israel; the countries of the Third World identify with the Arabs. The Europeans are perceived to be anti-Israel. The Christian fundamentalists in the US support Israel for moral reasons. The Israeli Left takes the high moral ground when it publicly condemns its own government for its treatment of the Palestinians. The Israeli Right waves a finger at Yasser Arafat and proclaims: "Arafat is not doing enough to stop terrorism." The Palestinians claim Sharon is not "serious about peace" .


"The Palestinians must learn they will never achieve anything through violence," says one group.    "The Palestinians deserve their own state," declares another


Yet with all this "morality" flying around, nobody ever points a finger at the foreign countries or accuses them of acting immorally by selling arms to Middle East dictators and exploiting the natural resources of the region.


Instead, people around the globe are told what to believe regarding the reason for the continuation of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as if their opinions and feelings are actually relevant to what is happening on the ground.


This long-distance exercise in morality is what the media focus on when nothing much is happening in the region, to point out how important "peace in the Middle East" is for everyone. Yet the only thing about such stories that can be believed is that the continuation of the conflict is important to the media.



Why the Middle East conflict never gets solved


Everyone in the world is morally bound up with the Arab Israeli conflict. Yet can it be possible that the entire conflict is based on the lack of morality of one side or the other? Can all that has happened in the region over the past half century be the result of one people not behaving nicely toward the other? What other regional conflicts are defined in this way? What other regional conflicts continue for more than a half a century, look like they are finally being solved, and then come roaring back in the way the Middle East conflict has? 


 Let's think for a moment, and ask: Do regional wars and conflicts continue for seven decades because one side isn't acting nicely toward the other? Is the conflict's existence merely due to the actions of each or both sides - the 5 million Jews and the 4 million Arabs - who simply don't like each other?



Can that really be the answer?


That is certainly the way the mainstream press and the academic world present it. Oil and arms sales are never part of the explanation. How could so many newspapers and TV stations miss out on this side of the region's affairs and focus solely on "new peace initiatives"?


One could argue, with justification, that the Israelis are not acting nicely toward the Palestinians - that they oppress them, restrict their movements, blow up their houses, etc. But that alone still doesn't account for the continuation of the conflict. The Israelis are right when they argue that the Palestinian Authority is corrupt and the Palestinian leadership hasn't done enough to crack down on terrorism, but that too doesn't explain why this 75-year-old conflict is still with us.


And while it may even be true that the Arabs don't recognize Israel's right to exist, Israel doesn't stop existing because of that. The refusal of the Arabs to recognize Israel's existence is not the reason why the Middle East still festers.



So why has this conflict been going on for nearly a century?


Not only does the Middle East conflict continue to exist, it actually gets worse decade after decade. What other regional conflict actually looks like it is being solved, and then, 10 years later, returns to a state much worse than before?



What is special about the Middle East?


One unique thing about the Middle East conflict is that it is institutionalized.


Think of the annual budgets for all the organizations whose sole purpose is to do " Middle East moralizing." How much does it cost to fund all the activist organizations, the lobby groups, the news publications, the charities, the think tanks which exist solely to cast blame on either the Israeli or Arab side?  


The Middle East conflict is a "cottage industry" in the US and Europe. It isn't that way with other regional conflicts. Why is it that way with this one?


The pro-Israel camp has its lobbies, organizations, think tanks, magazines, support groups, Internet user groups, etc. which put out one simple message: "The Arabs are wrong; we're right. We are more morally upstanding than them." The pro-Arab camp has its lobbies, organizations, think tanks, magazines, support groups, and Internet user groups which put out one simple message: "The Israelis are wrong; we're right. We are more morally upstanding than them."  


Both sides are basically saying the same thing to the other side: "you're morally deficient, you're not acting nicely, and it is because of you that we don't have a solution."What is incredible is that each side is right, and for the most part, each side's argument is valid. Each side does do terrible things to the other, and both are morally deficient. Yet that still doesn't account for the continued existence of the conflict.


Consider.  The Arabs say: "The media in America is controlled by the Zionists and our side never gets a proper hearing," while the pro-Israel camp says, "The media is anti-Israel." Both claims have a basis of truth, yet they cancel each other out. The same is also true when the Palestinians claim that Israel is "denying the Palestinians a state." The Israeli version is "The Arabs don't recognize the Jewish state." Two completely balanced arguments serve to keep the claims of both sides in perfect symmetry.


The media are responsible for promoting this "morality" aspect. If a politician in the US or Europe says: "I am disturbed by Israel's treatment of the Palestinians," that becomes a media item, even though the statement had nothing to do with what happens on the ground.Thousands of kilometers away, in Europe and the US, the Middle East conflict has a life of its own. The obsession that the mainstream media have about anything and everything to do with the Middle East proves that the mainstream media are responsible for sustaining it. The conflict would have faded away long ago, if it weren't for this media attention.  


