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Last Updated:
Thursday, December 07, 2006 07:11:00 PM

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Group 5-8 British Intelligence Come Forward and Back up James Casbolt’s Claims of a Joint NSA/REPTILIAN Underground Facility in Breaken Beacon, Wales
by James Casbolt, Dec 06, 2006

Last Updated: Thursday, December 07, 2006 07:11:00 PM

James Casbolt
James Casbolt


ne of my contacts in Wales who I will call ‘D’ to protect his identity, was approached by an elite intelligence organisation called ‘Group 5-8’. This group was formed by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s to work at the sights of crashed ET craft in Britain. This is the first time this information is being made public.

Even though group 5-8 was formed by Margaret Thatcher it is part of the UN apparatus. The group 5-8 man called George showed my contact a UN identity card with UN holograms on it. George then drove D to a clandestine meeting on a motorway services.

It was here that George showed D photographs of human mutilations they had found near the heavily guarded Breaken beacon DUMB in Wales. These photos were taken at a sealed off area where UFO activity had taken place.

The photos showed a girl of sixteen and a boy of twenty who had their genitals removed, eyeballs removed, lips removed and directly half of their skin was missing. George said group 5-8 regularly found camper vans around this area where the occupants had vanished.

D understandably had nightmares for weeks after this and was soon after followed by a high-tech American utility van with blue lights underneath it. I believe this was an NSA van.

Days after this D had his life threatened over the phone. The call was anonymous but told him to keep quite or his house would be burnt down with him in it. George then called D and told him his life was in danger and to get the information out as soon as possible to protect himself. The next day a gasman turned up pulled out his ID the moment the door was opened walked in and checked the metre. When he left a fire broke out which nearly burnt down the house with D and his wife in it. The house was wrecked and the fire brigade said the fire had mysteriously started in the bin in the room where the gasman was.

I know D and have able to confirm 100% from multiple realible soures that all of these vents did take place. To add even more credibity to this story after D’s events I was contacted by a Group 5-8 member who confirmed the story and gave me even more details. Here is this soldiers testimony.

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Date: Mon, November 06, 2006 3:53 pm

To: jamescasbolt@corerights.com


I will from various points continue to check your site. It is proving a most valuable thorn in certain sides which for now i think is enough to keep the pressure up on those who would have us ended.

I have, as you’re likely to notice had to use an email system on a server of a man who is unaware of my usage due to certain shall we say nasty people who don't like my speaking out.

Since I have attempted to contact two of the three more public channels of my "case" I have found both vans appearing repeatedly and my mobile and landline bugged. Nice new clicks and shallows tones on each when I try to connect. I don't know why, yet I'm still looking into this.

My case?

I was a Soldier from 1988-90. I was part of a team designated 4-9 OSCAR. My Base site rep was secure members of team 5-8. A so called cover team designated as The Elite Intelligence Organisation. I was known as Soldier 716.

Though ranked I was responsible for my team as one part of a larger four team patrol system charged with locating and clearing campers and tourists from the brecon beacons / black foothills in Wales.

I have been directly responsible for shall we say questionable IRA tasks on both mainland and overseas Ops. I am " decorated " though I saw fit to return. These things went on after we went to war in Iraq.

When not directly charged with security duties myself and the other men where charged with training and assembling smaller fit squads for specific tasks.

We where training a similar team of ‘muddy berries’ in escape and evasion tactics. The time as I recall was around 11 pm it was dark and cold. Our team had slid close to target. We had crabbed over the crest and taken

cover among scrubland.

Lights came from no where and I do mean NOWHERE. Like flares but not flares. No trip was made. My team had been together for some 18 months intensive training at this point and we knew the difference between what we saw and what we knew would be a part of the exercise.

A blue green light (unlike a parachute flare) appeared the rest I can piece together only as fragments of my memories and the testimony of the other surviving member of the team.

From my point of view I recall strapped to a gurney I recall following a line on the

floor. That split into colour coded lines each separating to differing directions.

I recall red light no white lights in the corridors. Which I thought was odd if we had fallen fowl of a device and when on route to a Med-Bay I recall.

I Heard screams unlike anything I have ever heard Before. And I have heard people scream their last on more than one occasion.

I recall a test. A single test. In my dreams and nightmares I recall with startling clarity cages big enough to house an elephant and small tight close bars of cages and chain fence those housed naked women.

I recall seeing for a split second a woman's body sprawled spread-eagled on the wall of one of these cages as we awaited a elevator. She was chained to it I think and some thing stood aside her with a button. I will not testify this to be human. It had wings.

I was then whisked away again on the Gurney. Next thing we knew we where many clicks away from target or any scrub that was recognisable. It was light early morning and we where all shaken. Dew had assembled on our outer clothes which where in disarray.

We had somehow managed to all swapped combat trousers and jackets with each other.

I must stress our teams had been through some of the very worse situations any one I think can imagine without taking drugs. Yet we were all visibly shaken. Radios where acquired, calls where placed and we where given rest periods and long debriefed. Then split up and sent on our way to differing tasks.

The debriefs didn't make sense as the questions went repeatedly in circles asking more about what we thought we saw than what we did see. And placing images into our statements which we had to fight to have removed. Two men at my board meeting declared that I had been smoking pot and therefore was not fit to give testimony.

I refuted this in most strenuous terms and was smiled as they stamped

Classified upon my case files and notes.

I do not know what happened that day. I do not know where the base is

located but I do know it was underground it was red lit and it house

creatures I cannot as yet explain.

Certain sights I am still trying not to recall as when I do I am physically sick.

I do not know if this helps you or your case files. I am willing to meet

and discuss any of this with you should you so wish. However I would

stress that communication is shall we strained at best. I would appreciate

even the name xxxxxx being removed from your report should you wish

to use any of it.

Good Luck and Gods speed.


From : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sent: 19 October 2006 12:09:48

To: webmaster@jamescasbolt.com 

CC: jamescasbolt@hotmail.co.uk 

Subject: Re updates and your site.

Dear James and Co,

You will I trust forgive my using a online stage name but alas my families safety and personal freedoms gifted by those of this government decree that I take such precautions.

It seems that I even on a non-traceable Internet connection am unable to view the new pages and files (news articles, audios, photos) mentioned in today's newsletter. Perhaps they already have steps in place to ensure further truth doesn't get published I know not yet these matters have shall we say brought to light some memories from the past which I would under normal circumstances keep hidden for reasons I'm sure you will understand.

If James wishes at any time to talk face to face in an area that is safer for him to do so. Please feel free to mail me and I will set a meeting up for that. And to show I know what I say allows me to say this.

B Beacons blackhills camp 1987, 14 plus an observer plus a young lady found too close to military exercise. Last memory was. Driving down the pathway over deserted green brushland of the beacon at around 2230 hrs next memory was a Nurses breast three months later in Woolwich Military hospital. They say a mine blew me up. A mine on a public track in the middle of no where? Have you ever heard of such? I and the girl and the observer are all that remains of that event. However. We are not able to meet and have drifted apart. The girl is now married and I still recall her words. The observer last seen being sent to N/I. I understand he has vanished. In recent years I recall these images.

Area 19 sub section 4 level six being called in English over a speaker.

Red blue and yellow lines on the floor which the trolley I seemed to be on was wheeled and was apparently following.

Tests endless blood tests.

Rows of cages with naked people inside.

Rape and restraints. Male and female.

The smell of burning flesh. (Point of fact I cant go near a butchers or prepare raw meat without becoming ill)

Channelling, the ability to write without thought or compromised recollection.

A propensity for extreme acts of violence. Without emotion.

Nightmares. Vivid flashes of rape and being raped. Screams, terror I was prone for a long time to waking holding my partner by the throat usually off the floor whilst preparing to beat her to death. Once I woke I felt remorse intense remorse but then a feeling of fear knowing that I had not completed something I was ordered to do.

These as I recall and provide to you are facts I cannot escape. More comes to light each day but I always considered two things. One that I was unable to tell any one as they would lock me away for being nuts. And two that no one would believe I knew about underground bunkers with cages and people inside them being tested and bred like cattle.

I hope this makes sense to you. we shall speak more I'm sure. As there is more to follow.


I also recieved this testimony from a soldier about his experience of himself and his whole squad being adducted at Brecon Beacons. This man was not in the 5-8 British intelligence group however.

From : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent : 14 September 2006 17:27:06
To : "mailto:jamescasbolt@hotmail.co.uk"
Subject : James please read this

Dear James,

I worked for the British army. I worked closely with the RAF and assisted them with RADAR repair. On the night of august 3rd 2006 I was on a call out in Wales. A routine check. I encountered a strange light in the sky, hovering above us for what seemed like minutes.

For a while I assumed this was an apache helicopter, because it was making a similar noise. So I re-assured my boys and we carried on as planned. All of a sudden, the noise of rotor blades stopped. But the light remained. I thought this to be very strange, and I saw a pale green beam scanning our position.

I was very un-nerved and I panicked and ordered my men to take cover and prepare for offensive action. I tried to radio to command in order to see if there where any choppers in the area. There was no response. Not even static. We observed this phenomenon for a further 12 minutes until I and my men, blacked out.

We woke up the following day in Brecon beacons, 33 kilometers west of our last known location. Many of my boys where complaining of headaches and sore throats, some had been cut open, but the wounds had already scared. I myself encountered this, around the tops of my thighs.

I thought this to be very strange and reported back to command immediately after de-brief, to make sense of this. They told me to never speak of this event and it was in my best interests to tell my men never to mention this. After I was told this I was discharged from my position. And my reports where erased from archives.

I am allowed no contact with my former colleagues and I am being watched. I found your article online and I wondered if you could help me tell my story. I do not want to be named for fear of my life, so because of this I will not tell you who I am. Please take me seriously.



This is a very serious business and needs to be investigated more deeply. If any other members of the Group 5-8 or any members of Defence intelligence people that were helping Barry King get the intel out about the joint NSA/reptilian underground facility in Berkshire, are reading this then please contact me.



Tel-01736 794735


Source: http://www.jamescasbolt.com/news5.htm

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