 This is important because, before we can look for a solution to the Middle East conflict, we need to determine why it exists in the first place.


Why should we support the establishment of a Palestinian state as a way to bring peace to the region if the lack of such a state is not the reason for the conflict? While it may be desirable to the Arabs to have a viable Palestinian state, and while the Palestinians certainly deserve their own national territory, we must ask ourselves: "Does the conflict exist just because the Palestinians don't have their own state?"


Perhaps all those on the pro-Arab side should think about what would happen if a Palestinian state is created, yet doesn't lead to prosperity and stability? The mere existence of a Palestinian state will not solve the regional conflict. Thus perhaps the absence of a Palestinian state is not the reason why peace does not exist today.


If the foreigners were truly interested in peace, and believed the creation of a Palestinian state would serve that goal, they would have forced Israel to accept it decades ago. They didn't, and not because Israel controls the US political process, as some Arab intellectuals believe, but because they don't want peace in the Middle East.   That is why Arafat was allowed to funnel most of the $4 billion in foreign aid the Palestinian Authority received from 1993-2000 into 17 different security forces, rather than using the money for socio-economic development.


Compared to other regional conflicts caused by wrongs committed by one side on the other, the continued existence of the Middle East situation makes no sense. By now it should have either been resolved or have petered out.


Why does this problem never get solved? 



Chapter Two


Israel is not the number one enemy of the Arabs


While Israel may be perceived as a threat to the Arab world, the actual threat comes from the foreigners who for decades have been corrupting Arab leaders and exploiting their nations' natural resources. The foreigners are the reason the Palestinians has had such a miserable 50 years. Sometimes the foreigners keep Arabs and Palestinians oppressed via Israel, sometimes they do it on their own; the end result is the same - the Arabs get screwed.

It is foolish to blame Israel for the continued existence of the conflict. Israel had no reason to want to enflame the conflict with the first intifada, or the second one. The last thing Israel wants is for the whole world to be talking about how Israel must create a state for the Palestinians. Thus Israel has no reason to ignite the conflict.


Israel doesn't keep the Arab-Israeli conflict simmering, and thus can't be blamed for the instability in the Middle East. While what Israel may do to the Palestinians is wrong and harmful, it is not the reason the conflict continues.  


So by blaming Sharon or the Likud party, the Arabs are playing right into the hands of the foreigners. The foreigners want all Arabs to focus their anger at Israel so they won't catch on as to how the foreigners are controlling their nations' resources and corrupting their leaders. The Middle East conflict began long before Sharon, the Likud or the West Bank settlements came into the picture. By having the Arabs focus on Israel as the culprit, nobody will look at the foreigners and realize the truth.


If Arabs want to know who their number one enemy is, they have to go right back to the beginning, when the foreigners first started to colonize the Middle East. While the formation of Israel was part of that colonizing effort, the Jews weren't the ones who put the deal together. The Jewish people have also been used and exploited by the foreigners, but in different ways.  


If the role of the foreigners in the Middle East was exposed, the Arabs could then choose between one of the other two sides: Israel or the foreigners.


Before making that decision, all Arabs, and especially the Palestinians, should remember that from 1948-1967, Israel was responsible for huge rises in the standard of living of the Israeli Arabs, just as it was   with the West Bankers and Gazans from 1967-1992.  Despite all the wrongs Israel may have committed against the Palestinians, then and now, the fact remains that the Israelis were the only non-Arab population interested in raising their standard of living and quality of life.


The foreigners - with all of their aid, peace plans, initiatives, road maps and UN refugee agencies - were never able to do that. For 50 years the Palestinian refugee problem remained unsolved because the foreign powers did not want it solved. Certainly Israel would have been in favor of putting the refugees in permanent homes, and would have done so if they had been permitted to. The foreigners didn't let Israel do that, and instead had the UN administer the needs of the refugees so that the refugee problem would remain unsolved - all in order to keep the conflict alive.


So who is the true friend of the Arabs of Palestine, and who portrays themselves as such but keep the tragedy going, year in, year out? With which religion do Arabs have more in common, Judaism or Christianity? Who is better equipped to help the Palestinians develop their economy, Israelis or the foreigners?


To solve the conflict, both Arabs and Jews must realize that they are not each other's number one enemy, and that a third element is the reason the regional conflict continues. If we want to solve this seemingly never-ending human tragedy we must first understand where it comes from, and why it is still here. Then we can prescribe a remedy.


To get that ball rolling, the Arabs must see that Israel isn't responsible for creating the tension and hostility in the Middle East. It isn't Israel which is keeping radical Arab leaders in business; Israel isn't that powerful. The foreigners are bigger and stronger than Israel. If they wanted Israel to stop all settlement activity and withdraw to the 1967 border, they would have long ago forced Israel to do that. The existence of the settlements is the foreigners' guarantee that there will always be a reason to shake a finger at Israel.


The foreigners never get tough with Israel because solving the conflict is not their end goal. If the western countries boycotted Israel economically, broke off diplomatic relations, and cut off foreign assistance, the Israeli national leadership would do anything the foreigners demanded. This doesn't happen because the foreigners want the conflict to continue.  


When Arabs accept the argument that "we hate America because of America's support for Israel," they are serving the foreign agenda. Arabs should hate America for what America has done to them directly - for corrupting Arab leaders, for keeping the Arab masses socially and economically backwards, for exploiting the Middle East's natural resources, and for wasting the Arab nations' financial resources on arms instead of regional economic development.


Jews and Arabs must realize that despite what foreign leaders say in public, the last thing they desire is peace in the Middle East. Since the first intervention by the British in the first decade of the 20th century, the primary cause of strife is the foreign elements and their desire to control the region's natural resources.



The Arabs are not a threat to the State of Israel


For the entire history of the Arab-Israeli conflict the Israeli public has been told two lies: that the Arabs in general - and the Palestinians in particular - are a threat to the continued existence of the Jewish state, and that the reason there is no peace in the region is because the Arabs don't "recognize" Israel.  


Why would any country call its own existence into question by insisting that its neighbors acknowledge that it exists?  


What it really means is that if an Arab country does acknowledge Israel's right to exist, it can expect something in return. So if Israeli diplomatic strategists had been smart, decades ago they would have announced that, the Israeli government doesn't acknowledge the existence of any Arab country. Then, if an Arab country decided to acknowledge Israel's existence, and asked what Israel would give it in return, Israel could say, "Israel will acknowledge your country's existence." Instead, Israeli leaders called their own nation's legitimacy into question by asking the Arabs to grant it legitimacy.


Israel is, therefore Israel is, and no recognition from any country - Arab or otherwise - is needed to confirm that fact. It matters not at all if Tunisia, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Libya, Syria or Iraq fails to acknowledge Israel's existence. In the past half century, not only has Israel survived without her existence being acknowledged by the majority of the Arab world, it has flourished.


 The claim that the Arabs threaten Israel 's existence is also wrong. Even if the Arab world wanted to destroy Israel, this doesn't mean it can.  Israel has the seventh largest military infrastructure in the world, and is technologically light years ahead of the Arab world. Despite Israel's clear military superiority, its national leadership keeps the Israeli public focused on the "Arab threat" so that the Israelis will continue to believe they are embroiled in a conflict with the whole Arab world.


To dispel the notion that the Arabs are a threat to Israel, take a close look at any Arab country. They are usually overpopulated, undereducated, economically undeveloped, and led by a dictatorship. No Arab country is able to produce its own weapons. No Arab country possesses any significant technological abilities, or has any real political or economic influence in the world.  



So why should Israelis be afraid of Arab nations?


The only reason why Arab dictators are feared by the Israeli public is because the world's media present these dictators as "radicals" and "disturbers of regional peace" when in fact their nations are helpless, powerless, poor and weak.


 Why should Israel fear that Arab dictators like Saddam Hussein could destroy or seriously harm the Jewish state when we know that all the weapons and military technology   Iraq has acquired is from companies in the US, Britain, France, and Germany? If Israelis were to fear for their security, they should point a finger at these countries and accuse them of trying to destroy Israel by supplying military technology and weapons to "unstable" Arab dictators.


But that isn't what the Israeli national leadership tells its citizenry. It tells them "Arabs want to destroy Israel" rather than direct their collective anger at the western countries that approved these weapons sales.  By doing so, it keeps the Israeli public convinced that the Arabs are the reason why the conflict continues.


Another falsehood presented by Israel's leaders - particularly those on the Right - is that if a Palestinian state were created it would promote terrorism and those terrorists would threaten the security of Israel. While terrorism is a problem for Israel, it doesn't pose a threat to her existence.


And while the Palestinian Authority definitely promoted terrorism right from the start of the Oslo Accords, the terrorism never came anywhere near destroying the Jewish state.


Since the early 1980s, Israel's leaders have been warning that Iran is "five years away from attaining nuclear weapons." Twenty years later, on June 5, 2003, Israel's foreign minister declared that "Iran would have Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) by 2006."


 Why do Israeli national leaders try to scare the Israeli public into thinking the Arabs are a much bigger threat than they really are?



Oslo and beyond


One of the enigmas about the Oslo Accords is why the Israeli government agreed to allow the Palestinian Authority to maintain armed security forces, and why Israel even armed those security personnel with Israeli weapons? We were told that the Palestinian Authority needed those weapons to keep radical Palestinian groups in check. Yet from the very beginning, when Hamas began its suicide bombing in l994, the Palestinian Authority never cracked down on the organization. While the Israelis complained to all who would listen that this was happening, no foreign entity ever criticized Arafat for not stopping the rise of Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza.


Israel's leaders at the time knew full well that the result was going to be a terrorist state, yet they agreed to this because that is what the foreigners wanted from Oslo - to strengthen the Palestinian side and weaken the Israeli side so the conflict could continue. The goal of Oslo's planners was never peace and stability; it was further bloodshed. That is why Oslo and Hamas came on the scene at the same time.


 As for the reasons why the second intifada broke out, the mainstream press told us Arafat "was pissed because at Camp David in August 2000 Barak and Clinton didn't give him enough honor and respect" and thus Arafat was "posturing." The mainstream media also gave us another version - that because Sharon dared walk around on the Temple Mount, this "enflamed" the Palestinians. 


That it could have been arranged (and thus didn't have to happen) never enters into the debate. Nobody asks whether Arafat thought he could really win a war against Israel. No western leader criticized Arafat for reneging on an international agreement which he signed with Israel never to return to war. Instead, the Middle East conflict was once again ignited, serving the foreigners while causing more death and destruction for the people who live in the region.


Sharon plays his part by remarking after every Hamas suicide bombing attack that Arafat is to blame, even though we are told the PA can't control Hamas. Then Bush throws the "moral card" out there and accuses Arafat of not doing enough to stop terrorism, so we are led to believe that Arafat is being morally irresponsible by initiating terrorism against Israel.


Presto. The Middle East conflict has been recharged. Israel's high moral ground is that "Arafat is behind the terrorism" and the Arabs' "high moral ground" is that Israel is "oppressing the Palestinians." Both claims are true, yet neither is the reason why the conflict continues. Such a scenario - whether by design or not - keeps the "you're wrong. No, you're wrong" structure of the conflict in place.


Like most things that happen between Israelis and Arabs, anything the Israelis do will be held up by the Arab side as proof that "Israel isn't serious about peace" ( i.e. they are morally flawed), and by the same token, anything the Palestinians/Arabs do is held up by Israel as proof that "you see, the Arabs are not serious about peace" (i.e. they are morally deficient). This is the basic configuration of the conflict. Each side blames the other while the real culprits remain in the shadows.   


Back in the early 1990s the only way to keep the Palestinian-Israeli conflict alive was to re-energize Arafat - arm his henchmen, and provide the PLO with a base of operations close to Israel. So if the Palestinian Authority supports terrorism it is with the complete knowledge and consent of Israel's leaders. Blaming Arafat merely serves the goal of the foreigners, which is to keep the conflict from dying out and to give the Israeli public an enemy to blame.


Therefore it really makes no sense for Israelis to continue to blame the Palestinians for the conflict not being solved, as neither Arafat nor anyone else in the Palestinian Authority has any real political or economic power. They aren't pulling any of the world's strings, so why concentrate on whether Arafat does or does not really want to put an end to terrorism? Whatever Arafat or any other Palestinian leader does or doesn't do will not have any impact on whether the conflict remains alive. The Palestinians/Arabs don't have the power required to keep the Middle East conflict alive. Only foreign elements do. The continued attempt to brainwash the Israeli public into thinking that the Arabs are a threat to Israel's security and survival is one reason why the conflict continues. If you want to have a conflict, you have to convince both sides that the other is to blame, always and forever. This is the way the Arabs and Jews have been pitted against each other.


Instead of rational explanations for why Middle East leaders do what they do, we are handed "morally-inspired" rationale. For instance, President Bush declared that Arafat had to be made "irrelevant" because, according to the US leader, he "disappointed him by not doing enough to stop terrorism." Having taken the high moral ground, Bush then began yet another Middle East peace initiative with the Roadmap. Once again, the mainstream media failed to present the picture as anything other than a moral crusade of the President to put his weight behind the peace process.


The public was told that the American plan envisioned a Palestinian state being created by 2005 (18 months from then) without any media source presenting the alternative view that such a plan was unreasonable and unlikely to take place. Instead of presenting the public with quality information and analyses, the media served the foreign interests and the Middle East conflict kept right on rolling.


Greg also has his own daily show on the Genesis Communications Network. Go to www.gcnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for his own site www.arcticbeacon.com

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio http://webs.lewisnews.com/radio/index.htm. Greg is also regular on Rense.com the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.


Source: http://arcticbeacon.com/15-Dec-2006.html

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